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Disney Blogs: Definition, Types, Income and 25 Examples

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Blogs can be a great way to make extra money or turn your passion into a profession.

For folks who live and breathe Disney, Disney blogs can be fun and profitable.

In this article, you will learn everything about Disney blogs, including types, income, and features.

Plus, we’ll show you 25 of the best Disney blogs to use as inspiration.

The Best Disney Blogs (Examples)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

What Is a Disney Blog?

A Disney blog is any website other than the official Disney website that discusses Disney topics.

While most Disney blogs discuss traveling to Disney parks, other blogs may discuss Disney, movies, songs, characters, or corporate news.

And many blogs focus solely on Disney food, which we’ll discuss in more detail later in this article.

Disney blogs can be websites with written content and images, or they can be vlogs that exist on Youtube or other streaming platforms.

What Does a Disney Blogger Blog About?

As long as it’s about Disney, it’s fair game! Disney bloggers can discuss upcoming or old movies, Disney music, rides at the parks, Disney hotels and resorts, Disney games and activities, food at Disney parks, and so much more.

Disney is a massive brand with a hand in many industries, so the possibilities are endless.

What Is Included On a Disney Blog?

So, what will you find on a Disney blog?

Let’s take a look at the common items people put on their Disney blogs.

1. Reviews and Recommendations

Many blogs will have robust review sections discussing how they feel about Disney merchandise, content, and experiences.

Travelers may review a park or hotel room they stayed in.

People can review their dining experience in one or all of the parks.

But aside from the parks, bloggers will review toys, movies, songs, and merchandise related to Disney.

2. Travel Advice

Since so many Disney blogs focus on helping people maximize their Disney vacation, you’ll find tons of advice about traveling to one of the parks.

You’ll find advice on how to save money when booking hotels and buying park tickets.

Bloggers will also discuss the best times to travel to Disney so you can adhere to your budget and skip the long lines at the parks.

3. Disney News

Disney blogs will cover any Disney-related news.

The topics covered depend on the focus of the blog, but bloggers will write about changes in the parks like new rides and attractions.

People can also report on changes within the Disney corporation, such as a new CEO taking over.

4. Park and Resort Information

When people visit Disney parks, they want to get the most out of their tickets.

Disney blogs can help visitors find the best rides, food, and attractions in every park.

They can also tell what park to visit and which hotels and resorts offer the best hospitality.

5. Disney Images

Disney is a beautiful place and it’s crazy to visit one of the parks and not take a ton of photos.

Most Disney blogs will feature an array of pictures to make the blog more visually pleasing and engaging.

You’ll notice tons of photos of the magical castles, plus people post images of food, Disney toys, rides, and other Disney-related items.

Other Things That You Can Find On a Disney Blog

Some Disney blogs will also include other features to engage visitors.

Below are a few other items you may find on a Disney blog.

  • Disney Games and Activities: Many Disney blogs designed for moms have DIY Disney decorations and games to entertain kids.
  • Shopping and Style: Disney makes t-shirts, backpacks, shoes, and everything in between. Some blogs will discuss what people wear to Disney parks and the newest Disney styles available.
  • Disney Weather: Both California and Florida are sunny spots, but Disney bloggers keep readers updated on potential weather problems so they can plan accordingly.

Types of Disney Blogs

Check out the variety of Disney blogs you can find online!

  • Disney Blogs for Kids: Disney blogs for kids are family-friendly and often have a casual and fun tone.
  • Disney Blogs for Moms: Moms can benefit from Disney blogs, whether they’re trying to plan a family trip to the most magical place on earth, or setting up a Disney-themed birthday party for their child.
  • Disney Blogs for Food: From the meaty turkey legs to Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles, the food at Disney is a huge part of the experience. Disney food blogs focus on helping you find the tastiest food in the parks.
  • Disney Blogs for Specific Parks: There are six different Disney theme parks in the US alone. Many Disney blogs will compare and review the different parks to help you make informed decisions about your itinerary.
  • Disney Blogs for YouTube: Disney blogs on Youtube provide a wealth of information on the parks, Disney news, and other topics.

Do Disney Blogs Make Money?

