DreamHost VPS: Who They Are-How it Benefits the Consumer

By: | Updated: March 28, 2021

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DreamHost has been one of those companies who have been around the block for a while. An outfit that started out in California in 1997 has become one of the biggest names in the hosting industry. They started the hard way – using one borrowed server more than a decade and a half ago all the way to over 1,500 servers at current.

In short, this is a company that really knows what they’re doing, and they offer a lot of great hosting methods. Probably one of their newest and assuredly most popular is their Dreamhost VPS offerings, which is definitely something that a lot of people are looking at for a couple of reasons.

One of the most significant reason would have to be the fact that they’re offering unlimited bandwidth and storage, which is generally considered a surefire way to get more people talking about any company in the hosting industry. While this is something that some companies currently offer, DreamHost is probably one of the most popular guys that are really doing it, and it’s for pretty good reason. They really have been a promising bunch for many administrators out there.

What They Offer

Aside from what was just mentioned – the unlimited bandwidth and storage – DreamHost offers up a slew of other advantages that come along with signing up for their company. A potentially big one is their control panel. The panel was written in-house, which means that you really won’t find something similar to that elsewhere.

Generally, this could be a good or bad thing, as not every developer is very talented, but most people really seem to appreciate what they’ve done with theirs.

It allows a person to modify or create their own MySQL databases, create email aliases, configure accounts, access their billing information, and a few other nice things that potential administrators would appreciate. But, the fact that they’ve done the whole thing in-house produces an advantage – they can easily add features due to what their client base demands.

Another benefit of a DreamHost VPS is because of the pretty cool things that they do for people who don’t particularly know much about designing a website, or, at least, when it comes to adding features. If one adds a MySQL or shared plan, the client has the ability to add what’s called their One-Click installer.

This installer streamlines the process of adding a lot of the features that you’d want on your website, handling all of the technical work. This allows the administrator to delegate their time to some of the more important things about running a successful business.

The Benefits to the Customer

The obvious benefit here is that they can host as many websites as you’d want them to. And with their pricing being pretty good for all of the bandwidth and space that you’d need, there are worst choices that you could make.

But, what we think is pretty cool about them is the fact that they seem to be pretty good on the customer service side, as well as bringing a lot in the way of technical aptitude. For instance, the in-house control panel is pretty snazzy, and definitely one of those things that a lot of hosts simply do not provide.

They also provide the tools that can potentially make the design and implementation process of the actual site that much easier. It also doesn’t hurt that this company promises 100% uptime for their servers, which has been a bane of a lot of hosting companies out there.

It also takes out a lot of the hardship that comes along with the most significant part of the site – the commerce side. eCommerce can be a pretty big pain, and with their CafeCommerce, a product that costs an extra $30 a month, they’ve seemingly done well. It allows the person to customize the online store without the need of a designer or programmer.

It also allows them to sell as many products that they’d like without having to worry about transaction fees, contracts, or anything else for that matter.

According to some reviews, they’re also a company that are good about customer service. Unfortunately, it’s all too often that people find out that the company they’ve chosen is deficient in this respect, which results in some pretty frustrated online vendors.

In this, we hope that you more or less understand a bit more about what DreamHost is trying to do. While they may not be the best company in the business, they are a company that is much more than just a competent hosting outfit trying to give you a place to host your website. They don’t have bad prices, and their options for customers allow even the least technologically-savvy person to get their website up and running.

While you’ll assuredly want to shop around and determine whether or not DreamHost VPS hosting is right for you, they definitely are one that you should be keeping your eye out for. The conclusion to this , is that we think dreamhost vps is a good business option to get your website online in a non shared enviroment. This will allow smoother performance and will result in your customers sticking around longer on your website.

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