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Cubs Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 25 Examples [2022]

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The Cubs are a baseball team based out of Chicago and remain one of the most famous teams in the Major League.

This team is the subject of dozens of blogs online run by mega-fans who love cataloging the best game plays, collecting memorabilia, and sharing the best merchandise.

Read on to learn about Cubs blogs and how to start a blog that can bring in profit while enjoying what you do for a living.

The Best Cubs Blogs (Examples)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

Cubs Blogs for Rumors & News

What Is a Cubs Blog?

A Cubs blog is any blog that focuses on the famous Chicago baseball team, the Cubs.

These blogs may focus on many topics, including the best game plays, limited-time merchandise, or member trading within the league.

Many successful and famous Cubs blogs may collaborate with the Major League to bring in more traffic, revenue, and interest.

Cubs blogs may be similar to other sports blogs on the internet but focus on a specific team.

What Does a Cubs Blogger Blog About?

A Cubs blogger might blog about the Cubs baseball team the most but will often blog about other groups that the Cubs will face off in the Major League games.

Additionally, some Cubs blogs might showcase merchandise, iconic games in the Cub’s history, or chronicle the changes to the team over the years.

Many Cubs blogs might review games, offer sweepstakes, and include editorials from sports enthusiasts.

What Is Included On a Cubs Blog?

A Cubs blog will have dozens of topics to cover, and these blogs are famous for their insights into the Cub’s history, game highlights, and recent player trades.

Read on to learn more about the topics usually covered on a Cubs blog.

1. Game Highlights

Starting a sports blog will mean evaluating previous games, keeping an eye on the top highlights, and knowing how a game could have changed with even the most minor play.

Thankfully, this may mean watching some of your favorite MLB games.

2. Memorabilia

Many Cubs blogs will focus on exploring the number of Cubs memorabilia available on the market.

These items include signed jerseys, baseballs, bats, helmets, and baseball cards.

Some of these memorabilia are for sale, but many are for show and discussion.

3. Merchandise

Cubs blogs will likely have links to merchandise available for readers and fans to purchase.

Additionally, some Cubs blogs may offer customized items that will be different from the official merchandise the team’s management offers.

4. Trade Information

Cubs blogs run by mega-fans will be on top of changes in the team and will constantly predict traded players and which players are the proteges to watch for the upcoming season.

5. History

Many Cubs blogs will have whole pages and archives about the history of the Cubs baseball team.

These blogs may chronicle the history of the Cubs team from its inception, helping other fans understand how the team has changed and will evolve in the future.

Other Things That You Can Find on a Cubs Blog

Most of the content on a Cubs blog will focus on the above items, but there also may be blog articles about player information, commentary, statistics, rumors, or news.

  • Player Information: Cubs blogs will likely have player profiles for each player on the team or players who have been on the team previously. These profiles may indicate personal information, including birthdate, number of home runs, and origin.
  • Commentary: Cubs blogs are not shy with their opinions and will have no problem discussing their commentary on game highlights, home runs, and other events in the Cubs community.
  • Statistics: Cubs blogs enjoy discussing which players have had the most impressive seasons, highlights, or games. These blog posts may center around which players have had the most stunning seasons and what they expect from the players in the future.
  • Rumors: Cubs blogs may be among the first to know when gossips land on the news outlets and will likely discuss the validity of rumors and speculate on what they mean for the team.

Types of Cubs Blogs

Dozens of types of Cubs blogs litter the internet, but they all center around a variety of topics.

Regardless of which category of Cubs blog you want to start, these categories can help you understand which direction to take your Cubs blog in.

  • Cubs Blogs for History: Cubs’ blogs about history will cover the highlights of the team’s evolution.
  • Cubs Blogs for Memorabilia: Cubs blogs that discuss memorabilia will center on the most stunning items from the team’s long history.
  • Cubs Blogs for Rumors & News: Cubs’ blogs that revolve around rumors and news will likely employ reporters who can cover recent developments in the team and management.
  • Cubs Blogs for Statistics: Cubs blogs with statistics will focus on player performance and tracking iconic plays.
  • Cubs Blogs for Game Analysis: Cubs’ blogs about game analysis will likely include editorials, discussions, and opinions about recent or past games.

