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DepositPhotos is a website where buyers can obtain high-quality licensed stock images for blog posts, websites and other commercial purposes. Photographers, videographers and artists can also upload their work for sale. The site features still images, videos, graphics and vectors obtained from sources worldwide.

Depositphotos Review

About SubscriptionPhoto

SubscriptionPhoto was founded in January 2009 by Dmitry Sergeev. Within a short time, the website had reached its one-millionth file upload.

Browse Through Photos for Free

Registration is required to browse through DepositPhoto’s collection of more than 54 million royalty-free stock photos, vector images and videos. In September, 2011, the company obtained financing from TMT Investments.By the end of the same year, it began offering editorial images to its media customers.

Videos For Sale. In August, 2012, DepositPhotos began to offer videos for sale. This was an exceedingly popular move for the company, and the number of stock files exceeded 10 million in October of that year. Depositphotos was declared “the fastest growing photo bank in the world.”

Clashot App. The following year, DepositPhotos introduced Clashot, a mobile means of selling photos to the market. In June of 2013, the company registered its one-millionth buyer at its website. Before the end of the year, Clashot would be honored with the Best Mobile App award at Microstock Expo in Berlin and DigitalPhotos would have a collection of 20 million files available to its customers to browse and choose from.

Not content to rest on its laurels, the site launched apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. In August of 2015, the video collection alone exceeded one million files. As of June 2016, DepositPhotos had a collection of more than 50 million files.

What Makes DepositPhotos Stock Image Photos Different

Free Photo Selection. When you visit the DepositPhotos site, there are a number of free photos available. No registration is required to view or download these files. You can choose from more than one size image, including a vector that is scalable to any size.

Vector Keywords are clearly indicated for each selection. This feature allows you to confirm that the image fits with the keywords for the article, blog post or other project you need to illustrate with an image. Reviewing the keywords with the image allows you to confirm that you have selected an appropriate image for your piece. When you are searching for an image for an idea that is abstract, the keywords can help you determine whether the image is a good “fit” or if you should continue your search to find one that better reflect the idea you want to convey.

Download the Same Image Repeatedly. Once you buy a specific image, you can download it several time throughout the next year having to pay any extra fees. You’ll be able to find the image in your Buyer Menu – Purchased Files folder.

Once you start buying images from DepositPhotos, it’s probably a good idea to browse through this folder to see if you already have an image that will meet your needs before you use up any more of your credits downloading something new. You’ll be able to get more mileage out of your image budget by “recycling” the ones you have already paid for in this manner.

Subscription Plans from DepositPhoto

This stock photo site offers more than one subscription plan to meet its customers’ needs. Consider the various options before making a decision that fits the volume of visual material you need, as well as you budget.

Photos and Vectors.

If you don’t want to be locked in to a specific time frame, consider an On Demand plan. They start at $49.00 for 10 images or vectors of any size and you have up to one year to use your credits.

A Flexible Plan starts at $29.00 per month and allows you to download up to 30 hi-res images. Any additional images are charged to you at the rate of $1.00 each. If you don’t use all your credits within any given month, they are transferred to the following month. Spend $299.00 for one year and save 20 percent on the cost of this plan; all other terms remain the same.

A Monthly Subscription Plan gives you access to even more images every 30 days. This type of plan starts at $69.00 for 75 images, or you can save money by paying $699.00 up front for an annual subscription to access 75 images per month.


Video downloads are available in SD, HD and Ultra HD (4K). Once you purchase a video through the website, the download is valid for one year. You can download it as many times as you wish.

Pricing for SD videos in 240p starts at $19.00 each and 480p videos cost $39.00 each.
HD videos in 720p cost $59.00 each, and 1080p is $69.00 each.
Ultra HD videos are $169.00 each.

Get the App

If you want to access DepositPhotos through your mobile device, you can download the app from iTunes or GooglePlay. The app is free, and from there you can decide whether you want to purchase a subscription.

The Word on DepositPhotos for Licensed Stock Images

Since DepositPhotos works with a large number of photographers and contributors, it can focus on publishing only what it considers only the highest quality stock images, videos, vectors and graphics on the website. Anything that doesn’t meet the site’s standards for quality or interest simply doesn’t make the cut. The images posted here all indicate that the photographer who took them cared about composition and had some knowledge about the realm of photography.

The variety of subscription plans means that site users can choose the one that makes the most sense for them. There is enough choice and flexibility in the mix that you should be able to find one that will fit the way you buy stock images for your Internet use.

DepositPhotos also offers custom plans for businesses or anyone who needs something that isn’t “right out of the box.” This type of attention to customer service sets Deposit Photos apart from similar businesses in its niche.

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