Yes, Disney bloggers can make good money if they create original content that appeals to people who love Disney, from kids to moms to foodies!

While blogging about the most magical place on earth may seem like a fun hobby, it can be someone’s full-time job, generating a decent income.

So if you want to create a Disney website, money can be one of your motivations for starting a blog!

How Do Disney Blogs Make Money?

Disney blogs make money through affiliate programs, product promotions, membership fees, and advertisements.

Blogs can use one or several of these methods to make their Disney blog lucrative.

The best strategy will depend on the type of blog you make and who your primary audience is.

For example, a Disney blog for children will likely not have luck advertising discounts on flights to Florida.

But they may have better luck advertising the newest Buzz Lightyear action figure, as the kids will ask their parents for it.

How Much Do Disney Blogs Make?

The amount of money a blog generates depends on how many marketing methods they employ and how much traffic the site draws.

Newer blogs can make a few hundred dollars a month, but the most successful Disney blogs will rake in as much as $200,000 every month!

Products To Promote and Sell on a Disney Blog

Since Disney makes so many products, there are many options and opportunities for promotions on a Disney blog.

Many blogs partner with the Disney Store, promoting different merchandise, like branded backpacks, socks, posters, jackets, and more.

Travel affiliate programs are another way to make money off a Disney blog.

With travel affiliate programs, bloggers will promote travel-related products, like airline deals.

These programs can payout even if no one buys the product you’re promoting!

Affiliate programs, product promotions, and display ads can help Disney bloggers make significant money from blogging.

Best Disney Blogs: 25 Examples

To help you understand what makes a blog successful, let’s check out five different types of blogs that make money!

Below are 25 of the best Disney blogs and vlogs to use for inspiration if you want to start your own Disney blog.

How Many Disney Blogs Are There?

It’s unknown exactly how many Disney blogs exist, but there are thousands you can visit.

While the Walt Disney Company has its own blogs, they highly encourage the creation of more Disney blogs, as they use them to promote products and grow business.

Disney Blogs for Kids

Disney Blogs for kids offer engaging and light-hearted content where children can enjoy the magic of Disney on their computers!

Dan the Pixar Fan

screenshot of the Dan the Pixar Fan

This blog is all about Pixar, from the movies to the merch.

If you have a child who’s obsessed with all things Pixar, they will love to browse this site.

It’s kid-friendly and has a fun tone that shows a lot of the blogger’s personality.

Kids or adults who love collecting Disney and Pixar merch will love surfing this blog.

From opinions to Pixar news, Dan the Pixar Fan is a creative and adorable blog for Disney lovers of all ages.

Disney Kid Blogger

screenshot of the disney Kid Blogger homepage

The Disney Kid Blogger is a blog dedicated to telling kids about how fun Disney is!

The blog has a 13-year-old author who has been to Disney several times and shares their thoughts on their blog.

Despite being run by a child, the blog is surprisingly informative and well-designed!

This blog is an excellent example of the blog capturing the spirit of the blogger and creating an inviting platform for kids and adults.

Disney Kid 4 Kids

screenshot of the Disney Kid 4 Kids homepage

The Disney Kid 4 Kids blog is run and written by a 12-year-old who loves talking about Disney.

The blog is adorable and inviting, and kids can read about Disney trips from the perspective of a kid.

The blog is super sweet and has the endearing tone of a friendly 12-year-old boy.

It’s a special experience for a child to get to hear advice on a Disney trip from an actual kid!

Magic Guides

screenshot of the Magic Guides homepage

The Magic Guides blog is suitable for adults and kids! It’s better for older kids who are super excited about rides at Disney.

They can peruse articles about where to find the best souvenirs, which rides can’t be missed, and check out awesome photos of Disney that will get them excited for the vacation.


screenshot of the D23 homepage

D23 is the official Disney Fan Club, where kids can check out podcasts about the newest shows, trailers for upcoming content, and discussion sections about everything Disney-related.

The blog has fan memberships that allow you access to even more Disney content!

The site is kid-safe and fun to explore.

Disney Blogs for Moms

For moms who love Disney or have kids who love Disney, these blogs can give them fun ideas, advice, and tips.

