Of the many different ways that you can monetize a blog and your audience, creating a recurring income stream with a membership site might be one of your best options. If you already have an established brand and traffic flowing through your site, it’s probably a lot easier to setup a membership site of your own for much less than you might think. More importantly, it’s not so much about the cost that is the crucial part, but instead the time that you put into your program to make sure you deliver on the quality.

This is something I have currently been working on with Blogging.org, a private community for blog and monetization training. I’ve already taken the time to create high quality videos that walk users through the process of blog monetization, creating ad campaigns and how to scale their online business over time. Through the membership site I can work with individual bloggers and online marketers on a wide scale by offering them training videos and support through the members area.

One thing however that I really know nothing about is custom design and coding, so once again the power of WordPress has made the complexities of running a membership site that much easier. Through the use of the MemberMouse wordpress plugin, I’m able to control all areas of the sites and block out restricted content from non-paying site viewers.

MemberMouse has a ton of built in features that allow you to quickly transform your WordPress site into a membership program. You can see their email, payment and API integrations below.

MemberMouse Integration

As for costs, MemberMouse is also known for their competitive rates. In comparison to many of the different programs out there, MM is far superior in quality and will only be a fraction of the cost. If you are focusing only on paid members, the price tag of $19.95 a month should be nothing. View any of the membership features below to see more information on how you can start building out your own community or membership site.

MemberMouse Pricing

Now that we got the technical aspects out of the way, let’s talk about some of the best ways you can build a membership program based around your existing traffic or business.

Creating a Quality Product

The biggest struggle when starting a new membership based site is figuring out what exactly you will be offering to your audience. If you already have a blog that offers free content to your audience, your paid content will need to be far superior. If you are wondering if your current audience would pay for better content and a membership site, feel free to ask them.

Continue to Grow Your Brand and Following

If you have a blog that is based around yourself or your business, this probably means you already have an established brand online. With your own membership site, branding is everything. People love to associate themselves with brands and if you can provide the quality content or service that people are looking for, then they will gladly not only pay a premium for your content, but also share it with others as well.

Your Membership Pricing is Key

When it comes to the pricing structure for your site, you will have a lot of options to choose from. Will you choose a monthly membership, annually, one time or a combination of the few? The good news is that your options are limitless and you can even play around with different settings and payments to see which people prefer most.

Figure Out the Longterm Value of Each Member

Once you’ve figured out the cost of acquiring a new paid member and you know how much each member is worth, then you can almost set your marketing on autopilot. When you know your numbers are solid, you can continually market and grow your membership site while also catering to the audience that you’ve created the site for.

Follow these tips and see if a membership based site might be a good option for your blog or online business.