Do Cubs Blogs Make Money?

One of the biggest motivations for starting a blog is to bring in profit, and a Cubs blog can achieve that while allowing you to delve into one of your favorite things.

Dozens of Cub’s blogs are sustainable and make their owners a lot of money.

These blogs may have a long history and have been around for a decade or more.

Many Cubs blogs will make enough money to survive, offer their owners enough money to pay bills, and pay for their domain name and web hosting costs.

How Do Cubs Blogs Make Money?

Bloggers can make good money, especially when they have a storefront with merchandise or use ads to drive profit.

Many Cubs blogs will make the bulk of their money through the amount of traffic they drive to a site, or they may make money by selling ad space on their site.

Other times, Cubs blog owners may have affiliate links on their page that will offer them a percentage of income through any purchases made through the affiliate links.

How Much Do Cubs Blogs Make?

A Cubs blog is only one of the different types of blogs that make money, and it can offer a blog owner a sustainable source of income.

However, you will need to be dedicated, have patience, and produce consistent content to make your Cubs blog profitable.

When you put in enough effort, you may make several hundred or thousand per month through a Cubs blog.

Products To Promote and Sell on a Cubs Blog

A Cubs blog will promote and sell a wide range of products, including autographs, signed memorabilia, and customized merchandise.

Sports affiliate programs can assist a Cubs blog in making money and selling sports gear, merchandise, and other items.

A Cubs blog can also make money by selling its customized fan items.

Things like baseball jerseys, baseballs, and clothing can rake in a lot of money and keep your Cubs blog surviving among competitors.

Finally, you may want to reach out to Cubs management and see if they may be willing to offer some key memorabilia items for sale on your site.

Although this is uncommon, some teams are willing to help fan-operated Cubs blogs and show support for the community.

Best Cubs Blogs: 25 Examples

There are many Cubs blogs to take inspiration from and use as a template for starting your Cubs blog.

Use these 25 examples as motivation to find out the perfect content to launch on your blog and understand what articles get the most traffic.

How Many Cubs Blogs Are There?

There are dozens of profitable Cubs blogs on the internet that provide accurate, detailed information on the history and evolution of the team.

There are also plenty of small Cubs blogs that focus more on editorial information and opinions from everyday viewers.

Cubs Blogs for History

Cubs blogs about the history of the team will likely have player spotlights for players from every era of the team’s evolution.

This type of blog may also include iconic stories and old game highlights.

The Cub Reporter

screenshot of the club reporter homepage

The Cub Reporter is no stranger to the long and detailed history of the Cubs sports team.

This blog enjoys going into depth about how the Cubs came to be a team and how many wins they have under their belts.

The Cub Reporter will often dive back into the history of the Cubs to uncover some of the most stunning game highlights in recent history.

Cub Baseball

screenshot of the cub baseball homepage

Cub Baseball is no stranger to diving deep into the Cubs’ history.

This blog has dozens of articles on how the team has changed and evolved through the years, including comparisons of how the team has performed with some of the best players in the Major League.

Cub Baseball also touches on new developments and compares them to how the team has changed since its conception.

Yardbarker – Cubs

screenshot of the yardbarker homepage

Yardbarker covers a wide range of teams and sports, but they have a comprehensive selection of articles for the Chicago Cubs.

These articles often focus on how the current players are making history with their stunning plays and strategies, as well as focusing on the impact on older players from yesteryear.

View From The Bleachers

screenshot of the view from the bleachers homepage

View From The Bleachers is a blog that focuses on dozens of topics and will give readers a fun and interactive view of the world, all through the lens of a Cubs fan.

This blog is an easy-going place to get information on the Cubs and how the Cubs have evolved over the years.

World Series Dreaming

screenshot of the world series dreaming homepage

World Series Dreaming is a Cubs blog that has been on the internet for a long time and contains plenty of information about the Cub’s history and evolution.

