How to Create Your Irresistible List Building Freebie (before lunch tomorrow!)

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So, I thought I’ve written all I could about Lead Magnet freebies. (Check out this post and this one).
But there is SO much more!

Why a Lead Magnet Freebie?

You can get more traffic due to marketing the lead magnet, build your list from the readers that sign up for and download it, and build trust because you solved one of their problems.
And your lead magnet helps to build that trust because it shows proof that you are an expert in your area.
When your lead magnet is useful, solves a problem, and is easy to implement, then your email subscribers are going to be so happy that they’ll be more likely to want to buy from you and to trust your recommendations.
So, just how do you create your site-wide Lead Magnet?

First, Gain Their Trust With Helpful Advice

Lead Magnets that get opened and read AND that get results for your new subscriber…

  1. Are Useful – You must know who your audience is in order to create a lead magnet or any type of product for them. If you don’t take the time to study them you’re making a big mistake. Even if you’re part of your own audience you still need to do the research so you know what your audience really needs from you.
  2. Solve a Problem – The best lead magnets solve one problem in a very simple way. Your audience who downloads it should be able to digest the info in it quickly and implement the actions easily so they see some results fast.
  3. Are Easy to Access—Remember that you can always get more information later as your audience starts trusting you more. Start by asking for just the email address (and if you really want it, their first name).
  4. Provide Actionable Steps – The best lead magnets also have actionable steps that are easy to understand and follow. It helps to include a closing “what to do now” section to help your readers implement the plan.
  5. Prove Your Expertise – When you solve a problem for your audience they will begin to see you as an expert in that area. They’re going to start trusting you even more for any type of information you have to provide within that niche.

When you make your lead magnet useful, help them overcome one of their pain points, giving them step by step instructions to doing it you’re going to accomplish other goals too.
You’re going to build trust with your audience which is going to make them that much more likely to open your emails and purchases the offers you send their way.

How To Plan Your Irresistible Freebie In Just 5 Easy Steps

Your lead magnet is created purely to get your reader as a subscriber and to get the opportunity to build trust with them.

1. Start with The End Goal in Mind

For example, if you have a continuity group membership program which is your flagship product or course that you ultimately want everyone to join, you should create a lead magnet with that product in mind. You can do the same thing with any product or service that you have.

2. One Problem and One Solution

Focus on solving one problem for your target audience that helps lead them to purchase your flagship product or program.
For example, if you have a specialized diet membership program where you offer support and menu planning along with the option of one-on-one coaching you might want to offer a lead magnet such as a sample 7 day menu plan or a “steps to success” report than promote the membership to anyone who signs up.

3. Shorter is Better

When it comes to lead magnets, you don’t want to make a super long and overly complicated solution. Instead, focus down because shorter, in this case, is better.
You do want to show quality and value, but you don’t want to overwhelm them. You DO want them to be able to use and implement your solutions within a short time.

4. Teach What’s Next

If you have in mind what’s next, that is going to help even more. For example, if you have a Paleo diet website, you might start with easy things like how to substitute food off the list for food on the list. Then, you might decide to start teaching them actual cooking techniques such as how to braise food, grill food, cut meat so that it’s tender, etc.

5. Share an Easier Way

Another way to approach this is to show them an even simpler way such as “done for you” services for something you taught them in the lead magnet.
So, for example, let’s say that you created a lead magnet that teaches your audience how to create great content. Then after a couple of days, giving them time to digest the information you’ve taught them, you can promote a done for you service for writing their blog posts or creating a short report for them.

Are You Thinking of Creating An eBook or Short Report?

Enough already with the endless ebooks and reports!
We’ve all got a million of them cluttering up the hard drives that we haven’t read…
So do your audience a favor – create something more fun for your freebie, that they’re more likely to actually read and apply!
Here are some ideas to get you started…

  1. Checklist – Make a process easier by putting the important pieces into a checklist format.
  2. Video – Create a quick “biggest mistakes” or “top three tips” type video to share.
  3. Audit/Review – Is there a process you use that you can share with clients to audit or review something so they can identify areas to improve easily?
  4. Blueprint – What’s the blueprint you follow for success? Create an image or mapped representation of it.
  5. Email Course – Divide that ebook or info into 5-7 pieces and share it as a 5-7 day course so it’s easy for your subscribers to follow one piece at a time.
  6. Assessment – Design a short list of questions that help your subscribers evaluate something specific related to a challenge or result they want. For example, “Is Your Website Working for You?” or “Are You Ready to Host Your Own Live Event?”
  7. Mindmap – Got a process you follow for a specific process? Put it into a mindmap format to share with a tool like
  8. Cheat sheet – Give the shortcuts and step-by-steps to get to a goal quicker.
  9. Printable – Do you have a form, template, checklist, images, labels, cards or something else that would be great for your audience to print off and keep handy?
  10. Quick Guide – What’s the shortest way you can explain how to get from point A to point B? Instead of a 273-page comprehensive guide, consider something super short and easy to follow.
  11. Templates – Create a useful template. What do you teach or share that could be turned into a fill-in-the-blank process?
  12. Case Study – Share a case study of someone brand new (could be you or a client) and how they achieved a result or made a change. Explain each step they took, why it was important, and how they progressed to reach the goal.
  13. “Swipe This” – Give something they can “swipe” to use for themselves – from email templates or series to webinar slides, lots of options here. What’s something that’s hard to do? Make it easier by giving them a starting point.
  14. Tool or App – Share a tool or app designed to make your audiences life easier in some way.
  15. Resource List – What resources would be helpful to share with your audience? “Top 10 tools for…”, “Best books for… “, “5 Websites to… ” (bonus tip: add affiliate links!)

You’re finished – now, go enjoy your lunch!

So, which of these ideas will you use to create your next list building Lead Magnet? And what format will you use out of the above 15?

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