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By: | Updated: May 26, 2021

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The servers at LiquidWeb have been recently upgraded to provide more RAM, more SSD, a large Backup Drive, cPanel and more. Now, you can get a server with a minimum of 16GB of RAM and 250GB of SSD, along with a 1TB backup drive. This company has the best dedicated servers. We know from experience.
Fully managed dedicated hosting starts at $199 per month from LiquidWeb. For the size server you get and the incredible support, this is a steal of a price. You will gain access to 100% network uptime, 24/7 sonar monitory, incredible support and so much more.
Packages range from $199 per month all the way up to $1,099 per month depending on how much space, how many cores and how much bandwidth you need. Every package includes the heroic support, which comes with three levels: Fully Managed, Core Managed and Self-Managed. You even get to choose from four different operating systems including Ubuntu, CloudLinux, Windows and CentOS.

Dedicated Servers Solution

At LiquidWeb, you get the industry’s leading dedicated solutions. Every dedicated server comes with a dedicated support team ready to help you with everything you need. With a fully managed package, you will have expert technicians handling your hardware, software and everything else. If you choose a lower level of support, you may not pay as much, but you will still get great support when you need it.

What is a dedicated server?

All websites are hosted on ‘Servers’, they store all of the information of the web, sending and receiving information at microseconds. A dedicated server is a private server, in which we lease the server privately to you, and only you.
Unlike shared and VPS hosting, you won’t share the server with anybody. Instead of having hundreds of other accounts on the same server, the resources are all yours to use however you wish. This is the fastest, most reliable and most secure type of hosting you will find and LiquidWeb is an industry leader.

Dedicated cPanel/WHM

All of LiquidWeb’s servers come with cPanel and WHM, if you want them, to control your websites. This software makes it very easy and hassle free to setup and maintain all of your websites. For detailed information on cPanel/WHM, navigate to cPanel – WHM Overview

What Makes LiquidWeb the Dedicated Server Leader?

 Liquidweb is the leader in dedicated server hosting simply because they provide the best technology, along with the best support. The proactive Sonar Monitoring provides the best tool you will find for dedicated server monitoring. This is a tool only used by LiquidWeb and provides better server health.
They also own all the data centers they use. This is a huge advantage, as they are able to use redundant power, networking solutions and provide the fastest and most secure hosting possible.
If you want the best possible dedicated server for your hosting, check out what LiquidWeb offers here.

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