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Crypto Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 25 Examples [2023]

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Crypto blogs are littered around the internet and have tons of valuable information on how to use store, and purchase cryptocurrencies.

These blogs can be profitable while they provide knowledge to others, and they can be perfect examples for those who want to get a good idea of what crypto blogging is all about.

Read on to learn about crypto blogs, how to start a blog, and what cryptocurrencies are.  

What Is a Crypto Blog?

A crypto blog is any blog that discusses news and information or explores cryptocurrencies.

These blogs usually cover a lot of information about cryptocurrencies, including where to buy them, how to store them, and the types of things you can spend them on.

Some crypto blogs will focus solely on recent events, news, and updates in the crypto communities but other blogs might touch on how to best use, buy, or store them.

What Does a Crypto Blogger Blog About?

A crypto blogger might blog about recent news, events, and updates in the crypto community.

Sharing information is one of the biggest motivations for starting a blog, and crypto blogs share new laws that are passed or how the world is slowly embracing cryptocurrencies and how they can enhance purchase power.

What Is Included On a Crypto Blog?

A crypto blog will cover many topics, including recent events, news, and updates on the crypto community.

These blogs might also cover tips, tricks, and tutorials on how best to use, sell, or store your cryptocurrencies.

Although these topics will be the bulk of a crypto blog, other topics will be covered.

Similar to crypto podcasts, crypto blogs will cover how cryptocurrencies can be applied in the real world and used to make life easier, more interesting, or exciting.

Other Things You Can Find on a Crypto Blog

Some of the best crypto blogs will have several types of information that may be surprising.

  • Market Prices: Crypto blogs will often follow and inform on the fluctuating market prices of crypto coins.
  • Most Influential Coins Lists: These blogs might discuss which cryptocurrencies are the most influential and why.
  • Global Crypto News Coverage: These blogs might discuss the newest laws, news, and updates about cryptocurrencies, globally.
  • Predictions: Many blogs will work to predict price dips or surges, helping investors make decisions.

Best Crypto Blogs: 25 Examples

There are many different types of crypto blogs.

Whether you’re looking to start your crypto blog or you want to get an idea of what types of information are on crypto blogs, this list can help you understand how to best achieve your crypto goals.

How Many Crypto Blogs Are There?

There are hundreds of crypto blogs, many of which are successful and provide clever information to thousands or millions of readers every day.

The hundreds of successful crypto blogs on the internet may fall into one of several categories, whether you’re a beginner, focused on Bitcoin, or want to know more about the blockchain.

Crypto Blogs for Beginners

Crypto blogs for beginners will focus the most on how to aid a beginner to understand the world of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Briefing

a screenshot of the crypto briefing homepage

Crypto Briefing enjoys talking about business, markets, the impact of technology on cryptocurrencies, and analyses about crypto.

This blog has plenty of information, including an educational tab dedicated to offering the best information for those who aren’t sure about what cryptocurrencies are and how they can be used.


a screenshot of the AMBcrrypto homepage

AMBCrypto is a cryptocurrency blog that discusses news, Bitcoin, altcoins, and technology that can be used to boost the use of cryptocurrencies.

This blog is perfect for keeping beginners up-to-date with how cryptocurrencies are used and how they can enhance your life, spending, and investments.

The Merkle

a screenshot of the merkle homepage

The Merkle is one of the best cryptocurrency blogs for beginners because it has plenty of tips, tricks, and tutorials that will help others understand how cryptocurrencies work and how they can get started.

This blog will also discuss how to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Adventure

a screenshot of the crypto adventure homepage

Crypto Adventure is one of the best crypto blogs because it has a user-friendly interface and makes reading content and learning easier.

This blog offers an interactive and fun look into the world of cryptocurrencies while ensuring their content is easy to understand.

Crypto Adventure is complete with interviews, research, and reviews for products they endorse or sell.

Bitcoin Exchange Guide

a screenshot of the bitcoin exchange guide homepage

Bitcoin Exchange Guide has many posts, interview pieces, and content that will help readers understand Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and other elements of the crypto community that could be of use.

For example, this blog is rife with educational information for understanding market prices and market exchanges.

Crypto Blogs About Blockchain

Crypto blogs about the blockchain will discuss where cryptocurrencies are hosted.


a screenshot of the blockonomi homepage

Blockonomi is a blog that specializes in discussing the blockchain and is unlike any other crypto blog because it offers stories, news, and testimonials that may have you feeling inspired to get started in using the blockchain.

This blog is a perfect companion for those who need to understand the blockchain better and strive to learn more.

