Do we need an alternative to WordPress?Those of you who read BloggingTips regularly will know that I a huge fan of WordPress. I’m a bit of a WordPress fanatic. In fact, I’d go as far as saying I’m a bit of a snob about it because I no longer even consider any other script when starting a new blog. And 99% of the time WordPress is the script I use for content management for static sites too.

I am obviously aware of other blogging platforms such as Expression Engine, TextPattern and Serendipity. However, I no longer consider them for a new project because:

  • WordPress is updated more regularly than other scripts
  • WordPress has thousands of quaity free and premium templates available
  • WordPress has thousands of great plugins available which allow you to customise your site the way you want it
  • WordPress is documented more on the web and is easier to get support for a problem because so many people use the script

I believe many people feel the same way as me. Which is probably why one of the many reasons WordPress continues to grow and other blogging scripts are being left behind.

Though in any industry, competition is healthy for everyone. Which is why I think it would be great if a realistic alternative to WordPress came to the forefront for bloggers. I doubt that any script is going to give bloggers as many features that WP offers due to the number of plugins available, though I think that something different would be welcomed. Something which works in a different way, something which presents information differently or something which integrates with social media sites more naturally.

A popular alternative to WordPress would also push WP to up it’s game to stay ahead of the pack. This is why competition is good for everyone.

I still love WordPress and don’t see me using anything else until something does come up, though a few better alternatives to WP would be great for everyone. Variety is the spice of life!

What do you think: Do you think we need an alternative to WordPress?