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CRM Software Examples: Powerful CRMS To Check Out In 2022

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Are you looking to improve customer relations in your business?

CRM software helps many different businesses interact better with their customers.

If your business has been floundering in the customer relations department or you’re building a new business, consider looking into CRM systems.

They are integral to the growth of any business and help your team better manage clients.

Here is everything you need to know about CRM software, including the most powerful CRMs to check out in 2022:

Quick Breakdown of Our Suggestions

What Is the Most Popular CRM Software?

The most popular CRM software in the market as of 2022 is Salesforce.

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM tool that makes it easier for businesses to build and sustain customer relations.

It is designed to ensure that all business teams, from sales to IT, can work together from anywhere seamlessly.

It is affordable, although not the most affordable CRM on the market.

What Is CRM Software?

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management.

CRM software is business sales software that helps businesses better organize, track, and access customer data.

It helps businesses manage communications with customers more efficiently.

What Are the Benefits of a CRM Software?

Sales team managers understand the struggle of spending every hour before team meetings looking for quotes to motivate sales teams.

Motivated sales teams usually bring in more revenue.

Well, a CRM can help motivate sales teams even more than motivational quotes.

It is a tried and proven tool that makes their job easier and helps them make more sales, increasing their commissions and the company’s bottom line.

Here are the ways CRM software benefits the company:

1. Makes it Easier to Segment Customers

Customer segmentation is made easier and faster with CRM software.

It can divide your customer base into categories based on your chosen metrics.

The software does this automatically once you input the segmentation parameters, like purchase history, age, etc.

2. Helps With Customer Outreach

Because CRM software makes customer segmentation easier, it is perfect for conversion rate optimization.

Customer outreach is one of the best ways to optimize your business’s conversion rate.

With a CRM, you can engage leads and prospects across an expansive collection of segments, making the sales team more efficient and effective.

3. Helps With Organizing Leads

You don’t need lead generation companies when you have good CRM software.

The perfect CRM tool can help you pinpoint, attract, track, cultivate, and convert your leads.

This lead organization improves business profits and increases productivity in sales teams.

4. Can Provide Important Data

Data is essential when doing high-ticket affiliate marketing and any other form of business online.

Businesses need data to understand their customers, market, investors, and the economy.

When needed, important data is the key to making informed decisions for your business.

CRM software provides you with all the statistics, metrics, and data you need on your customers to help you in your marketing endeavors.

What Are CRM Software Examples?

Salesforce CRM may be the most popular CRM tool in the market, but there are others to consider.

You can use many other CRM software examples for your business.

Depending on your needs and budget, you may find one of these listed below a better fit for your business:


A screenshot of the Zendesk Homepage

Zendesk is a trusted American Saas company.

It is CRM software that provides customer support and communications, and sales.

How Does it Work?

Zendesk is a cloud-based CRM. It performs like a help desk management solution, offering different tools you can customize to fit your customer service needs.

Zendesk allows businesses to create a customizable front-end portal used to build a knowledge base.

It also has live chat features that help promote a feeling of community.

Zendesk integrates with other applications like Google Analytics and Salesforce to seamlessly transfer data for campaign creation.

How Much Does it Cost?

Pricing is $19 monthly for each team member, covering only foundational support.

If you want to build a comprehensive customer management system with your team, prices start at $49/month for every person using it and go up to $150/month.


screenshot of the hubspot homepage

HubSpot is an integrated CRM platform that incorporates the service, marketing, operations, sales, and website-building software a business needs to grow.

How Does it Work?

HubSpot aligns the sales and marketing teams. It enables sales and boosts ROI through its intuitive UX and unified codebase.

The CRM platform connects everything growing businesses need to give their customers stellar service.

Because everything is in one place, companies can better attract visitors, convert leads and keep customers without the hustle of using several applications.

It helps manage and integrate all marketing, sales, service, and operations efforts for easier business handling and better profits.

How Much Does it Cost?

HubSpot’s pricing starts at $0. It offers several free CRM tools you can use as a small business with less than 1000 marketing contacts.

However, with bigger client lists, you should invest in intensive CRM software that meets your needs.

The pricing for more in-depth services starts at $45/month and can go up to $5000/month.  


A screenshot of the pipedrive homepage

Pipedrive is a web-based CRM for sales and management.

It offers businesses solutions for planning sales activities, monitoring desks, and customer engagement.

How Does it Work?

On Pipedrive, businesses set up a pipeline and track sales on an activity-based method.

Through creating stages of a sales funnel, you can get alerts on each stage of the funnel and how it performs.

Pipedrive works by streamlining each action it takes to convert a potential deal into a sale. It is a great lead conversion CRM.

How Much Does it Cost?

Pipedrive costs $9.90 per user per month for its basic features, including 3000 deals, 30 custom fields, and 15 reports.

The most advanced features are billed at $59.90 per user per month. Pipedrive bills annually for each pricing plan offered.

Bitrix 24

screenshot of the bitrix24 homepage

Bitrix24 is an online workspace for businesses with more than 35 cross-integrated tools.

These tools include a Gantt chart, messenger, file storage, workflow automation, and CRM software.

How Does it Work?

If you’re looking for something more than a CRM, Bitrix24 is perfect.