This blog is sure to keep readers informed about past and current players who have become legends in the major and minor leagues.

Cubs Blogs for Memorabilia

Cubs blogs that focus on memorabilia will likely have plenty of stories about older Cubs players and offer plenty of pictures of their most iconic pieces.

Collectors Weekly

screenshot of the collectors weekly homepage

Collectors Weekly has memorabilia for many sports teams, but they also have a long and comprehensive catalog of memorabilia for the Cubs.

This blog has a wide archive for the Cubs, completely with baseball cards, autographed baseballs, and signed jerseys.

This blog has some of its memorabilia on sale, but many are for admiring online only.

Powers Sports Memorabilia

screenshot of the powers sports memorabilia homepage

Powers Sports Memorabilia has a massive collection of memorabilia items for many teams, but one of their main catalogs is that for the Cubs.

These items include items from Wrigley Field, signed baseball equipment, and decades-old baseball cards.

This blog offers articles that spotlight some memorabilia items without putting them for sale, but there are many items for sale on this blog.

Steiner’s Blog

screenshot of the steiner's blog homepage

Steiner’s blog has many of the best memorabilia items from years ago, including custom lawn chairs, signed balls, and other Cubs items.

This blog will cover many sports and teams but includes some iconic Cubs items that you simply can’t find elsewhere.

A&R Collectibles

screenshot of the a&r collectibles homepage

A&R Collectibles specializes in memorabilia collections from nearly every sport but has a large selection for the Chicago Cubs.

A&R Collectibles holds some memorabilia from nearly 100 years ago and sells them for a high amount since they are so valuable.

Whether you’re looking for a signed ball or a baseball card from the early 1900s, A&R Collectibles will have it.

Highland Mint

screenshot of the highland mint homepage

Highland Mint discusses the importance of some Cubs collectibles and memorabilia items, both old and new.

This blog covers nearly every sport and team but will have valuable information about baseball memorabilia from all eras in the Cub’s history.

Cubs Blogs for Rumors & News

Cubs’ blogs about rumors and news will likely focus on how the team’s management is changing the team composition.

Cubs Central

screenshot of the cubs central homepage

Cubs Central is a perfect place for any Cubs fan to get plenty of news and rumors about the team.

This blog will post nearly every claim and update that revolves around the team as soon as it starts circling the community.

Cubs Central will also have fun blog posts for baseball cards of the month.

Cubs Insider

screenshot of the cubs insider homepage

There are few sources as robust, informative, and accurate as Cubs Insider.

This blog will report on anything revolving around the Chicago Cubs, the players on the team, and prospective trading rumors in the community.

Additionally, this site has plenty of listicles for fun and immersive reading, including those for the most forgettable seasons, legendary players, and top hot takes.

MLB.com – Cubs

screenshot of the mlb.com homepage

The official MLB blog for the Cubs may be the penultimate source of information for the Chicago Cubs.

The information on this blog will be the most up-to-date and accurate details on the internet since this blog is run by the MLB itself.

However, this blog may not post any rumors or speculation.

The Athletic – Chicago Cubs

screenshot of the athletic homepage

The Athletic blog focusing on the Chicago Cubs is one of the best places for Cubs fans to get consistent and accurate information on team developments.

Here, Cubs fans may get some insight into the team, the players, and other rumors circling the community. This blog will also spotlight some key players.

MLB Trade Rumors – Chicago Cubs

screenshot of the mlbtraderumors homepage

MLB Trade Rumors contains a whole archive for the Chicago Cubs and will gladly publish speculation, editorials, and other insights into the Cubs team.

Additionally, this blog will offer a lot of information on potential trades, rumors, and upcoming legends who may be joining the team.

Cubs Blogs for Statistics

Cubs’ blogs focus on statistics and will likely focus the most on players from every era and show how those players impacted the team with their talent.

Obstructed View

screenshot of the obstructed view homepage

Obstructed View is a Cubs blog that dives deep into statistics for nearly every player that the team has had, including how often they’ve hit home runs and how they’ve performed on the team.

This blog is vital for comparing seasons and performance.

