You need to understand that not every blogger aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s simply because they just love writing and want to have their own reader’s database. However, SEO plays a vital role in increasing the number of readers for a blog and you might lost in the world of SEO without any knowledge.

You just don’t have to be a SEOsuperstar to optimize your blog or website. You don’t really need to know lot of SEO, just a little which will help you increase your audience. Your valued readers will help you to spread the word through social media signals.

There are great tips that I would love to share with bloggers who love writing. For an example, if you’re writing about “ weight loss” related blog posts  all your blog post need to be related to your niche and should never run-away from your niche.  You should use relevant keywords within your content like “weight loss in 30 days” or “healthy weight loss” and etc.

The main reason using relevant keywords is to get your blog post indexed within the search engine. However, you also need to keep yourself updated with rapidly changing Google Algorithm as it might heavily affect your blog and there are also possibilities of getting your site penalized. So be AWARE!

Another factor that you should take into consideration is the quality of your writing. Although, you’re in a tight schedule to publish one blog post on daily basis never ever ignore the quality of your blog post.  Writing a quality blog post helps you to be found easily within the search engine, this will eventually lead to hundreds and maybe thousands of +1 and pins!

Always bear in mind to write natural content! Human Friendly content!

You should always come up with your very own original content. If you’re trying to re-word other blogs your readers might not be interested as they are seeking for something original, new and unique.

Educate yourself by reading other blog post within your niche and how you can improve their ideas to higher level through your own writing. The originality of your content will help you to get recognized and you can establish yourself as an expert within your niche.