Creating a Web Hosting List and Narrowing it Down

By: | Updated: March 25, 2021

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Starting a website for your business or for personal reasons means you need a web hosting list. Creating this list will help you narrow down your selection to the right hosting company for your specific needs. This list should include the features you need, your budget, the resources you need and the type of hosting you need for your project.


It’s not a long list, but your initial web hosting list will allow you to create a list of companies offering you the right hosting for your specific needs. This will become your master website hosting list, which you can narrow down to the right company for your needs.


Features to Consider

Do you need WordPress? What about a script for a forum? Do you plan to run an ecommerce store? Not every website is the same. Some may require a member’s area scripts, while others simply need WordPress.


Maybe you want added security, additional dedicated IP addresses or something else with your hosting package. All of the features you need should be on your web hosting list. This will help when you look into the top website hosting companies.


Considering your Budget

It’s also important to list the range you can afford per month or year on your website hosting list. If you can afford as much as $10 per month, this will open up more shared hosting companies compared to a budget of just $4 per month. However, understanding your limits will help you find the right company for your needs.


Resources You Need

About 95% of websites need just a simple shared hosting account. However, if you need added security, your own set of resources or you plan to bring in a massive amount of daily traffic, a VPS or dedicated server package may be necessary.

When it comes to shared hosting packages, most will give you unlimited resources or at least more than you really need. This will take the concern off the table, but for some, it may be necessary to make sure you get enough disk space and bandwidth.


Type of Hosting You Need

As stated above, you will most likely need shared hosting. However, you may want the ability to grow into a VPS or dedicated server package. If this is the case, make sure you add this to your list so that you can eliminate any companies not offering shared, VPS and/or dedicated hosting options.


Using your Web Hosting List to Narrow down Your Selection

You can use the reviews we have here on Daily Hosting to help you narrow down your selection. We have already reviewed most of the top hosting companies available. This will make it easy to see which companies fit with your specific needs.


Once you have a list of 5 to 10 companies, you just need to narrow it down to one. Reputation should play a huge factor at this point and FatCow is an industry leader. If they are on your list, we recommend you choose their shared hosting package for just $3.15 per month. FatCow provides very reliable servers, plenty of resources, all the best features and great hosting support.


If you don’t want to go to all the trouble of creating a web hosting list, but you don’t want to get stuck with a bad host, choose FatCow. We highly recommend hosting from FatCow because they are one of the best you will find, especially for the price. They do offer more than shared hosting, but for most, the shared hosting package from FatCow will be more than enough.


You can start your website today with FatCow. Whether you want to use WordPress, build a forum or run an ecommerce website, they offer everything you need to take your site live today. Take advantage of our exclusive deal with FatCow for just $3.15 per month by clicking here now.



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