With your blog now live, you can now focus on your content creation and getting live on all of the social networks. Let’s jump right into what you need to be working on next.

Writing Your First Blog Pages and Posts

In the previous case study chapter we talked about the importance of getting a first post live on your blog, in addition to create an “About Me” and “Contact Us” page.

There are also a few other important pages that you will want to add to your blog as well. When getting indexed in Google, they will also want to see these active pages on your blog as well. I’ve saved you the trouble of researching them and listing their purposes below.

  • Blogging ChecklistDisclaimer – Is there anything on your blog that you need to make clear and differentiate your content form? This is the area to disclose the contents of your site.
  • DMCA – Everyone should have a DMCA page on their blog as it will protect you from copyright issues and allow any issues to be resolved
  • Privacy Policy – Even if your site doesn’t collect user information, the tracking software and ads on your site might.
  • About – If people want to find out more information about your blog and company, this is where they are going to visit.
  • Contact – Make it easy for people to contact you by using a short and direct contact form on your page.

It can be overwhelming to create your first blog and see all of these recommended pages to create. Fortunately there are templates and draft copies all over the place that you can copy and tweak for your site. You don’t need to have these pages on your site to succeed and get ranked, but it’s greatly recommended.

Getting Your First Set of Blog Posts Live

Since launching the blog at TechSupportJobSource.com we talked about how to pick a domain name, get the blog live and start thinking about content. With the site getting established and older I went ahead and posted a set of five new posts to the site. It’s recommended that you add some quality content articles to your site before doing any link building or advertising. Remember… Google wants content!

Tip: Make sure you are always linking all of your site content together. If you visit any of the content on TechSupportJobSource.com you will see that each post links to another post. This will help with the over all indexing and navigation of users on your site and viewing other pages of content.

You can take a look at the current setup over at the site below. If you reflect back to the previous case study chapter which showed the blog when we first started, there is quite a difference in the look and feel of the blog once we started adding new content, images and a logo.

Tech Support Job Source Site Design

Oh Yes… We Now Have a Site Logo Too!

In the last section of the case study we also talked about how we would soon be adding a logo to the site. A logo is crucial for the future success and branding of your site, as it’s going to be your online identity. The more people visit your site and see the logo, the more it’s branded into their minds. It will also make your site look really professional and mesh everything together.

To create the logo design for TechSupportJobSource.com I went with one of my favorite services, which is LogoNerds. You can get a logo designed for under $50 and have six initial designs to choose from. When creating a logo for the site, all you need to is complete a few questions about what you would like the logo to look like (colors, competitors, concepts, audience etc) and they will get back to you within a day or two with a few mock logo designs. Use coupon code B10OFF to save $10 off your $47 purchase, that’s over 20% off!

You can see the first set of logo designs that they sent over below.

Tech Support Logo Designs

I was actually very happy with the selection of logos that they provided from the first draft and decided to go with CONCEPT 5, which you can see live on the site now.

If I wasn’t happy with any of the designs, I could have then went back to LogoNerds with a few ideas and they would keep working on the logo til I was satisfied.

What’s Next? Get Live on the Major Social Networks

In the next part of the create a blog series we are going to focus on creating all of our social networking and fan pages. Since we already have our site designed, content in place and a logo for branding, now is the perfect time to get started with our social reach and put everything in place before we start to see any real traffic to the site.

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