Disable the Lost/Changed Password Emails in WordPress

By: | Updated: September 25, 2015

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If you’re sick of the emails that tell you that a password has been changed, you may be searching for a way to Disable Password Emails in WordPress. These automatic emails notifications are sent to the admin whenever somebody changes a password, which can get quite annoying if you have multiple profiles. Here is how you can disable these emails on your WordPress website.

Create a Site-Specific WordPress Plugin

Disabling these emails is done by creating a site-specific WordPress plugin. This type of plugin allows you to add custom code or change the functionality of your website. After you’ve created this plugin, just add the following code to it and you’ll be all set:

After you add this code, just save the changes and activate your site-specific plugin. That is all you have to do to disable the lost/changed password emails in WordPress.

What Does the Code Do

Sometimes, it’s important to understand what the code does. This specific code will change the built-in function in WordPress that is found in the /wp-includes/pluggable.php file. The function if changes is the wp_password_change_notification function. This is the function that sends those emails to you whenever a password is changed or lost.
By creating your site-specific plugin and adding these two lines of code, you will be overriding this WordPress function. It will tell WordPress to do nothing instead of sending the email.

Can you Paste the Code in the functions.php File?

You may be thinking that you can just put this code into your functions.php file like you can with other code snippets. However, if you were dot do this, it won’t work. When WordPress loads the pluggable.php file, it happens before the functions.php file, so it overrides anything you put in the functions.php file. This is why you have to do this through a site-specific plugin.
If you want to override the function that keeps sending you emails every time somebody on your team changes their password, use these instructions and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.


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