Do you Understand the Science Behind Choosing Your Domain Name?

By: | Updated: October 6, 2015

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Choosing Your Domain Name for your newly designed blog or company website is not as easy as it may sound. As a matter of fact, its a quite complex process. A great domain name can literally propel your company blog to a whole new level of success. A not so well thought out domain name on the other hand can have the complete opposite effect. To help you choose a strong domain name people will remember and want to visit, follow the 4 guidelines outlined below.

Choosing Your Domain Name


Your domain name will appear in a variety of different places. It will be on business cards, on company clothing, in the newspaper, at seminars, attached to company emails, and a host of other places. That alone should tell you how important choosing the right domain is. Its much more than a series of words and numbers. It is something that will define your business for many years to come.
Not only does your domain name need to look good, but it needs to sound good too. It has to be something visitors can easily remember. It needs to accurately reflect your company which is where the next tip comes into play.

Keep Your Domain Name Consistent With Your Company Name


In the world of business, consistency is extremely important. You want your domain name to be as close of an exact match to your business name as possible. Unfortunately, this can’t always happen. The reality is most exact match domain names are already taken.
If you run into this problem, there are a few simple things you can do. First, consider adding a keyword to the end of your domain. Be sure this keyword somehow relates to your company and can help distinguish it from other similar companies. Let me give you a quick example. If you are a personal trainer named Johnathan Johnson and that name is already taken, consider adding fitness or personal trainer to the end of your name. Your domain name could be or
Another option, which has become very popular in recent years, is to use a different extension. While .com may not be available for your desired domain name, you may find it is available with .net, .biz, or .company.

Be Original, But Not Too Original


When choosing a domain name you want it to be original, but not too original. If its too similar to another companies name, it can confuse your visitors and funnel business to your competitors. Never use misspelled words or numbers to set your domain name apart.
Don’t try to be too fancy and use various spellings that no one will ever be able to remember. Your potential customers don’t want to play the guessing game. Be sure you pick a domain name that’s simple and easy to remember.

Keep It Simple

Last but not least, keep it simple. Your domain name needs to be clear, original and simple. Remember, the goal is to have a name the reflects your company. If at all possible, come up with a domain name that is no more than 3 words long. Choosing Your Domain Name is best if it is a Short domain name and is easier for potential visitors to remember.


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