Do you own your blogging real estate? Or do you squat on free blogging platforms? Imagine using free blogging sites. What do you own? Nothing. Not owning the content, posts, likeness or brand make for massive mistakes. What happens if the platform owner does not agree with your content? Without warning, the platform owner closes down your website. Imagine spending 5 years and 10,000 plus hours publishing helpful content. Every day, you go to cyber work, graciously serving people. But one day, on firing up your lappy and trying to log in to the blog backoffice, the site is permanently offline.

Imagine spending 10,000 plus hours blogging then in a split second, the 10,000 plus hours of content is gone? Imagine the feeling of seeing 4000 blog posts disappear in a split second? Imagine starting from square one after spending 5 years helping people. One minute, you run a well-stocked blog. The next minute, you vanish. Everything disappears. Why? Making the foolish, common error of squatting online – by using free blogging platforms – guarantees you play by another person’s rules.

Do the smart thing. Even if you blog on a tight budget, invest money in your domain and hosting, at the very least.  Own your online real estate to:

  • own your content
  • own your blog
  • own your brand
  • monetize your blog however you want to monetize your blog
  • customize your blog
  • brand your blog however you want to brand your blog

I have a one of a kind blog because I pay my domain and hosting bills. I own it all. Everything. Think of that for just a second. I own my:

  • blog
  • blog content
  • brand

Naturally, no one can kick me off of my blog unless I do something horribly hateful, dangerous and horrific to break the hosting company terms of service. Save making terrible threats or doing something particularly nefarious, I am good to go. I publish content. I own the content. Standing out from the blogging crowd becomes much easier too. I brand my blog and customize it however I wish to brand and customize the sucker. Doesn’t that sound smart? Especially versus squatting on a free blogging platform, where you can get the rug pulled out from under you at any time, for any reason.

Ownership has all upsides with only one drawback; financial investment. However, investing money in your fun and freedom is no drawback, but another upside. Investing money in your domain and hosting makes you feel:

  • good
  • professional
  • credible
  • clear

I always feel amazing after investing money in my domain and hosting for the year. I do things the way pro bloggers do things. Naturally, I feel like a pro because I do things like investing money in my blogging business. I have peace of mind in know that I own my blog, content and business. I also feel clear on being able to customize my blog however I wish. Ditto for blog monetizing. I can add any income streams I wish to add to my blog. Tapping into real blogging income becomes easier if you can keep adding income channels from virtually any source, with absolutely zero restrictions to how you monetize your blog.

Own your blogging real estate. Take time to pick a solid hosting company. Invest money in your domain name and blog hosting package. Own your online real estate. Never cyber squat because the price for this internet lifestyle approach is way too steep. Never create oodles of content on someone else’s cyber real estate. Buy your domain and hosting. Do the bulk of your creating and connecting on your own blog.


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