Mickey Mom Blog

screenshot of the Mickey Mom Blog homepage

The Mickey Mom Blog is one of the most popular sites for moms to visit when planning a trip to Disney.

You can check out travel recommendations and review the packing lists that can help you prepare for your family Disney trip perfectly.

This blog also posts fun videos where you can get to know the blogger and her family better.

Mamacita On the Move

screenshot of the mamacita on the move homepage

The Mamacita On the Move blog covers all kinds of vacations with a special focus on trips to Disney.

You can find more advice about traveling to Disney, but there are also fun blog posts about new movies or how to plan a romantic Disney date night.

The blog has a charming personal tone that is inviting to many readers.

Disney Cruise Mom Blog

screenshot of the Disney Cruise Mom Blog homepage

Theme parks are so popular that some people forget about Disney cruises.

The Disney Cruise Mom Blog is a robust resource for all information on Disney cruises.

If you have a family Disney cruise coming up, this blog will recommend the best times to go, the best activities, and how to maximize your vacation fun.

MousekeMoms Blog

screenshot of the MousekeMoms Blog homepage

The MousekeMoms Blog is one of the most informative Disney blogs for moms.

It discusses the weather around the parks, changes in park policies, and every event that takes place at a Disney park or resort.

The blogger loves Disney but delivers honest information about the company, parks, and more.

Me and the Mouse

screenshot of the me and the mouse homepage

This blog has a beautiful layout and design that makes it easy to navigate and spend hours exploring.

There is a new post every week, so readers know when to expect updates and new information.

Most of the posts help you make the most out of your Disney trip with secret tips and tricks.

Disney Blogs for Food

You may not think Disney food is a big deal, but it is!

The five blogs below take the food at Disney seriously.

Disney Food Blog

screenshot of the Disney Food Blog homepage

The Disney Food Blog is one of the most popular Disney blogs on the web.

It’s not just super popular among foodies either, it’s a trusted resource for anyone going to Disney that wants the scoop on where and what to eat in the parks.

With thousands of subscribers, the Disney Food Blog constantly churns out engaging content that would otherwise be difficult to find.

From kid-friendly snacks to the best alcohol in EPCOT, this blog is your definitive resource for Disney food.

Disney Fanatic

screenshot of the Disney Fanatic homepage

While the Disney Fanatic blog covers many Disney topics, people particularly love their Disney dining section that offers thorough reviews of various Disney restaurants, tips for getting tricky reservations at the hottest spots, and special snacks or cocktails available for a limited time.

The dining section also covers changes in prices and trends among guests.

WDW Magazine

screenshot of the WDW Magazine homepage

The Walt Disney World Magazine is a stellar resource for anything Disney-related, but if you want information on Disney dining check out their food section!

They always report immediately on new Disney restaurants and food stands, or changes in the Disney dining scene.

You can also find secret seasonal menus and deals that you can’t get elsewhere.


screenshot of the mousesavers homepage

It’s hard to deny that dining at Disney is expensive.

For people who want discounts, deals, and even free food from Disney, the MouseSavers blog has all the promo codes and coupons you could ever want.

The blog also offers advice on how to save money while feeding yourself on a Disney vacation, like finding the cheapest food stands and taking advantage of discounted seating times.

All Ears

screenshot of the all ears homepage

The All Ears blog has a dedicated dining section for every Disney park, making it easy to find restaurants and food wherever you are in Disney.

They inform people about any menu changes at Disney and advise on getting reservations at popular spots.

They also have recipes that mimic Disney snacks so you can bring those magical flavors home with you.

Disney Blogs for Specific Parks

If you want the nitty-gritty details of the many Disney theme parks, these blogs focus on the specifics of the different parks.

The Disney Journey

screenshot of the disney journey homepage

The Disney Journey blog has a complete breakdown of every Disney park.

If you want to know everything there is to know about EPCOT or The Magic Kingdom, you can find it on this blog.

They craft one-day itineraries to help you get through each park without missing any of the good stuff!

From the Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studies, The Disney Journey has expired every corner of these parks to ensure you know what to expect and don’t miss out on anything exciting.

Plus, you can learn park secrets you can take advantage of!

The Park Prodigy

screenshot of the park prodigy homepage

The Park Prodigy blog covers everything about theme parks from ticket prices to restroom cleanliness.

