It’s the beginning of a new year and that means plenty of people have new resolutions that they want to live by. One of the most sought after resolutions every year is to make more money and start your own business. One of the best ways to do this is by participating and learning from others as a community. There is nothing better than having a support group or follow along to guide you along the way.

One of my personal resolutions this year is to make sure that grows in size and comes a much better site and community. I already have a few improvements in the works for the site design, removing a bunch of advertising from the site, bringing in some new writers and now I’m even more excited than ever to grow the site by introducing my own “Create a Blog” follow along series.

Why a New Blog Series Now?

Google PenguinThere are many reasons to create a full case study on the “start to success process” of creating a niche authority blog. In addition to being an excellent free resources for all of my blog reasons, it’s also important because Google has changed so much over the years. Google Penguin, Panda and the EMD bans… and there are plenty of new updates on the way.

It used to be easy to buy an exact match domain name, throw a bunch of keyword rich articles on the site, do some article back linking and create 2.0 link wheels then rank for the keyword of your choice. Those days are over and now it’s much harder to rank in the search results, and quality is key! Worst of all, there are still main scammy products out there try to sell people on these old tactics that no longer work.

Another reason I’d like to start a create a blog series is because of the success and response I’ve seen from Pat Flynn’s case study. No only has he had some amazing success with his actual niche site from the case study, but he has helped a tremendous amount of people along the way. If you love pod casts I definitely recommend you check out his stuff on iTunes!

From a personal aspect it’s also very important for me to create this series. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

  1. I want to introduce people to the world of blogging and making money online through a simple step by step process
  2. There is no better motivation to succeeding than by actually putting yourself out there
  3. I’ve already done well in the “blogging” and “make money online” niche, so now I’m going to attempt to create an authority site in a completely different niche market

Of the three points I listed, they all have great importance.

Every day thousands of people are registering their first domain name and setting up new hosting accounts for the first time. Unfortunately once they do this, many of the sites and the owners motivation dies off. I’m hoping I can motivate and inspire others to create a new blog, whether their first blog or a new one outside of their comfort zone and find success.

The second point is probably the scariest! There is nothing like putting yourself out the for other people to see. Not only will they watch your successes and failures, but in the world of internet marketing, people are always looking to make a quick buck and steal your ideas and success. By writing about the whole creation, building and monetization of my new blog through BloggingTips’ “Create a Blog” series, I will not only be helping all of my readers learn through the process, but also keep myself motivated and on my toes as well.

Lastly, I will be diving into a completely new niche market that I have never done any work in before. This will not only make it interesting, but also quite competitive. I’ll also be sure not to link to the new blog through any of my other blogs, as I don’t want to use success from my other sites to influence how well this one does.

The “Create a Blog” Series Broken Down

Creating Your Blog Business ModelWhen starting any new business or blog online, you can usually break down the process before you even get started. From previous experience I have a pretty good idea of how the flow goes, which starts off with the research, building content, focusing on your backlinks, monetizing your site and continued growth.

It sounds a lot easier than it looks. Since there is a lot to cover in each of these broken down sections, I will be writing updates along the way.

Below you will see the five categories along with sub breakdowns of each.


  • Finding a new niche
  • Choosing the right domain name
  • Using research tools and software
  • Analyzing competition and potential success

Building Content

  • Initial setup of the domain, hosting and blog
  • Logo creation and brand identity
  • Selecting a quality wordpress theme
  • Writing quality and useful content


  • Setting up social profiles for the blog
  • Writing relevant content on various sites
  • Guest blogging in relevant niches
  • Blog commenting and viral content


  • Analyzing how other relevant sites monetize
  • Testing different revenue methods
  • Split testing ad placement locations
  • Building a mailing list / product

Continued Growth

  • Monitor the traffic, rankings and backlinks
  • Continue to write original content for the site
  • Focus on quality backlinks and visitor retention

Keep Your Blogging Goals on TargetIt’s one thing to say you are going to build a new site and say you need to focus on content and link building, then it’s another to actually write out the process and see how much there really is down the road.

It will be an exciting journey and there will be plenty of updates and reviews along the way, usually on a weekly to bi-weekly basis.

Please keep checking back in and I would love to see a lot of comments and questions along the way, and feel free to start up your own new blog and follow along in the process.

No matter what blog or niche we are in… it’s top priority to always keep your target in sight and keep working towards your goals!

*** Join in on the create a blog case study –> Click here to start your blog!