I’m not aware of any website which recognises the most dedicated bloggers online but if there was, I’m sure John Chow would be in there challenging for a trophy!

On Tuesday John got taken into Hospital because he had gallblabber stones. Incase any readers doubted that he was blogging from his sick bed, he posted again a few hours later to prove that he really was blogging from hospital.

John Chow Blogs From Hospital

John was able to do this by using his 3G iPhone as a router so that he could connect his Mac Air to the internet. I was more surprised that the hospital let patients use their laptop and mobile in the hospital. At my local hospital you have to switch off your mobile phone incase it conflicts with any of the machines (though many people don’t!).

This is a great example of how dedicated some high profile bloggers are. I think that a lot of new bloggers see the flashy lifestyle of travelling, hotels and fast cars that successful bloggers lead and assume that the blogger got lucky.

Nothing could be further from the truth. All the high profile bloggers I know of got there through hard work, networking and dedication, and it took them years to get to the position they are in. Something which I think we all have to remember.

Anyways, here’s a video of John from his hospital bed explaining the situation. Enjoy 🙂