What Is Database Web Hosting? Top 10 Recommendations

By: | Updated: March 28, 2021

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When looking at what database web hosting is, you need to understand that many different providers offer this type of hosting.

It gives you the extra power you need and the tools necessary to handle larger databases for different jobs. Most of the different hosting company will give you some type of SQL database system, which helps you do the things you need to do.

Whether you know it or not, if you use FatCow database hosting with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or one of the many other tools they give you, it’s a SQL database you are using. You may not see this simply because you get the one-click installation tool and it creates all of this for you.

However, this type of database is often used and referred to as a MySQL database. FatCow shared hosting actually gives you unlimited databases, which makes it very powerful hosting.

Some of the Other Projects that use Database Web Hosting

Blogs are very well known for using database web hosting, but if you plan to open an online store, offer password-protected pages, want to start a membership site or a forum, you will need a database to set all of this up. With the use of the scripts contained within the FatCow hosting system, most of the technical parts of this are taken care of for you.

You don’t have to get dedicated website hosting to use databases, although some think you do. A dedicated server will allow the more advanced user to set up their databases with Sybase, Server, Informix, Ingress, Oracle or Microsoft SQL, but those without this type of knowledge can use databases without all this trouble.

Getting the best hosting matters, but you don’t want to overwhelm yourself and end up spending forever learning how to set things up. You want to hit the ground running, get your site up and start making money. This can be done easily with the right type of hosting.

The one thing you must have if you want to deliver a database-driven website of some sort is a hosting company with fast and reliable servers. If the servers are not properly supported and maintained it could cause many issues with your system.

You want to make sure the servers are great and this is done by testing the support. A web hosting company with great support usually has reliable and fast servers.

With the right hosting, you can use MySQL databases, build a network of WordPress sites, run an online store, create a forum or take on one of many other web projects. This gives you an amazing amount of flexibility and makes it easy to set up the tools you need.

FatCow hosting tries to make it as easy as possible and they do cater to the beginner trying to make the most out of their website.

List of Affordable Web Hosting Company in Australia

Database web hosting companies are the ones which enable your website to gain an access to the outside world via Internet or World Wide Web. Many such companies prevail in Australia which is specialized into Web Hosting.

1)   Apexhost.com.au

Whether it is a small or a large business, Apexhost.com provides solutions to ASP.NET software up to 4.5 versions. They own and control hosting of websites. Whether it is MS SQL 2008 or MS SQL 2012 are offered on packages. Other services include Serverlight, MVC3, ASP.NET 4.5 and POP3 Emails.

2)   CMather.com

CMather.com is an online service provider is into free classified advertisements, normal advertisements, web designing, e-commerce apps, web hosting and offering domain names. Being effective and speedy they use pay per click method to increase traffic.

3)   Supreme Server

Unlike other companies, Supreme Server is not only working in Sydney, but also round the globe to give a fast web hosting service to its customers. They are reliable and work in a safe and secure manner.

4)   Anchor.com.au

If you want a group of experienced professionals for your app or site building, you can contact Anchor. They are having system administrators who use latest programming languages and admin tools for web hosting procedures. Their professionals work unanimously in USA and Australia.

5)   AusWeb

AusWeb deals with CLOUD hosting where resources should be available at a fast pace. Qualitative performance with dedicated administrative tools is what AusWeb facilitates into. Their services include CLOUD starter, server and pro.

6)   Byron Bay Web Hosting

It is termed as Byron Bay because of this company’s location in Byron Bay in Australia. Starting from registration of domain names to web development and website hosting Byron Bay does it without hesitation. Their hosting also caters to the needs of WordPress Websites, use of Google ADWords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

7)   Crickey Hosting

Crickey Hosting is another genuine company which is into web hosting from 2003 onwards and still doing business. From customer support to service, Crickey caters to corporate as well as private businesses.

8)   Digital Pacific

DigitalPacific facilitates into hosting of all types like dedicated server, private servers, shared hosting and reseller hosting. Most of small as well as big companies can take their services for their customer oriented plans. Plans like free domain names, web hosting and dedicated hosting are some of the prime services that they provide.

9)   AussieHost.com

Hosting with more than 5000 domains, AussieHost is having various plans which suites the criteria of the customers. You can indulge into a quarterly or an annual plan worth $16.95 till $54.95 on monthly basis. All their plans have a certain amount of storage space like 15000 MB and more than 1 domain hosting.

10)   Webcity

Webcity is also specialized into registration of domain names. You can avail various plans starting from $5.95 per month and subscribe in their plan of $4.95 for 24 months. They have different packages for CLOUD starter, server and pro services. Webcity provides unlimited traffic, virus and spam filters, about 50GB of storage, mailboxes and many more with an up-time guarantee.

Protection and privacy of a domain is necessary for any business organizations. Renowned hosting companies provide latest administrative tools with software for all operating systems.

There are a lot of database web hosting options. Check them out.

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