Celebrities and gossip are one of the most talked about and sought after types of content on the internet. Many people will start their first website or blog as a celebrity fan site, then potentially turn it into much more over time. A great example of this would be Perez Hilton, who ended up turning his passion for celebrity gossip into a blog, which then transformed into a multi-million dollar business.

So, now the question is… how can you start a celebrity fan site of your own?

Good news! That’s exactly what we are going to be covering in this article today. By the time you finish reading through this simple five-step formula, you will have everything you need to go live with your first celebrity gossip blog.

Let’s get started!

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1.) Pick a Celebrity

Before going live with a celebrity fan site of your own, take some time to pick the celebrity you want to focus your efforts on. This is important for many different reasons. A good example of this would be Beyonce, Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. They have millions upon millions of fans, but there is already so much content out there, it’s kinda overloaded already.

If you are interested in a celebrity that is less well-known or has a smaller following, you may find a lot more success with your blog, as it will be easier to reach that audience and rank it higher in the search results.

2.) Setup Your Blog

The next step in the process is to actually go live with your blog. This part is pretty easy, and you can follow BloggingTip’s simple guide to blogging, which walks you step-by-step through the process.

In addition to the step by step guide, here are a few guidelines you should follow before going live with your site.

  • Depending on the celebrity, you may or may not want to use their name in the domain name. See if other fan sites are using celebrity names in their domain name. The answer to this is up in the air, as some celebrities are cautious about who can use their name in a domain name online.
  • When setting up your domain name and hosting, don’t go nuts about choosing a premium hosting plan or the provider you should go with. Just pick a nice shared hosting plan. Anything under $10 a month is usually more than enough.
  • If you are considering a different platform besides WordPress, think again. WordPress makes the whole process of blogging and content creation so easy — even for beginners.

With all of these factors covered right now, it should be a breeze for you to go live with your celebrity fan site.

3.) Start Adding Content

Once your site is live, then it’s time to start thinking about content that you can add to your site. When creating your content, always think about the “fans” and what they are looking for. This is usually gossip, images, news, and any movies/music/shows the celebrity might be taking part in.

During this process it will be important for you to rely on references and resources. I’ve listed three different celebrities below and where you can find their main websites and other reliable information on them

  • Stephen Collins – Actor from 7th Heaven, also has a ton of information available his Stephen Collins IMDB page.
  • Matisyahu – A musician and vocalist who has a cult following, and a Wikipedia page loaded with more information.
  • Kim Zolciak – An actress on reality television, who has a site of her own, but also bios and pictures on BravoTV.

As you can see through the examples above, you don’t need to rely on just celebrity websites for information and news. Outside of their main sites, IMDB, TMZ, Wikipedia and television/media sites are great for such information. These resources will also be useful if you need to provide references for news or images.

Another quick tip for news breaking content on your celebrity, is to setup a Google Alerts using their name. With this tool you

4.) Grow a Following on Social Media

In addition to the sites mentioned above, social media is going to play a huge part in the content creation and research process. However, even more important than looking for the latest news and gossip around your celebrity, is growing a social following of your own.


Create a profile on each of the major social networks for your new celebrity fan site, and also use celebrity images (when allowed) on your profile pages. The goal here is to attract an audience of fans of also share the same love for your celebrity — thus getting them to visit your page and follow your social profiles.

When getting active on social media, be sure to use hashtags for your celebrity and other entertainment based keywords or phrases. If you can relate your content to any worldwide trending topics, that would also be great.

In short, use social media as a platform to grow your blog’s reach and as a way to share your content with your target audience.

5.) Gain Backlinks and Track Search Rankings

The last step in the process is to make sure you are tracking your blog’s activity, growth and how it’s ranking in the search results. Most of this can be done by creating an account through Google Webmaster Tools and adding Google Analytics to your site. As your site continues to grow in size (content) and gains and an audience, your site will start to rank higher in the search results.

Knowing which keywords your site is ranking for will allow you to improve your rankings by adding more content and backlinks to your site. With celebrity fan sites, it’s great to reach out to other celebrity blogs to see if you can get them to link back to your site. The more high-quality backlinks you gain to your site, the higher it will ultimately rank in the search results.

Start Your Celebrity Site Today!

Follow the simple 5-step formula below and you will have a fan site for your favorite celebrity live in no time!