Receiving comments from your audience is a huge part of any successful web site and blog. You want to make it easy for people to contact you, so implementing a comment form on your site is a necessity.

I recently made the switch from Contact Form 7 to Wufoo forms on a bunch of my sites. The reasoning behind this is that many of these emails were going right into my SPAM folder and making it a big hassle for me to get all of my mail from blog contact forms.

Wufoo is an online form creation service, which is also a Survey Monkey alternative. In short, you can create a free account with Wufoo and setup a contact form on your site in no time.

Another reason why I made the switch, is that I can also login to my Wufoo account and check all of the emails that were submit through my forms (in addition to receiving them in my inbox). This is an added bonus and makes it easy for me to look back at any past feedback form history.

How to Setup Wufoo Forms as Your Blog Contact Form

1 – Create an Account

First thing first… just head over to and create an account. They have free plans and paid plans. For most blogs and sites a free account will be more than enough.

Wufoo Account Creation

2 – Create Your Wufoo Form

Once you are logged into your account, you will see a dashboard like the one below. Click on the “New Form” button to get started.

Wufoo Dashboard

Now you will see the page like the one shown below. From here you can start creating your form. All you need to do is drag form fields from the left side over to the right side, creating the exact look and field for your feedback form.

Wufoo Form Creation

When  you are finished, click SAVED FORM and then you will see the popup window below appear.

Before finishing, you should click on “2. Setup email notification for this form.”

Saved Form

3 – Setting Email Notifications

Now it’s time to setup where and how you want to receive submissions through your feedback form. Insert your email address where it says “Your Email Address” and change the “Set Reply To:” as “EMAIL”. This way you can respond right to the emails you receive and it will go directly to the person who sent it.

You can also setup mobile notifications, which is perfect when setting up important or time sensative feedback forms.

Wufoo Notification Settings

4 – Place the Form on Your Site

The last step in the process is to actually place the form on your site. You can do this through multiple methods such as embedding a code on your site or using the Wufoo WordPress plugin.

Wufoo Embed Form on Your Site
As you can see, it’s pretty straight forward and simple to setup a Wufoo form on your page. If you want to see a live example of what a Wufoo generated form looks like and send me some feedback in the process, you can do so here.