I’m sure you know what referral traffic means. For those who are not yet aware of it, referral traffic is the traffic which a website or blog receives from its link placed on another site. You can drive referral traffic to your website on your own or other people can drive it for you. The best part about getting lots of referral traffic is that it improves the SEO of your website as well. Moreover, referral traffic is high quality traffic which can convert very quickly.

If you plan to drive more and more referral traffic to your website, you should work out a separate strategy for the same.

Here are five proven tactics to increase referral traffic.

#1. Start to Guest Post
Publishing guest articles on someone else’s blog (that’s relevant to your niche) is one of the most powerful ways to get referral traffic. Depending on the niche you cater to, you can create a list of several authoritative blogs where you plan to publish your guest posts. Since guest blogging is a win-win situation for both the author and the publisher, you’ll find plenty of opportunities.

While guest blogging, keep these things in mind –

Conduct good research (go through the blog)
Make your guest post the best piece of writing you can
Include an author bio
Don’t be overly promotional
Follow through after the guest post has been published

If you lack the time, it’s a good idea to hire a guest writer for your guest blogging needs. But choose them wisely.

#2. Get Social
Social media has got to play a massive role when it comes to increasing referral traffic to your website. But remember, social media is not just about Facebook and Twitter. There are plenty of other platforms where you should be active in order to drive more traffic. These include YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and the recently popular Pinterest.

One thing you should, however, keep in mind that each of these social media platforms is unique in their own sense. Therefore, you should adopt the right approach towards each of them.

#3.  Join Social Bookmarking Sites
Social bookmarking allows you to share your content with people online while sharing others’ content at the same time. If you get the basics right, you can attract a good amount of referral traffic to your website via social bookmarking. Some good examples of social bookmarking sites include StumbleUpon, Delicious, Reddit and Digg among others.

#4. Create Content That People Love
To encourage more and more people to share your content with others, you’ll need to produce top quality content. In order to provide your website visitors with value-added content on a regular basis, attaching a blog to your company website is an excellent idea. If you consistently publish interesting, educational and helpful content on your blog, people will not only share it with others but they’ll link to it as well. In this way, you can generate a lot of highly targeted referral traffic to your website.

Referral traffic is a steady source of traffic for your website. Getting lots and lots of it also makes you Google-independent. Check out your website statistics right away to see how much referral traffic you are getting. And work out an effective referral traffic strategy to boost the growth of your website.

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