Are you struggling to grow your audience or get their attention through your marketing campaign?

There’s good reason: Everyone’s competing for their attention. On a given day, each of us gets exposed to an estimated 5,000 advertisements.

In a world where advertising is everywhere, a personal touch can make all the difference. Here are six tips to help your business establish a CRM marketing strategy.

1. Understand What CRM Can Offer

Maybe this is your first time hearing of such a strategy. So let’s begin by asking one simple question: What is customer relationship management?

Think of CRM as the process or group of processes dedicated to understanding audience demographics and desires. The ultimate end goal of CRM, aside from generating leads, is to deliver a more personalized, friendly form of marketing.

Though audience relationships have always been important in blogging, it’s no longer viable to approach advertising by casting a wide net.

2. Reassess Your Audience

Since CRM relies so heavily on the customer, it makes sense that bloggers need to know who they’re targeting.

Take a look at your analytics. Find out which section of your audience is most likely to post a comment, reblog your post, or purchase a product. Now, start thinking of ways you can retarget your blogging and advertising toward them.

It isn’t that the rest of your audience isn’t important. But it makes sense to invest more time in those interested than those who never open your emails or texts.

3. Collect and Learn From Data

You have your new audience, and now it’s time to learn even more about them. The easiest way to do so is by investing in CRM software.

CRM software is often automated, allowing for the instantaneous collection and storage of customer information. All you have to focus on is the great content!

This info can tell you someone’s likes, dislikes, age, geographic location, and even their birthday. Suffice to say, there’s a ton of valuable information to glean from CRM software.

4. Personalize Your Ads

It’s no joke that people love personalized advertising. In fact, 80% of people said they’d be more likely to interact with a brand if they delivered advertisements specific to them and their interests.

Even something as simple as using their name in the introduction can make a message feel warmer.

In addition to personalization, every business and brand should be using remarketing campaigns as well. These are easy to set up through Facebook Ads and Google Adsense, and are proven to lower costs and increase conversions.

5. Make Yourself Accessible

Since the barrier between blogger and audience is more or less nonexistent now, many audience members expect their favorite blogger to be accessible 24/7.

Be sure to check in on your social media and email accounts on a regular basis, as they’re slowly becoming the new hubs for customer service.

This is also something that should be applies to all business guidelines and work ethics. Making sure all employees and staff know how to measure and use your CRM is extremely important for your bottom line and productivity across all levels of the business.

6. Establish Real Bonds

A lot of CRM marketing can seem stuffy, even if it’s intended to bridge the gap between audience and blogger. That’s why it’s so important that bloggers don’t rely solely on software alone.

There’s no substitution for honesty and transparency. Be upfront about when you’re collecting a user’s data and what you’re using it for.

Once a consumer trusts you, you’ll find that they’re much more understanding about data collection.

Crafting The Right CRM Marketing Strategy: Final Tips

If you’re struggling to come up with a great new marketing campaign or just aren’t seeing the results you’re after, turn your focus to building long-lasting, strong relationships with your audience.

A human element to marketing means more to your audience that you might think.

If you’re looking for more CRM marketing strategy tips or have a few words of advice, feel free to reach out and get in touch. I’d love to hear what worked for you!