Bleed Cubbie Blue

Bleed Cubbie Blue is a hub for Cub player statistics.

This blog is no stranger to all kinds of trends, topics, and numbers related to how the players on the Chicago Cubs perform.

This blog also discusses how the Chicago Cubs perform year after year.

On Tap Sports Net – Cubs

screenshot of the on tap sports net homepage

On Tap Sports Net has some of the most informative articles on player performance for all the previous and current Cubs players.

This blog will compare how the Cubs have performed in the past to how they perform currently.

NBC Sports – Chicago Cubs

screenshot of the NBC sports homepage

NBC Sports is one of the biggest authorities on the Chicago Cubs and likely gets their information directly from sources within the MLB.

This blog will discuss news, statistics, and editorials on how the team will progress.

CBS Sports – Chicago Cubs

screenshot of the CBS sports homepage

CBS Sports is another hub for Cubs information and will likely post the most recent and informative articles that will show how the players perform and what baseball lovers can expect going forward.

Cubs Blogs for Game Analysis

Cubs’ blogs with game analyses will have more information on how a game could have changed with different plays or strategies.

These blogs will have a lot of opinion pieces and editorials.

Bleacher Nation

screenshot of the bleacher nation homepage

Bleacher Nation has some of the most up-to-date information on games, and this blog will provide many details on game highlights.

Additionally, Bleacher Nation may offer editorials on how coaches could have changed a game with certain strategies.

Cubbies Crib

screenshot of the cubbies crib homepage

Cubbies Crib is a Cubs news blog that will record and discuss nearly every game, offering insights into how the game could have changed or improved.

With its staff of many writers, this blog is rife with opinions on how a game could have been won or lost.

ESPN – Chicago Cubs

screenshot of the ESPN homepage

ESPN may be one of the ultimate authorities on game details when discussing the Cubs.

This blog will look back at decades-old highlights, games, and World Cups to discuss strategies and opinions.

670 The Score – Chicago Cubs

screenshot of the 670 the score homepage

607 The Score is a podcast and blog that offers in-depth examinations of baseball highlights and rewinds.

This blog has no problem dismantling each Cubs game to see what could have been done differently and admiring striking plays.

Da Windy City – Chicago Cubs

screenshot of the da windy city homepage

Da Windy City has an essential page for everything about Chicago, including the Chicago Cubs.

This blog will take a deeper look at how a game went and discuss details with authorities on baseball team management, coaching, and strategy for insight.

How To Become a Cubs Blogger

Starting a Cubs blog may take a lot of time and patience, especially in the beginning.

Your blog will need a lot of attention, care, and planning before it can start making you money, garnering attention, and driving sales.

Read on to learn how to start your Cubs blog best and make it profitable.

Determine the Direction of the Blog

One of the first steps to creating a Cubs blog that will generate profit and provide another avenue of profit is determining how you want your blog to evolve.

You’ll need to determine what direction you want your blog to go in, and this can be easily done by investigating keywords.

Do keyword research to uncover opportunities for growth and attention.

Select a Niche

When you know how to direct your blog, you’ll need to select the perfect niche for your blog.

You may not know how to choose the right niche, but looking at the various categories of Cubs blogs can help you decide which niche to focus on.

Look at competitor blogs to understand the niches in Cubs blogging and decide which to target.

Select a Name

Coming up with a blog name is hard, but you’ll need something catchy, informative, and playful.

Your blog name should be something that represents you, your niche, and your opinion on the Cubs.

The name can be anything as long as it captures the reader’s attention and can be memorable.

Select a Blogging Platform

There are many different blogging platforms available, so it may be hard to choose the right one for you.

Carefully consider what platform offers you everything you need to have a successful and profitable blog.

Some blogging platforms may be easier to use than others and may have user-friendly customizable options.

Register a Domain Name

When you decide which platform to host your blog, you’ll need to register a domain name that you can use for your blog.

A domain name is usually the same name as your blog, but it can be different if your blog name is already taken by a different site.

Consider the different registrars to find the best domain registrar for your blog.