They also offer you deals and discounts on park passes, so you can learn some information and save money.

Not only do they have posts about each park, but they have articles breaking down specific sections of each park, so you know everything there is to know about the park you’re visiting.


screenshot of the micechat homepage

The MiceChat is a wonderful source for specific information about policies and procedures within Disney parks and affiliated destinations.

Not sure about the chaperone policy?

Check Micechat.

Interested in park VIP tickets?

Find everything you need to know on MiceChat.

The blog keeps visitors up to date on every scrap of Disney news you may hear about.


screenshot of the MouseSteps homepage

The MouseSteps blog was created to walk someone through a day at each Disney park, so it’s a great way to get a feel for each park before you buy tickets and commit to your itinerary.

Most people agree that all Disney parks are a blast, but some have strong preferences for specific parks.

If you want to know if Animal Kingdom is worth all the hype, or if EPCOT is the best spot for adults in Disney, you can find the answer on MouseSteps.

Designing Disney

screenshot of the designing disney homepage

The Designing Disney blog is one of the most unique Disney blogs that focuses on parks and resorts.

Rather than discuss the park experience, this blog dives into the design concepts and execution behind the various parks.

The blog is clean and kid-safe if you have an inquisitive child, but the language can be a little dense for youngins.

But you can explore how the parks and rides came to be all over the world, from Paris to Hong Kong to California.

Disney Blogs on YouTube

Watching videos about Disney can be fun for the whole family!

Check out five of the tops Disney vloggers on YouTube.

The WDW Couple

screenshot of the wdw couple homepage

For people who love surfing the web and checking out Disney content, The WDW Couple YouTube page is iconic.

This adorable couple loves Disney and posts sweet videos capturing their Disney adventures.

They even posted a video of their romantic proposal at a Disney theme park.

While some videos are about their other adventures, most revolve around their journeys through Disney parks and resorts.

Disney Parks Addict

screenshot of the disney parks addict homepage

With over 20,000 subscribers, the Disney Parks Addict YouTube page is an exciting page where you can learn about the hottest and newest events.

The videos are vibrant and fun, so watching them with kids can get everyone excited for an upcoming Disney trip.

You can even watch videos of people on the rides to see a unique perspective.

Corey Meets World

screenshot of the corey meets world homepage

The Corey Meets World YouTube page has loads of extraordinary content, like Disney park secrets, special interviews with Disney legends, and live videos of Disney adventures.

If you can’t get enough Disney content, Corey Meets World posts at least two videos weekly detailing a different aspect of the wonderful world of Disney.

Capture the Magic

screenshot of the capture the magic homepage

The Capture the Magic page has a smaller following, but equally quality content.

The creator of these videos will post tours of various Disney hotels, including the rooms, pools, and restaurants.

They also review different rides, parks, and Disney experiences thoughtfully and thoroughly.


screenshot of the DFBGuide homepage

If you want videos of mouthwatering food at Disney, follow the DFBGuide YouTube page!

They post videos and reviews of meals, snacks, cocktails, and more Disney food, so you know the best places to eat.

They also post some park-related videos to share Disney secrets with subscribers.

How To Become a Disney Blogger

Now that you know all about Disney blogs, it’s time to learn how to start a blog.

There is a straightforward formula you can follow to start your blog.

Follow the advice below to begging your magical adventure toward Disney blogging or vlogging.

1. Determine the Direction of the Blog

Do keyword research to uncover opportunities in the Disney blog category.

You need to determine the direction of your blog, so you can understand your target audience and create content that appeals to them.

Your blog’s direction could be toward adults, couples, or families.

2. Select a Niche

As you’re determining the direction of your blog, think about niches that you can select.

For example, the food niche is popular, as is the theme park ride niche.

How to choose the right niche comes down to selecting an audience and creating original content.

3. Select a Name

Coming up with a blog name is part of the fun! As you can see from our list of 25 blogs, Disney blog names are often catchy and creative!

Bloggers like to use the word “magic” and incorporate Mickey Mouse into their name.

Choose a name that correlates with the niche you’ve chosen.

4. Select a Blogging Platform

Once you choose a name and niche, you’ll need a decent blogging platform.

