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By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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When you decide dotProject is going to be your choice for project management, you need the right dotProject hosting. This type of hosting will allow you to do far more with the program than if you just choose any type of hosting. You need to have the most uptime, plenty of features and the right security for running dotProject.

dotProject Requirement

Choosing the right website hosting for dotProject means you need to make sure it will meet the basic requirements. Hosting for dotProject needs the following:

  • The latest and most stable PHP version possible.
  • The latest version of MySQL for faster request handling.
  • An auto installer for dotProject, such as Softaculous, which is found in cPanel.
  • Support for many different applications, such as IonCube, Zend, Zlib and more.

If a hosting company cannot offer these requirements, they are not set up for dotProject website hosting.

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What is dotProject?

The program known as dotProject is a multi-user, web-based project management application. This open source software is free to use and is maintained by a group of volunteer programmers in an open community. It works on the PHP platform and makes it much easier to manage your projects.

The original version was created by Will Ezel to replace Microsoft Project. It uses a similar interface, but provides better functionality. The program started in 2000 and was moved in 2001 to Sourceforge before stalling in 2002. It wasn’t until late 2007 that dotProject actually became highly useful.

The program uses the Zend Framework now and they have created a fork called web2project to go along with it.

Why Use dotProject?

Those using dotProject do so because they need a good tool to help with project management. This tool helps to provide structuring for tasks and schedules, which makes it easier to assign and complete everything necessary. It can become your project manager’s top tool for communication, sharing, scheduling and more.

The dotProject tool can be used for small offices to large companies and everywhere in between. You can manage day-to-day activities and even the progression of your project. This is not a help desk, but instead of way to keep everything organized and everybody on the same page during a project.

Hosting for dotProject

Without the right hosting for dotProject, you will struggle to get the most out of it. You need a stable, secure and fast hosting company to give you the right package for using dotProject. This hosting company should be able to support the Zend framework and provide technical support when you need help.

There are many hosting companies capable of providing dotProject hosting, but they don’t all provide a stable, secure and fast hosting environment. If you want the absolute best hosting for dotProject, choose Hostoople.

With FatCow, you get the security and speed you desire, along with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. You can even start for as little as $44 per year. Get started with your new dotProject hosting today by Clicking Here Now!

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