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The Best Direct Mail Services (Ranked & Reviewed)

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Direct mail marketing is an advertising technique that has been around since mail delivery began.

While it has grown immensely in popularity since it began, it seemed to lose traction as the digital marketing era took off.

However, with more recent happenings, direct mail services are once again gaining popularity in 2023.

With digital marketing making an expansive boom in the past several years, it is challenging to consider consumers appreciating a break from digital chatter.

Because of the current health crisis, most consumers find themselves behind a computer or phone screen as they work from their homes.

This has caused an increasing number of individuals to desire a break from the digital world and seek an escape.

Therefore, print marketing is making a comeback in 2023, making direct mail marketing an effective advertising tool.

What Is Direct Mailing

Direct mailing is the process of sending print marketing materials directly to consumers’ mailboxes via post mail.

This physical correspondence is intended to stoke consumers’ interest in purchasing a product or service from the related company.

What Is Direct Mailing Used For?

Direct mail is used as a means to market to a specific demographic for a product or service.

This concept began with the distribution of newspapers and continues to grow in popularity.

Most direct mailing materials include a call to action (CTA) with contact or order information to take the next steps.

While door direct mail does not provide the convenience of one-click ordering to simply clicking a link to learn more about a product, as with most digital marketing, it does possess its benefits.

The benefits of direct mailing are plentiful, with one of the key benefits being the ability to produce a dual-marketing strategy.

When consumers are not responsive to digital marketing efforts such as email, social media, or pop-up ads, using print marketing as a means to follow up or grab the attention of views proves beneficial.

Sending print marketing directly to consumers via post mail ensures they see the ad and it makes it into their homes.

How Does Direct Mail Work?

Direct mail marketing works as both a B2C and B2B marketing strategy.

When businesses choose to participate in a direct mail marketing campaign, they select a specific neighborhood or zip code they wish to target.

Once the area is selected, they use a direct mailing service as a means to send the print marketing piece via Postal Service to the mailboxes of consumers or businesses.

This is a way to meet consumers and businesses where they are without having to entice them to sign up for an email or enter the store.

Direct Mailing Services

vector graphic showing a man sitting on a mailbox with elements of direct mail services coming out of its open door

Direct mail marketing has made a comeback in the last few years due to current events.

The global pandemic has caused many individuals to spend more time working from home and staring at a computer screen all day.

Whether it is Zoom meetings, answering emails, or validating databases, the constant strain of the blue light emissions that computers portray is taxing on the eyes.

All to say, 2023 offers a unique opportunity for direct mailing marketing efforts among businesses and is an effective tool for dual marketing strategies.

What Are Direct Mailing Services?

Direct mailing services can vary greatly depending on the type of company sending the mail and the purpose of the marketing tactic.

Common direct mail products are postcards, flyers, magnets, coupons, and free product samples.

More often than not, direct mailers that take a unique and uncommon approach are deemed successful as they spark the interest of consumers.

Does Direct Mail Marketing Still Work?

A direct mail marketing service is effective in more than one way.

Not only does it offer an escape from the digital universe, but it also poses a variety of other benefits that consumers may not experience in digital marketing.

It’s Interactive

The best part of direct mail is the level of interaction it offers consumers.

Having something to physically hold and touch has a different effect on consumers than an ad you can simply scroll past.

Interacting with a promotional offer and creative piece of print material can spark interest a digital ad cannot.

Consumers are more likely to keep the ad if it offers them something in return, such as a gift or a coupon.

Direct Mail Has a Greater Reach

When door direct mail is sent to the mailboxes of consumers, businesses don’t have to worry about enticing the potential customer to like their content on social media or visit their website.

Therefore, direct mail has the potential to reach more potential customers on your mailing list than some digital marketing platforms.

Offers Multiple Ways To Express Creativity

Direct mailing marketing materials don’t have to be boring.

While getting letters can be nostalgic for some, it is mundane for others.

Therefore, when utilizing direct mailing services, it is vital to add creativity to your print marketing pieces to spark the interest of consumers.

While sending a flyer or brochure serves its purpose, it may not always be the correct means to grab consumer attention.

One way to add creativity to print marketing pieces is to send something that serves a dual purpose or isn’t just a typical letter.

For instance, consider sending a piece that has ink that is only visible with a black light.

Provide a blacklight in the envelope so they can reveal the secret message.

Or send a calendar magnet with an important date circled to encourage a purchase.

No matter the type of mailer sent, creativity plays a vital role in the success of direct mail marketing campaigns.

Do Not Experience as Much Competition

Because companies have turned away from print marketing and are focusing on digital platforms, it gives businesses less traffic to compete against.

Door direct mail ensures consumers on your targeted mailing list will see your ad without the digital clutter.

Pros and Cons of Using a Direct Mail Service

As with any advertising campaign, direct mail service offers users a variety of pros but also several cons.

Before deciding whether or not your company will utilize direct mail services as part of your marketing efforts, consider both the pros and cons.


