Dedication; The Third Key to Success

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Dedication, the third key to success, means

to be wholly committed to something, as to an ideal, political cause, or personal goal.”

You have to be dedicated to the business you’re trying to build or the goals you’re trying to accomplish. Without dedication, little else will matter.
Many of us have a lot of interests, and we’d like to do something with all of those things, but until you become dedicated to one interest and make it work as a business model, you will not see the success you desire.
I’ve struggled with this quite often. Being spread too thin and too scattered leads to little success. You may have some success in several areas, but is that enough? Don’t you want to create a big success?
When you build an online presence, you want to go with a dedicated hosting company. You want your site on a dedicated server. These are very important for the uptime of your website. Your success and your customers deserve the same dedication from you.
Dedication is when you’re sick and tired, but do the work anyway, because other people are more important than yourself; your business is that important to you.
In the original article I said that

being dedicated is simply a habit that you create by staying focused on your goal. You can’t be dedicated to something you only feel half-hearted about.

You can be dedicated to one or several aspects of your business. You can be dedicated to simply making money, and that can bring you some success, but unless you’re dedicated at a deeper level, it’s likely you won’t have great success.
Dedication to helping others, putting your customers first, is a major factor of being successful. Without customers, you won’t have a business to be dedicated to.
Dedicating yourself to helping others should be a big part of your “why” for wanting to have a business.
I also mentioned that if you’re working on a project that you can’t seem to focus on and put off working on it, it’s likely you aren’t dedicated to it. But that really is only a partial truth. If you’re dedicated to people and giving them the best information you can, that will help you have focus on your goals and your projects. However, if the project doesn’t give meaningful value to your customers then it will be much harder to see it through to completion.
Dedication helps you stay focused on your main goal, your “why” and putting your customers first. Without it, you’re only working for yourself. You have to work for something bigger, something worth reaching for. You need this key to success.
Have you had trouble being dedicated to your business? Share your story with us.

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