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If you want your online business or business website to succeed, you need traffic. However, not all website traffic is created equal. A better understanding of the traffic you get will help you adjust your marketing to create better quality traffic.

There are many sources you can get traffic from including search engines, directory listing, guest blog posts, social media sites and a number of other sources. However, they don’t all provide quality traffic. Here’s a look at the difference between high quality and low quality website traffic.

Low Quality Traffic

Low quality website traffic doesn’t convert at a very high rate. You may see thousands of visitors coming to your site, but only a few subscribers or sales. It might not cost you much to get this traffic, but it may not be making you much either.

A low quality visitor is one that doesn’t view multiple pages or posts, barely reads the content and only comes to your website once. They actually cause you more harm than good, sometimes. You certainly don’t want to put your marketing focus into getting this type of traffic.

Of course, you don’t want to discourage traffic from low quality sources, but you also don’t want to put much effort or money into it. Often, this type of traffic comes from something going viral or getting featured on a social site. It will cause a huge spike, but won’t bring in many sales or subscribers.

High Quality Traffic

Higher quality website traffic will provide you with visitors ready to engage, read your posts and subscribe to receive more content. They will spend time at your site and they will end up buying from you now and in the future. These visitors should be your biggest focus.

When you get a large amount of high quality traffic, you will see a very good conversion rate. These visitors often come from a very targeted search term you have received a first page listing for on the larger search engines. This is known as a long-tail keyword phrase and it brings in people searching for something very specific.

These visitors are more likely to bookmark your and use it as a reference in the future. They will come back often and will check out new content you provide.

Put More Effort into Quality Traffic

When you look at your tracking and you discover the best traffic is coming from a specific search term or marketing campaign, put more focus into this area. You want to increase your high quality traffic as much as possible. This website traffic is your bread and butter.

You can increase high quality traffic by providing more content on highly targeted long-tail keyword phrases. It’s also possible to increase your marketing budget with methods bringing in this high quality traffic.

Make sure you track everything and you will have a much better idea of where your traffic is coming from and which traffic is low quality compared to high quality. Google Analytics is one of the best tracking tools you can use and will provide plenty of data about you website traffic.

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