It offers standard CRM features and includes all other tools needed for management, collaboration, and communication.

As a result, it is software that makes it easier to run a business.

On the Bitrix24 platform, you can have all your business files, projects, tasks, contacts, campaigns, and messages in one place.

With registration, you have access to all the tools and features for easier business management and customer relationship management.

How Much Does it Cost?

You can use Bitrix24 free of charge but with a limited 5GB storage.

Five users can have an account for $49/month.

The largest subscription is at $199/month for 100.

Their pricing is for all users, not per user, and businesses are billed annually.


dynamics homepage screenshot 1

Dynamics, more commonly referred to as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, is a CRM software package by Microsoft.

How Does it Work?

Dynamics is a cloud-based applications platform that combines CRM and enterprise.

Using the point-and-click app creation experience available, users can build apps on their own.

Dynamics 365 enables businesses to manage their customer database.

It makes generating leads, engaging with customers, and fixing customer service issues easier.

Companies like Vanguard and Selective Insurance use it.

How Much Does it Cost?

Dynamics 365 has interesting pricing options.

Depending on which features you want to use and how big the team using it is, pricing is different.

The cheapest plans start at $25 per user per month for one feature.

An all-inclusive Dynamics plan can cost up to $1500 per tenant per month.


A screenshot of the salesforce homepage

Salesforce is a CRM tool that helps businesses build and sustain customer relations.

The software is designed to help the marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams of any business work together from anywhere in the world.

How Does it Work?

It helps integrate different approaches, provides data, and keeps up-to-date customer information for businesses to work with.

Since it is cloud-based software, Salesforce CRM can be accessed from any device, anytime, anywhere.

How Much Does it Cost?

Pricing for a basic Salesforce plan starts at $25 per user per month and is capped at $300 per user per month, which is why it works for one-person businesses and small teams.

The pay-as-you-go subscription offered makes it perfect for businesses of any size.

You can pay when you need it and can afford it and back up your data on a different drive if you cannot renew your subscription.

There may be more economically feasible options for larger sales teams.


monday homepage screenshot 1

Monday.com is an open platform that allows for project management and the creation of applications.

How Does it Work?

Monday.com is not just a CRM. It is an all-in-one work management platform that centralizes all applications, tools, and files for streamlining workflow.

Part of this streamlining is making it easier for businesses to collect, organize and track customer data and marketing campaigns.

However, Monday.com does more than just help with customer relations.

It helps teams collaborate, build projects, make applications, and brainstorm. It makes the management of teams and projects easier.

How Much Does it Cost?

For individuals looking to track their work, Monday.com is free.

The free plan allows for a maximum of two people to collaborate.

The basic plan starts at $8 per person per month and is billed at $24 per month as it only allows three people.

Enterprise pricing plans are not disclosed and are offered based on each organization’s needs.

However, there are two other pricing options for small teams.


A screenshot of the Zoho homepage

Zoho is a cloud-based software suite and SaaS application tool for easier customer management and relations.

How Does it Work?

Zoho is a single repository for sales, marketing, and customer support.

It allows for tracking and streamlining of all the processes, policies, and people needed to make customer relations possible.

Using Zoho, businesses can track each customer’s purchase history, make notes and review them, and check related conversations and emails.

How Much Does it Cost?

The basic subscription starts at $9 and allows for optimizing sales cycles.

Zoho has many other pricing options that vary from country to country.


A screenshot of the freshworks homepage

Freshworks is not just a CRM but a complete SaaS provider.

It offers software solutions for businesses that cover many aspects like customer relations, management, and more.

How Does it Work?

The CRM aspect of Freshworks offers analyses of marketing campaigns.

It gives highly detailed reports and tracks attributes and revenue to enable businesses to make smarter marketing moves.

How Much Does it Cost?

You can use the free Freshworks plan that offers basic sales team features.

Pricing for paid plans starts at $15/user/month and is capped at $69/user/month for larger businesses.


A screenshot of the engagebay homepage

EngageBay is an all-in-one CRM that offers marketing, sales, and support solutions.

How Does it Work?

EngageBay is an integrated CRM tool well-designed for small and mid-sized companies.

It helps companies acquire, engage and convert visitors to their websites into customers.

It is a cloud-based platform that offers marketing tools to businesses to help them retain customers.

How Much Does it Cost?

Pricing for EnagegBay CRM starts at $10.39.

The all-in-one system starts at $11.99.

There is a limited free plan for either option.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to invest in a CRM system, asking questions and doing proper research before purchasing a CRM is essential.

Is SAP a CRM System?

SAP is a powerful CRM system that offers features like pipeline management, sales force automation, and SaaS access.

SAP is integral in streamlining workflows and improving sales processes for sales reps.

How many CRM Systems are there?

There are three main types of CRM systems that most people agree on.

These are collaborative, analytical, and operational CRM software.

Strategic and campaign management CRMs are also considered types of CRM systems.

There are thousands of CRM systems available across the internet and the world.

Wrapping Up

CRM software is a powerful tool for any business.

It helps processes run smoothly and sync customer data and communications.

While your business can run without a CRM tool, it will not run efficiently.

You will lose leads, customer data, and a lot of time.

Using a powerful CRM can help your teams better connect with customers, convert audiences, and increase sales.

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