Creating a Link Building Strategy for Your BlogYour blog is only as good as the content you create… though the backlinks to your web site are going to be pretty important too. Having your blog setup on the major social networks will also help, but you are going to need to come up with a plan to continually build quality and relevant backlinks over time.

In this “create a blog” case study we are going to use a few different methods to make sure we get some link juice flowing to our site, while spending a minimal amount of money in the process.

The main component of our link building is going to come from guest blogging, but only on relevant sites, which will be more challenging than writing on as many guest blogs as we can fine. Quality over quantity… especially when focused on “related” blogs. (more details on this below)

In this case of, we are going to be looking for more finance, tech and workplace related blogs than internet and marketing type of blogs.

Other link building methods that we will incorporate into this case study are:

Press Releases

Press releases certainly aren’t what they used to be, but they can still get your url listed on some big sites, especially if you are creating quality content that other people are willing to share. We aren’t going to focus much effort on press releases, but when we find something worthy of creating one for, we can test out the results. To get the most out of your press releases try to focus them on current news and events that people are searching the news for.


When creating a blog, you are always going to want to build content that people are willing to share on their site and with their friends. Infographics are a great way to do this. In the coming weeks we may release a jobs related infographic and see how it helps with the overall link building of the site. When building your infographics, be sure to make sure the information is relevant to your site and using a big logo at the bottom to send visitors back to your site.

How to Guides

Everyone is using the search engines to find information, especially when it comes to finding jobs and earning more money. If we come across any article directories or job related sites that are looking for “how to” or information guides based around the topic of our site, and if we can get a link back, that would be great. eHow is a great example of a site that’s worth writing quality content for.

Our Focus is on Guest Blogging

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, we are going focus our efforts on guest blogging. There are many reasons why we can benefit from focusing on guest blogging versus other link building methods.

  • Real links on high page ranked sites
  • All articles have potential to send traffic back to your site
  • There are no costs involved with guest posting, just your time

Here are a few more points that we need to stress about guest blogging.

Using the Right Anchor Text – “click here”

Click HereEver since the latest Google Panda/Penguin updates, they are going after sites that focus too much effort on link building that is catered towards their niche keyword. For example, instead of linking to our case study site with “tech support jobs”, using a variation of “click here”, “visit” and “go to” would be great ways to spice up the variation of anchor text. You can also link using your full url, which Google has no problems with.

Posting on Relevant Blogs

Using the Right Anchor TextOne of the big challenges with guest blogging is finding relevant sites that will accept guest posts. It’s easy to start a new “blogging” or “wordpress” niche blog and immediately have access to thousands of blogs looking for more content, but it gets much harder when you are focusing on finance and job web sites. Still, there are plenty of sites out there, it’s just a matter of looking. In addition to finding blogs that are related, be sure to also cater your guest post content with the same related topics as well.

Link to Your Inner Content Pages

Link Building Strategies for BlogsAnother good tip for you to follow in your overall link building and guest blogging process is to not only link to your main page. You should also be linking to your inner pages of your blog, while also linking them together as well. Again with the anchor text, use a wide variation and make sure all of your blog posts are linking to each other at least one.

Get Started with Your Link Building Now

Now that you understand a few of the best ways to start building links towards your new blog, don’t get too excited! We don’t want to scare off Google before we even get started. Link building is a slow and quality based process. You don’t want to build too many links too fast.

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