One benefit of my eBook:

How to Escape a 9-5 Job that You Hate

is learning how to grow a blogging business, that frees you from your job.

Unfortunately, most former or current employees see themselves as JUST blogging. You know what I mean. Folks downplay their blog. Heck; it is pretty much worthless, in their mind, because it is nothing, insignificant, just a blog. How can you grow a real, thriving blogging business if you feel ashamed about that piddly creation of yours? You cannot. I never saw myself as JUST a blogger because early on, I vowed to never view myself as a security guard who blogged. I was a blogger, and EX security guard.

Yet many current employees who dislike their jobs see themselves as teachers, police officers or office workers who just blog. Change your self-image to change your life. Or cling to your employee self-image to keep creating that experience for yourself. Doesn’t matter. You choose the course or path. Nothing outside of you does.

First Step

The first step to building a thriving blogging business is to see yourself, and to refer to yourself in mind, speaking to yourself, as a professional blogger well before you make a penny. Feel free to either keep your inner confidence secret, or, to share your view of self with the world. You can simply tell folks you are on the path to being a professional blogger. Either way, just convince yourself you are becoming a pro and also remind yourself to let go of your past employment, or current employment, mentally, even as you work the job.

Be a Blogger Not JUST a Blogger

Never down, minimize or rip on blogging, or else, blogging will not like you. I have taken blogging seriously for years. Even though I am light about blogging and do not take myself seriously, I still give significant attention and energy to this awesome, freeing and fun endeavor. Blogging is the real deal. I built a genuine business through this channel because I never looked at it as a joke, or afterthought.

You will see after purchasing the eBook above how blogging gives you, what you give blogging. If you feel blogging to be some silly joke, and give it little generous energy, blogging mirrors your energy back to you as failure. If you take blogging as a serious, credible way to change people’s lives, it will be so, for you, based on your belief and generous effort.

Blogging Serves as the Mirror

Blogging simply gives you what you give blogging. It is all rather simple and direct. But at times, blogging feels uncomfortable because it feels scary to nudge into fears fueling your “just blogging” thoughts. Face these energies. Feel these energies. Release these energies.

I circle the globe through professional blogging. Been doing so for 8 years. Does that sound like a joke or gag or silly venture, to you?

Nope, it sure doesn’t.

Blogging is the real deal but you need to get clear on the fact this is a credible, meaningful way to change people’s lives. This happens with inner transformation. Be with your fears. Be at peace taking apart your self image. Be straight with yourself. Nobody grows by lying to themselves because if you do not face the truth you cannot experience the truth of success, abundance and happiness. No way around that one.