Now it’s going to get really exciting! Since we already have our blog created, content written and a link building strategy in place… it’s time to start looking at how we are ranking in the search results and seeing if our web site is getting any traffic yet.

How the Link Building is Going So Far

In the last part of the case study we talked about where we are going to focus on building incoming links to the site, which will be through guest blogging.

As of right now I have six blog posts that were written on a few finance and job related sites, and have used the following anchor text to link back to

  • Create a Blog Search Rankingstech support jobs
  • work at home jobs
  • Tech Support Job Source
  • chat and tech support
  • this web site

Knowing the keywords and anchor text I used to link back to the site is important because I want to stress the importance of changing up your anchor text and not trying to only focus on your main keywords. This case study isn’t about ranking number #1 for “tech support jobs”, but it would be a great goal to achieve in the process. The goal is to rank for hundreds of long tail keywords based around that keyword.

As you can see I still have a variation of “tech support jobs” related keywords, while also using generic anchor text like “this web site” and also using the url of the site. This is how you are going to want to build out your ad campaigns.

I have several more guest posts that are scheduled out over the coming weeks, so I will keep you updated as these continually roll out. All of them are using a wide variation of anchor text as shown below.

What is the Site Ranking for Right Now?

Don’t forget, the site is still less than a month old since we first started the case study (started site on 1/25/13). It has no page rank and is currently ranked 6,685,700 on Alexa. These numbers are just to give you an idea of what’s possible for a site to rank for before having it truly established.

For this case study I’m tracking a variation of keywords that I have had blog content written for and would also like the site to rank for. As of 2/6/13, we currently have the following rankings.

  • tech support jobs – #160
  • find tech support job  – #5
  • tech support job source – #1
  • online tech support jobs – #19
  • tech support jobs from home – #16

Using Long Tail Pro we can track all of our current rankings in the search engines for any of these terms at any given time. This is the same software that we used to find a winning niche in the first place.

Long Tail Pro Niche Site Stats

With only a few articles live and less than a month into the case study, I’m quite happy with the rankings so far. It’s a good start, but a long way from where we would like to be.

What About Site Traffic?

Right now there isn’t too much going on. It’s good to see that some traffic is coming to the blog, even though it’s less than two weeks old, but a good portion of those clicks in the beginning are probably from myself working on the site.

The good take away here is that we do have rankings in the search engines, so as our content grows, so should the rankings and traffic.

First Set of Traffic Stats for Blog Case Study

As mentioned, the search rankings are minimal, but it’s good to see that some people are already finding our site through the search engines. I’m sure this will be quite exciting to watch as the site grows in size and starts to rank for some keywords we weren’t even trying to rank for.

Case Study Search Rankings

What’s Next?

Now that we know our “create a blog” case study formula is working, we just need to stick to it!

For the next few days/weeks we will be focusing on the continued growth of the site while adding new content, researching what people are looking for and building out more links through guest blogging.

I also have an infographic in the works, so we will do some testing with this as well. Full site monetization won’t become a factor until we start seeing 50-100 people to the site on a daily basis, but we may start working on a free book/tutorial to start collecting emails for our site newsletter.

Exciting times ahead! I hope you are also walking through the process and creating a new niche site of your own. We are just under two weeks into the case study and already seeing some excellent results!

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