Get Web Hosting

Web hosting services will be vital to keeping your blog active on the internet, but this may be confusing for many potential bloggers.

Many web hosting services will offer user-friendly options to make your blog creation process much easier, but we suggest managed WordPress hosting.

This option is easy to use and can offer you a straightforward way to start your blog.

Build the Blog

Building your blog will take time, but it can be one of the most interesting and immersive parts of the process of creating your blog.

Here, you’ll decide what your blog will look like and what pages you’ll maintain on your site.


Themes are one of the best ways to help you customize your blog and make the final product look stunning, presentable, and eye-catching.

There are dozens of themes for you to choose from, and browsing a few can help you get a better understanding of how you want your blog to look.

If you’re using WordPress, you can install a WordPress theme.


Many blogging platforms will offer plugins, which are easy buttons or widgets that can be added to your blog to help readers navigate your blog without fuss or confusion.

Plugins can be used for an online storefront, social media connection, or other pages on your blog.

WordPress plugins, for example, are easy to place on your theme of choice and can be modified.

Essential Pages

Essential pages for your blog will be those that offer critical information pertinent to your blog.

These pages can be anything from an about page, a contact page, or a page for anything merchandise on your Cubs blog.

Some essential pages for a Cubs blog can be those for game highlights, statistics, and Cubs news.

Produce Content for the Blog

When you’ve decided on a theme, essential pages, and plugins, it’s time to produce some content for your blog.

This content can be anything related to the Cubs, and you may want to produce three to five articles before it’s time to launch.

Creating content for your blog can be one of the most fun and immersive parts of forming your Cubs blog.

Launch the Blog Publicly

After you have enough content to fill in your Cubs blog, you will be ready to launch your Cubs blog publicly and allow it to see the light of day.

Launching a new blog can be nerve-wracking, but you can ease these nerves by having friends and family look at your blog and reassure you that it looks good and reads well.

Promote the Blog

There are dozens of ways to promote a blog, including posting on social media to inform others, sharing your blog with friends and family, or using keywords to draw attention from search engines.

Promoting your blog can take a toll, but it’s a crucial part of the blogging process.

Similar Blogging Types to Check Out

Many blogs are similar to a Cubs blog and may offer you insight into how to structure, organize, and promote your Cubs blog.

Use these other types of blogs as inspiration to help you format your content and understand how others in the sports blogging community profit from their blogs.

Yankee Blogs

Yankee blogs are very similar to Cubs blogs since the two are about sports teams and will likely cover the same or similar topics, just for a different team.

Yankees blogs may have a few small differences regarding regional information since the Yankees hail from New York while the Cubs are from Chicago.

Coaching Blogs

Blogs about coaching others on how to play baseball or any other sport may be similar to Cub’s blogs.

However, coaching blogs may focus more on offering readers tips and tricks on how to coach a team, keep motivation high, and boost team morale.

These blogs will likely involve advice and commentary on coaching teams of all ages.

Gymnastics Blogs

Gymnastics blogs will have some overlap with Cubs blogs but may not include many similarities.

These two types of blogs may offer advice and commentary on their respective communities.

However, gymnastics blogs will likely offer more advice, tips, and tricks on how to boost performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting your Cubs blog may be daunting and nerve-wracking, but these answers can help you feel more confident and motivated to get started.

Who is the Cubs Reporter?

There are many reporters for the Cubs and different sports news outlets.

However, some of the most famous reporters for the Cubs include Kelly Crull, Jon Sciambi, and Jim Deshaies.

Where do I Find Cubs Trade Rumors?

The most recent trade rumors and news will be announced officially through the MLB website.

However, some rumors may spread before making official choices within team management for groups in the major league.

These rumors can spread via social media and other outlets.

Wrapping Up

Starting a Cubs blog can be nerve-wracking and may take a lot of time, attention, and focus.

However, this type of blogging can be perfect for those who love Major League Baseball and the Cubs.

Starting a Cubs blog can help you make extra money without much fuss and strife.

Writing about what you love on a blog and sharing your thoughts may sound like a dream come true for many Cubs fans, and a blog can help you spread that love.

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