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No matter your business, effective communication will always be of paramount importance. Especially in the modern age of sensory overload and fleeting attention spans, it’s more critical than ever to cut through the noise of the Internet and ensure that your customers, clients, and readers feel like they are heard and valued.
One tool you can leverage for this purpose is Crisp, empowering you with the ability to quickly and effectively communicate with customers in a robust and meaningful way. And you might have a little fun along the way too.

Simplicity and Satisfaction

Described as the “simple way to communicate with users,” Crisp helps you “increase your user satisfaction and sales” through a real-time chat box that you can integrate into your website in a matter of minutes.

In the world of business, particularly in the context of sales, you may have come across the term “friction points” or “points of friction.” These are areas in your sales process where your potential customers might get “stuck” or even walk away entirely. Your goal is to make the process as smooth and as painless as possible. The easier it is for the customer to complete a purchase, the more likely they do it. This naturally translates to non-sales related scenarios too.
Under a more traditional set of circumstances, the customer (or reader) needs to make the active decision to reach out to you. They have to click through on a “contact” page to submit a message or they need to copy an email address into their email client to send you a message. Maybe they have to look up your Facebook or Twitter page to connect with you there. In all cases, there’s friction, because there’s more work that needs to be done.
With Crisp, you’re able to skip all that, because the chatbox is omnipresent on your website. It’s just there, quietly sitting in the corner for ease of access any time the customer is ready. By default, you can set it up to send a “hello” type message to initiate the conversation. It’s simple and customers are satisfied.

Communicate from Anywhere

As the operator on the other side of the discussion, you also want to make sure that this form of communication is simple and convenient for you too. In addition to utilizing a web-based interface on your computer, Crisp also offers both desktop and mobile apps. This includes Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android, as well as a Slack plugin for convenient integration if you’re already a Slack user.

Crisp says that its apps are fast and easy to use, “tailored for digital workers.” The interface is clean and efficient, making it as easy as possible for you to keep up with multiple conversations with multiple customers at the same time if necessary. Because there are mobile apps, this means you can very easily respond to customer queries while enjoying coffee around the corner or sipping on umbrella drinks on a tropical island.
This also means it is very easy and convenient to get your whole team involved so that anyone can respond to customers in as timely a fashion as possible. Everything is saved and accessible. And while this discussion thus far has focused primarily on the sales environment and how Crisp can help you answer questions from customers who are interested in buying your products, it is equally applicable to other scenarios.
If you run a startup, you want to communicate quickly with potential investors and with clients alike. If you have a blog or other content-oriented site, you want to forge strong relationships with your readers so they’ll feel welcome (and come back for more). The possibilities are endless.

Exploring the key Features of Crisp

Once set up with an account and logged into your members area, you can then truly experience what Crisp has to offer in terms of tools, tracking and increasing engagement and conversions with your audience. Two of my favorite features within the platform are the MagicBrowse and MagicMap features — which we will take a look at both now.
The MagicBrowse features give site owners the ability to see visitors as there were browsing through their own site. Through the use of screen recording and mouse tracking capabilities, the MagicBrowse feature will allow you to see how visitors are navigating through your site, while also see what areas might be grabbing their interest or areas they might be getting lost in. The more you can understand about your audience and how they are using your site, the better you can improve your content, navigation, and overall business model.

In addition to seeing how visitors are actively using your site, you can also track and where visitings on your site are actually from. Through the screenshot below you can see there are 18 users online at the moment of this test campaign, with 6 of them currently being active. Through Crisp, you can see not only where your visitors are from, but you can learn more about each of them in your realtime users “Visitors” section as well. Click on any of the profile names in this section and you will see even more details on each visitor currently on your site.

It would also be a mistake to think that Crisp is just for tracking visitors on your site. Through their ‘Plugins” section within the dashboard area, members will have access to a wide range of popular integrations, tools, features and ways to improve the management of their site and business. Whether it’s the ability to add a new chatbox to your site, remove “Powered by Crisp” branding from within your account or even integrating Zendesk or Slack, it’s simply a matter of clicking a button and going live with each of your desired features from right within your account. You can see a preview of the Plugins offered from Crisp below.

With the common goal here being to learn as much about your audience as possible, Crisp has become an industry leader in such advanced tracking and technology. If you aren’t currently using these tools and tracking methods within your own business, you are missing out big time! However, we’ve still only scratched the surface of what Crisp has to offer.

MagicType and Trigger Notification

When you look at many conventional instant messengers, social media platforms, email and other forms of online communication, you don’t get to see what the person is saying until they hit the “enter” key. You lose some of the insight that can be gleaned from their thought process.
Crisp allows you to see, what your visitor typing before they hitting send. Apart from it, you can set trigger notifications that helps you to send an automated trigger message whenever visitors land on your website and a ping text on leave intent. Imagine how this type of engagement could work to increase sales and conversions on your own site.

That’s why perhaps one of the most powerful features of the Crisp chatbox is the ability to see what your customers are typing in the chat window even before they submit it. You can see what they are writing in real-time (but they can’t see what you are typing in real-time). This not only lets you get a glimpse into what they’re thinking (because they may backspace out of a sentence or word), but it also means you can start preparing your replies ahead of time if you see where a question is going.
You’re not limited to English either. Crisp is ideal for international businesses with international readers and customers because the chatbox supports more than 50 locales with a broad range of language options. From a customer experience standpoint, you can customize the colors and text to align with your brand, you can establish automatic triggers to help increase sales at just the right time, and the chatbox even supports GIFs, smileys, and files for a modern and fun experience. Who said business had to be boring and stuffy?

How Much Does It Cost?

The simplicity and robustness of Crisp carry through with the available pricing plans too. All the plans include an unlimited number of visitors and messages, so you never have to worry about going over. It’s just a flat fee per website depending on the features you want.
At the same time, it’s also important to note that Crisp allows for easy integration with many other third-party tracking and management tools like Slack, Zendesk and several email management platforms. This is a plus in itself, as these tools and solutions are already an active part of most businesses in the world today. For more details on this, you can see a full list of integrations here.

The basic plan supports up to two operators and includes access to the mobile apps. You get to keep a one-month history of messages too. Best of all, the basic plan is completely free and you never have to spend a dime.
The recommended plan for most users will be the pro plan, which chimes in at $25 a month. This adds support for Slack, Facebook Messenger, email, and Telegram, as well as automatic message triggers, full chatbox customization, Crisp logo removal, and an increase to four operators. There’s also a search engine, so it’s easier for you to look up information in previous conversations.
From there, you can go even bigger with the $95/month unlimited plan to unlock MagicBrowse co-browsing, SMS, Zendesk support, analytics, distributed architecture and chat ratings. Salesforce integration is coming soon too. This is real-time chat on a whole new level.

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