Half of the existing companies around the world are still not having a digital presence. Yes, not having a dedicated website!

Your decision of breaking the old tradition and going for a digital medium is good, but you need to do things in a proper way. To start with, having a branded looking website is must!

Digital Pro is one such theme which can provide a branded and authority look to your website. But, this isn’t the only theme out there.

Digital Pro Theme Review

That’s why it is important to go through the review I’m sharing down here.

Digital Pro Theme Review

Let’s find out if Digital Pro theme is worthy of the price or not. Is it really good to be trusted for your company’s website?

Highlight Features

  • The theme has a dedicated landing page layout which is one-click away from setup.
  • The customization works with the default Live Customizer of the WordPress.
  • The theme has HTML5 markup and is accessibility-ready.
  • The homepage has three different widget areas, making it easy for the customizations.
  • It has dedicated support for WooCommerce, keeping it available for e-commerce use.

Digital Pro Theme Review1

These are the highlights but, I know these are not enough to persuade you to pay $99.95 for the theme. So, let’s jump into the details and know more about the theme.

SEO and Performance

Since we’re talking about having an integrated blog from where conversions can be made possible, SEO and Performance of the theme becomes very important.

In the case of Digital Pro, both of these fronts are rock solid, as it’s a StudioPress product. Once the website is setup, just add Yoast SEO plugin and the combination will take care of almost every SEO aspects.

The same goes to the Performance. The theme is made of highly optimized and validated code, ensuring there is no dead code. It is also updated regularly to keep fixing bugs and other performance issues.

So, installing a good cache plugin and hosting the website on SSD hosting plan, is good enough to deliver faster performance. These days, the performance of a website is considered as a ranking factor. In the case of Digital Pro, the performance is rock solid for both Desktop and Mobile phone visitors.

The theme is simple in looks and have only required functionalities onboard. This helps in keeping the number of requests sent to the server to a minimum, which further helps in achieving highest possible performance score.


The design used in Digital Pro theme is pretty straightforward. It has a dedicated Call to Action area, right at the landing section, followed by email subscription area. After then, latest posts from the integrated blog appears with title, summary and featured image and at last, the Footer area is set there to provide required information and social profile links.

To have a better visual, check the Demo available at the Theme’s landing page.

In my opinion, the layout is nothing extraordinary but, it’s a simple and straightforward which works in most of the cases. If your business profile fits in with this design, then it’s a perfect match!

The theme is designed to focus on capturing email addresses and drive conversion or force conversion via content. As per my experience in the digital marketing field, these two methods are one of the sure fire ones to drive conversions.

From typography to the post and page layouts, everything is set to drive more conversions, which is the primary objective of every agency or a campaign.

To keep things going for mobile phone users, the design is kept responsive, ensuring proper functionality on smartphones and tablets too.

The layout for Smartphone or Tablet users, is still similar to the Desktop ones. It helps in maintaining a similar experience.

A single post, where content marketing will be applied to drive conversion, is having a standard blog post design. It has a dedicated sidebar, author profile at the end, and discussion section integrated by default.

Digital Pro Theme Review3

Under the title, there is a small intro section which can give a glimpse of the content ahead. It helps in maintaining user experience as you’re offering one additional helpful thing to them.

Genesis Framework

The framework in our case is Genesis which work as a Parent theme for the Digital Pro (Child) theme. If we look at few facts, Genesis is one of the oldest WordPress theme frameworks out there. It is among the top-notch list in terms of performance and security, which we have already discussed.

If we look at the code behind, then we will get to know that everything is optimized. Not a single junk code is part of the package here, which helps in achieving the security and performance.

Digital Pro Theme Review2

Additionally, the developers are keenly improving the framework in every future upgrade, in order to make it better while keeping things simple.

If you need to add functionalities which are not present, then there are third-party plugins available. These plugins are available, both as free and paid and they work in most of the cases.

All the products including Digital Pro, have dedicated support from the StudioPress. Their support team is highly talented and have been providing support since years. Moreover, Genesis being an aged product, has support from third-party communities too.

Overall, the product in question here has all round support of good standard.

Over to You

Instead of having a simple one or two-page website, you can have a website integrated with a dedicated blog. It may not look important to you now, but, it’s actually a smart move once you get to know the importance of content marketing.

So, Digital Pro is going to provide two different functionalities in a single package. Of course, it’s not the only theme out there offering these two, but the way these two are integrated in case of Digital Pro is really smart.

Head over to StudioPress Sites today to get a copy of Digital Pro theme today.