NFT Lately

a screenshot of the NFT lately homepage

NFT Lately may not focus much on Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies, but this blog will focus on the blockchain and provide information on how it can be used for other purposes.

For example, the blockchain can be a perfect place to host NFTs and other tokens.


a screenshot of the hackernoon homepage

HackerNoon is a tech blog that discusses nearly every topic in the cryptocurrency, technology, and finance spheres.

This blog will have varied information, but one of the biggest topics is everything about the blockchain.

Chain Blog

a screenshot of the chain blog homepage

Chain Blog discusses everything related to cryptocurrencies, but includes a lot of targeted information on the blockchain and how it can be used to host dozens of new and emerging technologies.

CNN – Crypto 101 Blog

a screenshot of the cnn-crypto 101 blog homepage

While this may be a surprising find on the list, CNN has an exhaustive library of cryptocurrency information and articles about how the blockchain could change how the world hosts information in the future.

Crypto Blogs About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the foremost cryptocurrencies on the market. It’s a great niche for crypto blogging.


a screenshot of the coindesk homepage

CoinDesk is one of the foremost leaders in cryptocurrency information, news, and updates.

This blog covers everything from market prices to Bitcoin updates to how technology can be used to aid in purchasing and using cryptocurrencies.

CoinDesk has plenty of sources to help others understand the cost of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Magazine

a screenshot of the bitcoin magazine homepage

Bitcoin Magazine is the premier location to get all the most up-to-date information on Bitcoin news and laws.

This blog covers everything related to Bitcoin from every country in the world, and Bitcoin Magazine has no problem discussing how inflation, the U.S. markets, and other things can impact the increasing price of Bitcoin.


a screenshot of the bitcoinist homepage

The Bitcoinist blog is a great place for readers to get the newest updates and information on how the crypto community develops.

This blog has no problem discussing how Bitcoin impacts the global markets alongside the United States markets.

The Bitcoinist blog will also have reviews for the best platform to purchase your bitcoin and offer tutorials on the blockchain.

BCTrading Blog

a screenshot of the bctrading blog homepage

The BCTrading Blog has plenty of information on market coverage for Bitcoin and foreign exchange topics.

This blog is proactive with beginners, as well, and offers information on the best ways to invest in Bitcoin.

The BCTrading Blog also has information on the background behind Bitcoin and how Bitcoin has evolved to become the world’s biggest cryptocurrency.


a screenshot of the newsBTC homepage

NewsBTC covers Bitcoin news and updates, but it also has a whole section on the blog for analysis and predictions about how Bitcoin will evolve in the coming years.

This blog includes everything from current market prices, market history, and suspected market development.

NewsBTC also contains fun topics, like which cryptocurrencies are the best for casino trips.

Crypto Blogs About Ethereum

Ethereum is another popular cryptocurrency that many people enjoy collecting or buying.

Ethereum Foundation Blog

a screenshot of the ethereum foundation blog homepage

The Ethereum Foundation Blog is a perfect companion for those who want to help readers understand how Ethereum works and how this coin can be used in the future.

This blog offers unique information that can grow with users and readers as they get more enveloped in the content.


a screenshot of the cryptoninjas homepage

CryptoNinjas has plenty of content that other blogs may not have as easily accessible.

This blog covers crypto information and blockchain tutorials.

Additionally, CryptoNinjas offers real-time market data that will help readers understand how Ethereum prices fluctuate and compare against other coins on the market.


a screenshot of the cryptopotato homepage

CryptoPotato is unlike many other blogs since it offers tutorials, guides, and other information on the best cryptocurrencies, including many resources for Ethereum.

This blog will assist readers in figuring out how to best use, buy, and sell their Ethereum coins.

The tips, tricks, and tutorials offered on CryptoPotato will be essential for any Ethereum enthusiast.


a screenshot of the CryptoRUs homepage

CryptosRUs is a crypto blog that discusses alternative coins, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

This blog has plenty of educational resources for those trying to understand how Ethereum works and how to best use cryptocurrency.

For example, the most popular blog on CryptosRUs is about Ethereum and how it could take over Bitcoin’s previous fame and build on Bitcoin’s success.


a screenshot of the Boxmining homepage

Boxmining started with Bitcoin but has since springboarded from this coin to embrace other cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies that Boxmining covers.

The most popular post on this blog is about Ethereum and everything you need to know to purchase, understand, and store Ethereum.

Crypto Blogs About Alt Coins

There are dozens of cryptocurrency options on the market, including alternative coins that may be a good fit for you.

The Coinbase

a screenshot of the coinbase homepage

Coinbase is a perfect place to go for information on how alternative coins and cryptocurrencies can help you defend your privacy and keep your purchases secret.

