If you were to search for your personal name or your company/blog name where would you show up in the search results. Hopefully you would come up first for your blog or business name, but it might not be so easy for your personal name.

The more generic your personal name is, the more competition you are going to have. If you have the same name of a celebrity, you are going to be in trouble.

However there are still plenty of ways that you can dominate the first page of the search results for both your personal and business name. Not only are these methods somewhat easy to accomplish, they can also be free!

For these few reasons in itself you need to dominate the search results. Why would you want your competitors or someone else ranking for your names? Wouldn’t you want to be the “authority” for who you are?… of course!

Let’s get started.

Social Networks are Key!

Social Media NetworksOne of the absolute best ways to start ranking for multiple listings in the search results is by getting your personal and business name setup on all of the major social networks. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Completed.com all work extremely well. All of the links in the previous sentence link to my personal profile pages, so you can check them out for examples.

The secret behind ranking social network pages is that they already have so much authority and power flowing through them, it’s easy to get them to rank. You will also want to rank back to these pages so you can get more links and activity to them. The more links and traffic going to these pages, the higher they are going to rank.

Just through the major social networks you should be able to get 2-4 main page rankings without a problem.

It’s all About Me!

No, it’s not about “me” personally… it’s about your “About Me” page. Building an awesome about me page on your site is another great way to rank for your personal name. A tip that not everyone uses is to make sure you write about yourself in third person. (ie: “Zac Johnson is an online marketer who currently owns and manages BloggingTips.com).

The more content you write about yourself, the more your personal name will appear. When doing this, make sure you read your content over again so it makes sense. If you feel like you are using your personal name too many times, you probably are.

This method works extremely well when creating a profile through completed.com as they required the third person usage in all descriptions and fields.

Guest Blogging

If you don’t currently have any high ranking blogs or web sites for yourself, the next best thing is to start blogging on other web sites. Not only is guest blogging free, but you will also get a nice bio section and a link back to your site. Some sites will even set you up with your own “contributors” page, which is just like having an “About Me” page on another site.

Guest blogging is being taken advantage of by many people right now. If you are going to do, make sure you put in the time and effort to do it right.

Dominate the Search Results Now

Now that you have a few more ideas and methods for dominating the first page of the search results, now you need to take action. Go check out what is ranking for your personal and business name, put these actions into play and see how your placements have improved over the next few weeks.