Telling the truth feels tough sometimes as you gain blogging experience.

Greed may poke its insidious head into your work. Desperation worms its way in, too. Delusion paralyzes some top bloggers who became so skilled and clear that they forget how hard blogging felt as a newbie. For example; being armed with 7 years of blogging experience, writing a profits-driving blog post feels easy. Add the “easy” label to the blog post title. But new bloggers who stumble across the blog post never find it easy to write a post that increases their blogging profits. Drilling deeper, imagine claiming it is easy to write a viral blog post. Maybe for you, but you have 5,000 hours of blogging experience. Think about how writing a viral post felt before gaining 5,000 hours of blogging experience. Drilling deeper, is it easy to write a viral blog post? Probably not because if it were easy, all bloggers would craft viral blog posts left and right, and we’d all drive 100,000 people to our blogs daily.

I love my blogging buddies and respect different approaches to ad copy. I intend to add a new level of genuine, heartfelt integrity to the blogging niche. We need to drill down even deeper to be honest, to blog with full integrity and to let readers clearly know what it takes to become successful online. I wrote an eBook claiming something bold:

How to Become an Influential Blogger in 6 Months or Less

I immediately explain the number of uncomfortable scary things you need to do to reach that goal is quite intimidating. Think 4 Hour Work Week type actions. Tim Ferriss preaches doing highly uncomfortable stuff routinely to hack your way to success. Short cuts never exist but speeding up the journey through doing stuff you deeply fear doing is the route to reaching your dreams more quickly while maintaining integrity. Maintaining honesty goaded me to tell readers that 6 month journey to influential blogger feels fun, freeing and downright scary because you do things few bloggers do to experience sweet blogging success.

I also clearly define “influential blogger” differently than most to maintain full transparency, explaining any blogger who influences a large group of loyal readers seems to be an influencer in my book. Whether you teach bloggers how to start a blog from scratch or how to write blog post titles or how to do anything online, blogging with integrity requires you to be completely honest in all you do.  Put yourself in new blogger shoes. Did anything feel easy, let alone publishing content that gains traction fast? Nope; of course not. I strongly discourage peppering the word “easy” into blog post titles frequently because few things come easy to most bloggers, until you get 5,000 to 10,000 hours of blogging practice under your belt. Writing guest posts seems easy to me now after I spent thousands of hours writing millions of words. Practicing my writing to that tune did not feel easy. Sometimes, I envisioned myself going mad during writing practice sessions. But I hugged the discomfort, kept going, kept growing and now, blogging feels pretty easy to me most of the time.

Does blogging feel easy to most bloggers? No. Most bloggers rarely practice. Blogging feels hard to them. I rarely use “easy” in blog post titles, to maintain my genuine integrity.