How To Create A Card Board Tag Design in Photoshop

By: | Updated: March 25, 2021

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Preview: Card Board Tag design in photoshop

Step 1: New File

Start out by creating a new file. Use the following settings; Dimensions: 900×700 px, Resolution: 72dpi, Color Mode RGB color. Then, fill your background canvas to #303030 color using the Bucket Tool.

Step 2:

Create a new layer set, name it TAG. Select the Pen Tool from the Tools Window. Then, on the Options Window, activate Fill Pixels and check Anti-Aliased. Create a new layer, using the Pen Tool, make the shape of the cardboard tag with #B0A07E color shade.

Step 3:

Add a Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, Satin, and Pattern Overlay layer styles to the cardboard tag shape layer. Use the settings provided on the step image below.

Layer Styles Preview:

Step 4:

In a new layer, draw a black circle with 108 x 108 px dimensions.

Step 5:

Add a Drop Shadow and Inner Shadow layer styles to the black circle layer. Then, set the layers blending mode to Lighten.

Layer Styles Preview:

Step 6:

Create a new layer. Then, draw a dark gray circle with #353535 color shade and 86 x 86 px dimensions. This circle should be the same color shade as the canvas background.

Step 7:

Add an Inner Shadow and Stroke layer styles to the dark gray circle layer.

Layer Style Preview:

Step 8:
Select the Brush Tool, and set the brush size to 5 px diameter. Now, set the foreground color to #818181 color shade. Create a new layer. Using the Pen Tool, create a curvy line as shown below, this will be part of the string designs. Once you have the curvy line in path, right click on your canvas and choose Stroke Path, set the Tool setting to Brush with Simulate Pressure UNCHECKED.

Step 9:

Add a Satin and Gradient Overlay styles to the wooden scroll design layer.

Layer Style Preview:

Step 10:

Add two more string designs to form a tied up string on the cardboard tag design.

Final Image:Card Board Tag design in photoshop is all complete now. Let us know what you think of our break down.


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