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David Goggins: A Savage Man Who Never Gives Up

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If you’ve heard of David Goggins, you likely know what a titan he is, but this article dives into his many achievements, daily routine, and more to give you a glimpse into this awe-inspiring man.

Keep reading to learn more about this incredible human.

Who Is David Goggins?

David Goggins is an impressive human and one of the most famous entrepreneurs.

In addition, he is one of the highest endurance athletes in the world and is a retired Navy SEAL.

He is an ultramarathon runner, distance cyclist, triathlete, motivational public speaker, and author.

He authored one of the best business books to inspire others to cease life and find success.

This man exceeds at everything he does and aims to help and motivate others to push themselves and be the best they can be!

Goggins has many notable achievements, ranging from athletic accomplishments to intellectual.

From his unbelievable list of accomplishments to his intense daily routine, you’ll be shocked at how much this man has accomplished.

What Has David Goggins Accomplished?

The list of Goggin’s accomplishments is long and remarkable.

He is an impeccable human specimen physically, but his accomplishments go beyond athletics.

He has written books, motivated people, served his country in multiple military branches, and more!

Read about his top accomplishments below.


An ultramarathon is a footrace longer than a traditional marathon, which is 26.2 miles.

Goggins has run over 60 ultramarathons, exemplifying his determination and athletic capabilities.

His first ultramarathon was the San Diego One Day, a 24-hour ultramarathon.

He ran over 100 miles in just over 19 hours.

Of the many ultramarathons and marathons he has competed in, he’s placed in fifth place or higher five times.

Ultra-Distance Cycling

In addition to running incredibly long distances, he has participated in many ultra-distance cycling events, including the Creek-508 in 2009.

While he has not competed in as many cycling races as running races, his performance in cycling events is still wildly impressive and commendable.


One of Goggins’ most impressive accomplishments is his record of being a Navy SEAL.

He received the NEC 5326 as a Combatant Swimmer, awarding him a distinct insignia known as the SEAL Trident.

He was then assigned to SEAL Team 5 and served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Air Force Tactical Air Control Party

He is the only member of the US Armed Forces to complete SEAL training, Army Ranger School, and Air Force Tactical Controller training.

He completed Air Force Tactical Air Control Party training between 1994 and 1999.

This training is intense and nothing to be taken lightly, showing his dedication and diligence.

Public Speaking

Since Goggins has traversed an inspirational and admirable journey, he shares his insights with many via media channels.

He has appeared on Home & Family, The Today Show, CNBC’s make it, Runner’s World, CBS News, triathlete Europe, Outside, Stars and Stripes, Big Think, and The Joe Rogan Experience, among others.

His influence reaches many demographics, from people trying to lose weight to veterans looking for the next step to passionate runners and cyclists.

Writing Books

Goggins has written two books about his life, achievements, beliefs, and journey.

One focuses on his mentality as a runner and athlete, titled Never Finished.

He explains his mindset and how he approaches life in this book.

His first memoir, Can’t Hurt Me, detailed his horrible childhood and how he became the man he is today.

Both books are inspirational and powerful, showcasing what a mental and physical giant he is.

The books are full of inspirational quotes and motivational quotes.

What Does David Goggins Do Every Day?

So what does a day in the life of David Goggins look like?

He has laid out his daily routine to inspire others and explain how he has achieved peak physical and mental efficiency.

Check out his routine below to see what he does every day.

Wakes at 3 AM

Goggins gets up before the sun, springing out of bed at 3 AM.

This early time may seem insane, but it will make more sense when you read how much he sleeps every night further on in this article.


Goggins usually starts his day with his rigorous stretching routine that helps warm up and loosen his muscles and limbs, which is no simple stretching routine, as it typically takes him around two hours to complete the entire process.

He says this intense stretching regimen helps balance his body.

Sometimes he runs before his stretching routine, but usually, stretching comes first.


After he’s all stretched out, he goes for a run.

A quick leisurely jog? No, of course not.

Goggins runs between 10 to 15 miles daily, depending on his mood or if he’s prepping for an upcoming event. Surprisingly, Goggins says he hates running.

He even tries to avoid going on a run when he’s not in the mood, but he always eventually picks up his running sneakers and heads out.

Despite his dislike of running and cycling, his preservation exemplifies his mind-over-matter philosophy.


After his run, Goggins cycles a whopping 25 miles to work.

Because he makes money in various ways, his workday differs depending on what project he is currently working on or what events he has coming up.


Goggins follows a keto diet but incorporates more protein and intermittent fasting, as explained below.

He typically eats eggs, yogurt, granola, blueberries, turkey, salad, avocados, pork, and vegetables in a single day. He also drinks coffee.

Intermittent Fasting

David Goggins follows an intermittent fasting regimen, so he eats all the food above in an eight-hour window.

His window changes, but it usually begins after work and ends shortly after 3 AM.

He says this helps him manage his energy levels.

Spends Time With Family

After his evening run, he spends time with his wife, Aleeza Goggins, who is a nurse.

While they do not have children, they prioritize spending time with one another and seeing their families, such as David’s older brother and his parents.

Most nights, he and his wife relax at home together.

How Much Sleep Does David Goggins Get a Night?

Believe it or not, Goggins only gets three hours of sleep every night!

He goes to bed around midnight and then wakes up at 3 AM to start his day.

You would expect this lack of sleep would cause fatigue, irritability, and an overall lack of motivation.

But for David, it seems to do the exact opposite, making him seem like a superhero.

Frequently Asked Questions

People are generally curious about Goggins and his life.

Below are a few commonly asked questions that may interest you.

Did Goggins go to war?

Yes, Goggins had a 20-year-long military career in which he served in Iraq and Afghanistan during the wars.

He even received the Enlisted Honor Man award for his service to his country and dedication to the military.

Wrapping Up

It’s impossible to deny that Goggins is an outstanding example of a human.

He proves what the human body and mind are capable of and uses his skills to encourage others to strive for excellence.

Check out his books or interviews to better understand his mindset and beliefs.

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