Have you noticed I add 2 travel images from my globe trotting days to every single blog post here on Blogging Tips?

Of course you did.

What blogging tips blogger adds pics of himself with exotic looking dogs in far off New Zealand, per the featured image on yesterday’s post? Me. Why? Circling the globe plays a major role in my life. Globe trotting makes me stand out from the crowd. Traveling is part of my story. Traveling makes me human, relate-able, inspiring, interesting and fascinating to other human beings who:

  • love to travel
  • would love to travel
  • want to travel
  • plan to travel
  • plan not to travel
  • just want to live vicariously through me

Sharing travel images here and on Blogging From Paradise shares my life AWAY from the laptop.

Doing so makes me human, credible, trustworthy, fallible and……believable.


Succeeding online became easier when I shared elements of my life not related to blogging – but offline – because before people trust you and buy from you, they love knowing, the rest of the story.

Not always, but much of the time.

New Blogger Mistake

New bloggers tend to blog 100% of the time about business and service. We see a one dimensional, boring, non-credible blogger we cannot relate to because….who blogs 24 hours a day and does nothing else? Who has no life offline? Who has no balance? Struggling bloggers, desperate bloggers or greedy bloggers. What struggling, desperate or greedy blogger feels attractive or appealing to you? None. People avoid bloggers with no offline life because people cannot relate to blogging robots or cyborgs.

New bloggers think all business, all the time, out of wild excitement and desperation. New bloggers also tend to believe their offline life is boring or average. Being shackled by these limiting beliefs, you see and learn nothing about their life away from the laptop and lose connection or, see the newbie as lacking credibility.

Blogging Is Not All About Blogging

Blogging is mostly about blogging but blogging is also being human, credible and trustworthy. Share elements of your offline life here and there to be human and believable to your readers. If readers see you having mom struggles, struggling moms make an instant connection. Fellow travelers see you love Bali, too, and make an instant connection. Kiwi readers see my New Zealand featured image and love how I enjoy spending time in their country. Immediate connection.

New bloggers; do not be afraid to form a deeper bond with readers by sharing your offline life. Nothing is too boring because every human being does day to day stuff; even guys with movie-worthy lives like myself. I spent this morning loading the dishwasher, cleaning the litter box and getting my cup of coffee ready, for 10 minutes, before sitting down to begin my blogging workday. How cool is that? You see me circling the globe, and maybe believe my life is some non attainable dream, then learn I clean the litter box and load the dishwasher and enjoy a nice cup of coffee, just like many folks out there, or maybe, like yourself.

Share the rest of your story as a new blogger. Be open. We want to learn more about the human being writing the words so we can relate to you more deeply. As bonds get stronger, success will find you more quickly. Guaranteed.

But you need to resist the common new blogger error that people do not care about your offline life, that it is not relevant at all to your blog, or you need to embrace the fear of being transparent and vulnerable, in order to connect deeply with your readers.