Sometimes I receive long emails or messages I know to scan and release. I need to protect my energy.

Sometimes I tell folks desperate to get a sponsored post on my blog that we are no match. I say, I am not interested. After 1 response email promising a $10 sponsored post rate – ridiculously lower than my fixed rate – I label future emails from the individual as spam and move on quickly and easily. Why? I need to protect my blogging energy. People either come to you from an energy of love and abundance and fun, or, from an energy of fear, desperation and panic. How you choose to filter people suggests if you protect your energy or allow anyone to trample all over your vibe.

Imagine if someone deeply afraid emails you a 10 paragraph long email, said person scared of some outcome about to manifest or already manifested. How can I change their fear vibe? I cannot overpower their energy with my love, fun, trust and abundance, so either I ignore these emails and move on, or offer a few sentences of assistance based on my experience. I never spend more than 5 seconds on fear emails because doing so would not be protecting my energy. Why? Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Imagine if I gave 10 or 20 or 60 seconds to a fear-filled email? I give my energy to fear for 60 seconds and fear expands in my life. I do not care if it is my wife, dad or best friend; nobody gains access to my love and harmony. Nobody steals my energy. I protect it. I let go and move on. I cannot stress how many emails I delete or spam from OK folks who experience deep fears and project through emails. I have compassion so I clearly show said folks I cannot give my energy to fear.

How Protecting Energy Benefits Bloggers

I am publishing my third post of the day in 1 hour and 20 minutes of work. Protecting my energy helps me create and connect and succeed from a predominant energy of love and abundance. When you are not saddled down by fear and loss and poverty, because you did not give your attention to folks vibing these energies, you cut through your blogging day like a hot knife through butter, effortlessly gliding through your valuable blogging duties.

But you need make sometimes uncomfortable decisions to enter this space, like when I trashed 3400 blog posts to create Blogging From Paradise (buy the eBook). I had to protect my energy from the negative drivers I chose for my old blog by deleting everything and moving forward. Was this decision comfortable? Nope. Pleasant? Nope. Scary? Yep. But I did it for my fun, freedom and commitment to watching my dreams expand, so I could help more people. Protecting your blogging energy feels unpleasant sometimes but benefits you all the time.

Learn how to protect energy by observing happy, pro bloggers. Watch me closely. Notice how I give almost all energy to positive vibes and virtually none to fear and negativity, in my daily interactions. I suggest you meditate, do yin yoga and do Kriya yoga to expand your awareness and to be hyper vigilant of when and where you are not protecting your energy, so you can change that lickity-split.