  • Dual marketing strategy – Providing your target audience with a dual marketing strategy proves to yield greater results. Incorporate direct mailing services into your social media marketing campaigns as a way to reach a greater audience.
  • Level of competition – With most businesses relying heavily on digital marketing, switch it up and send physical advertisements to consumers. The level of competitors is meek compared to the digital alternative.
  • Ability to reach consumers – Reaching consumers where they are at is one of the most beneficial aspects of direct mail marketing. When potential customers don’t have to make any effort to learn about current sales or offerings, it makes them more likely to consider the product or service.
  • Level of creativity – Direct mail marketing offers businesses another way to get creative to reach their customers. Personalized printing will ensure you stand out from the competition.


  • Cost to print – Printing marketing materials adds cost to the direct mailing programs. While you can often print through the company that offers the services, this additional cost may not be in the marketing budget.
  • Ability to track reach – Tracking whether or not a consumer spent time reading a print ad is difficult. QR codes, promo codes, and keywords help determine if interest was sparked due to a print ad but tracking whether or not a consumer showed some interest isn’t always possible.  
  • Content editing – The editing process for print materials must take place before the mailers are distributed. As with business cards or a postcard, once these materials are printed, there is no way to edit the content unless it is reprinted.

How Much Do Mailing Services Cost?

The cost of mailing services depends on the company and what they offer.

Do they provide printing services?

How do they label the pieces?

Do they have an in-house graphics team that creates the ads?

There are a lot of factors that play into the end cost of the program.

The average direct mail campaign typically costs between 30 cents to $10 per person.

Finding a direct mail service that fits your budget and provides the services required is essential to campaign success.

The Top Direct Mail Services of 2023

The top direct mail services in 2023 may vary depending on the business that is requesting its services.

The best services offer creative leadership, fit within your budget, graphic design services, and obtain industry knowledge.

1. Gunderson Direct

Why We Suggest This

Gunderson Direct provides insightful analytics as they measure campaigns to provide a response rate for mailings.

  • Best For: Businesses looking for competitive direct mail services

Gunderson Direct is a one-stop-shop for businesses looking for competitive direct mail services.

The years of experience and creative leadership at Gunderson Direct ensure content is thought-provoking and will grab the interest of consumers.

List sourcing services ensure content is delivered to the right audience for your content and will help you set your target audience.

While gaining insights on reach and effectiveness of print ads proves difficult, Gunderson Direct provides insightful analytics as they measure campaigns to provide a response rate for mailings.

2. MailShark

Why We Suggest This

MailShark provides design, printing, and mailing services, meaning you don’t have to outsource the print materials.

  • Best For: DIY marketing campaign as customization is their specialty

MailShark provides targeted direct mail to a wide variety of industries.

They provide design, printing, and mailing services, meaning you don’t have to outsource the print materials.

Whether you are sending a modern postcard, flyers, or magnets, MailShark will provide the content your company needs to effectively reach the mail list.

Pricing plans depend on the level of customization required of your direct mail marketing program.

MailShark proves one of the best services to use for a DIY marketing campaign as customization is their specialty.

3. Valassis

Why We Suggest This

Valassis is a great choice because it advertises to targeted areas and neighborhoods where the type of product you are marketing is relevant.

  • Best For: Those who want direct mail services that engage consumers 

Advertised as offering a direct mail service that is sure to engage consumers at home, Valassis creates and mails print marketing materials for your company at a competitive price.

Through a company survey, it is noted that 71% of consumers read Valassis ads, and 54% say direct mail ads motivate trying a new business.

Valassis advertises to targeted areas and neighborhoods where the type of product you are marketing is relevant.

As with other direct mail services, the program cost depends on the type of ad and the targeted areas.

Exceptional customer service is another benefit Valassis offers users.

How To Choose the Best Direct Mail Service for Your Business

Knowing who you want to reach with your direct mailers, your end budget, and what message you want to portray, are vital steps to determining the best direct mail service for your business.

Without an understanding

Who Is Your Audience

Understanding who your audience is and how you want to reach them is the first and most vital step to determining any marketing campaign.

Do you want to reach the areas closest to your store?

Or perhaps the surrounding neighborhoods?

What about targeting households with a specific income?

These factors play a part in determining who you will reach and what service is the best to reach these potential customers.

Some direct mail services allow consumers to be more specific about who they reach than others.

Define Your Budget

Running a business is all about money management.

Without proper income management, the business will go bankrupt, and all efforts will be lost.

Therefore, determining a direct mail marketing budget and sticking to it is essential to program success.

Weigh your options and the cost of each program, and what is included in the program.

If your budget does not allow you to reach your target audience, consider a more simple program or mail piece.

Using a service that includes printed materials in the cost may also help you stay within budget.

What’s Your Message

Whether your message is geared towards FOMO, humor, or a current crisis, knowing what message you want to get across to consumers will help you choose the correct service.

Full-service direct mail companies will help you create an ad perfect for your company that will grab the attention of your target audience.

Wrapping Up

Direct mail marketing has been making a comeback in 2023.

By utilizing direct mailing services, companies can reach a wider audience, boost creativity, and capture the interest of consumers, which is not possible through digital marketing.

Before selecting a direct mailing service, consider who your audience is, define your budget, and determine your message.

Understanding these tactics will help you determine the service to choose and how it can help your company.

Whether you are part of a small business or an established one, it’s time to begin a direct mail marketing campaign if you’re looking for a way to spice up your advertising efforts.

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