It’s really a shame, but there’s no end to the people who are looking for an easier softer way to get the results they need through seo. Here’s some of the things that unscrupulous people do that reflects badly on them in the end.

Cloaking is one of the techniques that Google hunts down and spares no mercy on. It’s all about having two pages—one stuffed full with keywords and the other a much easier to read page that the user is directed to when the link is clicked. These are very close to what’s called doorway pages and I always fund these practices fascinating for one simple reason. If you’re tying to deceive Google and throwing a smokescreen at your readers or prospects in the first place, what right would they have to expect that you’d be reputable when it came to whatever you’re trying to sell them?

Some of these rubes even have multiple identical sites with the same content. Again, this practice is looked down on by Google. It seems that there’s no end to what people will do to try to get a better page ranking and that even includes hidden text where the keywords are disguised as the same color as the background to get a better PR.

Simple and Honest Is Better

It’s not that hard to get the kind of page ranking that promotes you and drives traffic to your site by using just a few honest simple techniques like good content and well-placed keywords and links.

In all the rush to get the seo part of the equation down many businesses forget about how important it is to have a good content writer working for them. It’s always fascinated me that some companies who wouldn’t dare skimp on a print ad or a brochure will cut corners on a website’s content because they think getting a page ranking is more important than having quality words on the site.

I wonder if these same people would have not scoured over their print advertising thinking that only getting the pamphlets out or the message in the newspaper was good enough to drive people to their goods and service. It seems some people in the business world are still unwilling to accept the fact that times have changed and now the preferred way to get the word out about your goods and services is with the combination of seo and quality content.

For some reason this group tries to cut corners at every turn and as a result of Google is often quite hot on their trail handing out penalties along the way for black hat seo infractions. A friend of mine in the business once told me he scratches his head over the fact that people will go out of their way to drive traffic to their site and then have nothing worthy for new clients to read about pertaining to their goods and services when they arrive.

Remember if you’re shopping around on the web one of the good tests that you can use for a quality upstanding company is that professional combination of good page ranking and quality content.