There are many different blogging platforms available.

Check out the most popular blogging platforms and see which has the best features and limitations for your blog.

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Medium
  • Blogger
  • Youtube

5. Register a Domain

After selecting a blogging platform, look for the best domain registrar.

You can register your blog’s name with the registrar and claim the domain.

You need your domain and URL to start your blog, so don’t wait too long to take this step.

6. Get Web Hosting

Bloggers also need a web hosting service to store and manage all their content.

Blogs function differently and post caring content, so you should choose a web hosting service that suits your vision.

We suggest managed WordPress hosting for all your web hosting needs!

7. Build the Blog

Once you’ve registered your domain and set up your blog, it’s time to start making it your own.

You need to build the blog, creating an attractive and functional website that people will enjoy visiting.

To do this, choose a theme, install plugins, and include the necessary pages.


Disney blogs are often bright and colorful, like Disneyland!

As you build the blog, you must select a theme that suits your content and topic.

Think about what vibe you want your blog to have and install a WordPress theme that matches your vision.


WordPress plugins can make your blog easier to navigate for users, offering a smooth and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Plugins are additional software components you can install on your website to optimize your content.

Below are some of our favorite plugins from WordPress.

  • Yoast SEO
  • Gravity Forms
  • Jetpack
  • WP Smush

Essential Pages

You don’t want your blog to be the same as someone else’s, but there are a few pages that every blog should have to help visitors understand the website.

Below are essential pages for your blog that most people will expect.

  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Subscribe page
  • Archives page
  • Disclaimer page

8. Produce Content for the Blog

Creating content for your blog is vital to its success.

Before you launch the blog, create a few pieces of content so there will be something engaging and representative of your blog when the first visitors check it out.

9. Launch the Blog Publicly

Launching a new blog is scary but also exhilarating.

Once you’ve built a beautiful blog and uploaded some interesting content, whether articles, images, or videos, it’s time to publish the blog and make it accessible to the public.

Before launching, double-check that the blog looks attractive from a visitor’s perspective and that you included everything you wanted.

10. Promote the Blog

Finding ways to promote a blog can be challenging, but there are more avenues than you think.

You can promote your blog on various social media platforms, send the link to friends and family, or ask influencers to recommend your blog!

Similar Blogging Types To Check Out

If you aren’t sure Disney is the best topic for your blog, check out a few similar blog types that may interest you.

1. Travel Blogs

Travel blogs give people tips on flying and driving places, booking hotels, and planning excursions.

Whether you want to create a business travel blog or a vacation travel blog, there is probably a decent audience for it.

Traveling can be stressful for some, so researching, heeding advice, and preparing can relieve some people’s travel anxiety.

Plus, you can utilize affiliate programs and destination marketing.

2. Mom Blogs

Moms often look for new activities or products for their children, so mom blogs can be highly successful.

Mom blogs may discuss what it’s like to be a new parent, homeschooling, fun vacations for kids, and more.

Anything a mom may wonder or want to talk about can fit on a mom blog!

While anyone can create and host a mom blog, it’s usually moms.

3. Restaurant Blogs

If you found yourself focusing on the Disney food blogs discussed in this article, maybe your true passion is food!

Consider starting a restaurant blog where you can rate, review, and post about different restaurants you visit.

Restaurant blogs can be geared toward a niche like breakfast or ice cream, or you can base your blog on your location, like the best restaurants in Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the answers to commonly asked questions about Disney blogs and vlogs below.

vector graphic showing an illustration of a mickey mouse, with the words

Does Disney have influencers?

Yes, Disney has influencers on all platforms and began their Creators Lab in 2021.

This program’s sole purpose is to find new influencers to boost the Disney brand.

Who is the biggest Disney vlogger?

Many Disney vloggers are highly successful, but the most well-known vlogger is likely the duo of Josh and Taylor.

They run the vlog The WDW Couple and have more than 65,000 subscribers.

Wrapping Up

Ready to start blogging about the happiest place on earth?

Now you know how to start a Disney blog and make money talking about your favorite mouse.

Whether you visit Disney often or watch the movies on repeat, you can contribute superb content to the world of Disney blogs.

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