I can show you the world. Shining, shimmering, splendid. One of the most attractive verticals you can get into as an online affiliate marketer is travel. Connecting the right travelers with the right trips can prove to be remarkably lucrative, especially since so many people are researching travels offers online already.

Presenting an even more unique niche within the travel industry is Oceanwide Expeditions, one of the pioneers in ship-based exploratory tourism. And they just happen to have an incredible affiliate program too.

The More Adventurous Cruise Company

Many people may be quick to associate cruise ships and cruising with one of two core demographics. You’ve got the retirees with lots of free time on their hands and you’ve got the younger people who are only interested in drinking. But what if you could go much further beyond that?


Oceanwide Expeditions is so different from all the other cruise companies out there, because the company focuses on exploratory tourism in the Arctic and to Antarctica. These really are trips of a lifetime, remarkably different from more conventional vacation options.

What this means, as an affiliate, is that you have as tremendous opportunity to carve out a special niche, one where you aren’t competing directly against more traditional cruises and holiday choices. You’ve got a good shot at attracting people who are already searching for Antarctica adventures on their own.

Making Money with Travel Offers

The details of the affiliate program are clearly outlined with base commissions set at 4% for each online booking completed. Considering the relative price of each trip, which range from $1,700 to $38,000, the resulting commission can be very substantial.


Oceanwide’s affiliate program is managed through Affiliate Window, which is where you’ll need to sign up for an account and apply to be an affiliate. It is through that system that you’ll be able to access the in-depth reporting and management tools used to earn those great commissions.

The application process with Affiliate Window is similar to what you would have already encountered elsewhere. The form will ask about your contact information, your promotional details, your website, and so on. Once approved, you can start promoting Oceanwide to your readers and followers.


A wealth of promotional tools are at your disposal, including booking widgets like the ones shown above. These can be easily integrated into your website or blog, making it easy for visitors to search for and book their adventurous cruise with Oceanwide. Other materials include videos, photos, blog posts, banners, and brochures.

Over $7,000 Commission with One Sale

Oceanwide Expeditions offers quite a range of cruises in both the Arctic and Antarctic, but there’s on in particular that’s worth highlighting. The Spectacular Ross Sea (OTL28-17) trip, which includes helicopter options to land on the Ross Ice Shelf if conditions allow, is described as “the most spectacular Antarctic journey ever.”


The 30-night trip is particularly noteworthy in the context of affiliate marketing, because of the size of the commission you can earn from promoting this journey. If you can fill a quadruple porthole cabin (four passengers), there is the potential for a single commission of $7,710. That’s because this trip has been specially targeted with a 7.5% first sale commission rate.

Here’s a great video showing potential travelers what they can expect.

Spectacular expedition to the Ross Sea! from Oceanwide Expeditions on Vimeo.

This is a terrific travel package to promote, because people who are interested in cruising through the Arctic or to Antarctica are already looking for a journey that is especially unique and memorable. The commission structure is remarkably lucrative and you can literally earn thousands of dollars with every single booking.

The best way to promote an offer like this is to create a dedicated landing page, generating traffic toward that page with keyword buying, LinkedIn advertising, email marketing, and other traffic generation techniques. Sell just how special and amazing a trip like this would be.

An Vast Ocean of Earning Possibilities

If you are thinking about promoting offers within the travel vertical, it makes much more sense to target the higher end of the market with more unique and premium trips like the cruise packages put together by Oceanwide Expeditions.

The earnings potential through the Oceanwide affiliate program is very good, as most cruises are at least a few thousand dollars. This means that each successful booking can net you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in commissions, paid out monthly. It could be an unforgettable experience for travelers and affiliates alike.