Facing blogging critics feels taxing, sometimes. Other times, freeing. All depends on how you frame these folks. But of course, you know exactly who I’m talking ’bout. Those folks lobbing 1 star reviews your way, courtesy of your eBooks. Negative commentors. Haters. Trolls. You name it. We’ve seen it. Critics actually teach you invaluable blogging lessons. But you need to observe how you react-respond to these folks, to learn the prospering lessons.

Fight Means Fear

Fighting critics means you fear their negative feedback because you believe some or all of what they say, is true. If you believed their criticism were 100% NOT true, no emotional reaction arises and you do not fight these folks. For example, imagine if someone criticized me and say I looked like a girl, to punctuate the barb (whatever that means?). Anyway, I look at myself. Truly, I look all male. Heavy, square, lantern jaw, muscular shoulders, pecs, muscular legs. Even though I am skinny, I look like a dude. Knowing this truth, I would never feel upset about someone telling me I looked feminine – although some claim I have a pretty boy face hehehe – and I feel no urge to fight these folks.

But if you fight critics, stick around for the fear lesson these folks teach you. Some part of their negative feedback feels true to you. Thank these folks. Feel the fear. Release the fear, you believe seems true. Cease fighting blogging critics. Send ’em flowers. These seeming trolls pointed out fear and negative beliefs you need to face, feel and release, to reach your next stage of blogging growth.

Hell yeah! Feeling fear and hugging limiting beliefs feels terrible. But greater fun, love, success and peace awaits you, for your blogging career.

Flight Not Fight

Some bloggers immediately ignore critics, sans fighting these trolls. Beware. I advise ignoring and moving on but you better stick around for any fears and limiting beliefs triggered by the critics, because purging these emotions allows you to enter into a new stage of blogging growth and success. Picture someone posting a 1 star review in response to one of your eBooks. If you fly away, ignoring the critic, you may lose the opportunity to see if you genuinely believe aka fear the eBook is pure crap.

Stick around for 30 seconds. Read particularly nasty points of the review slowly, and, closely observe your emotions. Do you feel calm, relaxed and not stirred one bit? Move on. Carry on. You will be more and more successful. But if you feel angry, embarrassed, ashamed, or like the eBook IS crap/terrible, feel those emotions, then move on. No way to grow like a stinking weed being burdened by these heavy, leaden, fear-filled, anchoring emotions.

Stick around for truth serum. But never feed the animals. I do have compassion for staunch critics because I know fear-pain fuels their criticism. But in the next breath, I also know not fighting ’em but being present with my emotions during any criticism-scanning liberates me from limiting blogging beliefs, holding me back.

Stick around. Observe. Release. Letting go fear masked at limiting beliefs frees you to experience unprecedented levels of blogging growth, moving forward.


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