This blog will also offer information to software engineers on how they can best optimize pages and storefronts to utilize crypto spending.

Additionally, Coinbase will discuss how some coins have paved the way for newer, more versatile coins.


a screenshot of the cointelegraph homepage

The Cointelegraph is an ideal location for the latest news on laws, market prices, and crypto markets.

This blog is perfect for those who want to see, in-depth, the correlation between cryptocurrencies and lawmaking.

The Cointelegraph blog will also be the ideal place to discover how alternative coins can impact the progression of using cryptocurrencies in modern sales.

Crypto Archives – Tech Talk

a screenshot of the tech talk homepage

The Crypto Archives blog is the best place to find out more information on cryptocurrencies that may not seem like the best contenders for high market prices.

However, this blog has plenty of content on the best up-and-coming cryptocurrencies and coins that will make a splash on the crypto scene.


a screenshot of the coinspeaker homepage

Coinspeaker has news about the blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other alternative coins that may not be incredibly popular.

Although this blog focuses the most on the success stories in the cryptocurrency space, Coinspeaker isn’t shy about making predictions and exposing other coins that have cropped up on the crypto scene.


a screenshot of the coinjournal homepage

CoinJournal is home to some of the best and latest coins, coin information, and crypto market prices.

This blog discusses some of the most recent buyouts, investments, and updates in the crypto space that could impact the way humankind surfs the internet daily.

Do Crypto Blogs Make Money?

Crypto blogs are some of the most popular blogs on the internet since they offer a space for readers to learn all the updates in the crypto sphere.

These blogs can help bloggers earn income. Bloggers can make good money by starting a crypto blog.

How Do Crypto Blogs Make Money?

Crypto bloggers can make money on their blogs through ad placements, cryptocurrency affiliate programs, and page views.

Although bloggers in the crypto sphere may not make much money from page views alone, they likely get most of their money through collaborations or posting affiliate links to get a percentage of money spent on another site.

Some crypto blogs might offer coaching, counseling, or financial services to help others understand how to buy, sell, or store their cryptocurrencies.

How Much Do Crypto Blogs Make?

Crypto blogs can make plenty of money on their blog.

Some crypto blogs make hundreds or thousands of dollars online through the income on their blogs, affiliate links, and collaborations with other companies or creators.

Although crypto blogs can be profitable, these blogs will require plenty of time, patience, and energy to earn their notoriety and reputation.

These blogs will likely need to spend years getting set up before they are profitable for their owners.

Usually, crypto blog owners invest time, energy, and money into their blog for up to 24 months before they see any monetary return on the blog.

Products To Promote and Sell on a Crypto Blog

Crypto blogs may not have many products to promote and sell on their blog, but there may be a myriad of services these blogs offer.

Crypto blogs and finance gurus are closely related.

Crypto blog owners may work closely with others to promote financial services, consulting, and coaching lessons to help readers who want to understand how to use cryptocurrencies and other alternative coins.

Additionally, crypto blogs might endorse other products or services from companies they work closely with to boost sales and promote traffic.

These endorsements may include services, e-books, or educational information that may help readers dive deeper into the world of cryptocurrencies.

Similar Blog Types To Check Out

There are many blog categories and different types of blogs that make money in the cryptocurrency space.

Other blog categories similar to crypto blogs that may interest you include blogs about personal finances, frugality, and investing.

  • Personal Finance Blogs: Personal finance blogs are information hubs to help you manage your finances and make the best choices for you and your household.
  • Frugal Living Blogs: Frugal living blogs center around helping you live frugally without overspending and assist in building savings accounts.
  • Investor Blogs: Investor blogs will focus on helping you and your family invest in all the best cryptocurrencies, accounts, and insurances to help keep your household secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about cryptocurrencies, read on!

crypto blogs 2

What are the best cryptocurrency blog topics to write about?

The best cryptocurrency blog topics will likely be those about Bitcoin and other crypto coins that make money and have a large following.

Additionally, tutorials, tips, and tricks will perform well and receive many readers on a cryptocurrency blog.

Who has the best crypto advice?

Anyone with a history in the financial sphere will be the best person or group to get crypto advice.

Consider researching the owners behind the crypto blogs you’re reading to ensure they are an authority on the topic before you trust their advice.

Wrapping Up

Crypto blogs may confuse beginners, but they can be profitable and educational for people new to the crypto scene.

You’ll need to research the best crypto topics to cover when deciding to start your crypto blog, but the best-performing articles focus on educational information.

Consider browsing the above 25 examples of the best crypto blogs for beginners, Bitcoin coverage, and other crypto topics.

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