It’s not really been that long since social marketing has made a name for itself on the Internet advertising scene but already there are a few sets of criteria for things that you need to do to make the most of this vehicle and a corresponding list of things you need to avoid.

Here’s a few sure fire ways to scuttle your Facebook, Twitter or other social marketing plans.

  • Be inconsistent.  It’s an interesting paradox, but the very convenience of social media makes it easy to have a lax aptitude about using it to its full effectiveness. Twitter, for example is everywhere but you need to tweet on a regular basis to gain a following and make it work for you. Slack off and you’re forgotten and buried under a beach of constant tweets. Of course you can’t work on any campaign continually, and that’s why you need to have a schedule for tweeting or posting. Before too long people will know when to look for  you efforts.
  • Don’t interact. Even before the Internet, no one liked being ignored and it’s the kiss of death for your marketing campaigns in cyberspace. People who comment or post on your page want you to answer them. If you don’t, they’ll stop visiting. Check to see who has been commenting and when you respond, take the time to be thorough. It’s even a good idea to go to the sites of the people who responded and get a conversation that will be mutually beneficial started.
  • Not using links. You need to present a complete package here and that means you need to have links that tie all your sites together to the social media that you’re using. Of course this includes blogs as well.

You need to develop what writers call a voice too. It’s not good enough to write on any social media sites using drab words and phrases; working out a conversational tone will help people to relate your goods or services on a more intimate level.

Although mobile apps have taken over the spotlight when it comes to the Internet advertising flavor of the month, using social media through smarthphones and computers is an indispensable way to get the word out and lead prospects back to your website. By learning a few of the rules that will help you master the accepted techniques and avoiding the pratfalls, you’ll see how Twitter and Facebook among others can help your bottom line.