Affiliate marketing is arguably one of the most lucrative and accessible ways to make money on the Internet. It’s also one of the easiest to get started, since you don’t need to have any products of your own, you don’t need to maintain any physical inventory, and you don’t even need to have your own brand to leverage. All you need is to send qualified traffic that converts. Now, you just have to find the right affiliate network.

If you’re looking for the best possible payouts on a broad range of affiliate offers, Express Revenue could be the network you want. They aim to deliver the highest CPA rates with guaranteed and on-time payments.

A Results Driven Solution

There are some common characteristics or factors that most publishers look for when choosing an affiliate network. They want good offers with top brands, high payouts, and exceptional service and support.


Express Revenue says that it can deliver on all of these fronts, working with such well-known partners as Netflix, PayPal, Uber, Vistaprint and Experian. What’s great is that in addition to the variety of existing offers, Express Revenue is also prepared to build-out custom campaigns for the right publishers. What’s more, they’re also prepared to match or beat any CPA you might find anywhere else. Just ask and they’ll see what they can do.

A big part of the reason why you may not have heard of Express Revenue until now is that for a good number of years, it operated as more of a private network working with internal campaigns and select high volume publishers. Now, they’re making more of a public re-launch to expand those resources and campaigns to new publishers. Express Revenue has actually been in business since 2008.

The Affiliate Dashboard

The publisher dashboard with Express Revenue looks like an extension of the main website. Instead of immediately bombarding you with stats and graphs, you get a more text-heavy approach.


There are six main tabs that are displayed front and center: news, new offers, hot offers, expired offers, promotions, and payout changes. This is an effective and organized way to display the newest and most pertinent information.

Along the sidebar, you still get the full contact information for your dedicated account manager, as well as some vital earning statistics like your month-to-date revenue, previous 7 days revenue, and lifetime referral revenue. Having that dedicated account manager ensures that you get personal attention to detail.

Looking at the Offers

At the heart of any good affiliate network is its catalog of affiliate offers. That only makes sense (and cents and dollars, as the case may be). In the case of Express Revenue, in addition to browsing the new, hot and expired offers from the dashboard, you can also search through the inventory for the best offer for the traffic and leads you’ll be able to generate.


As of this writing, Express Revenue has just under 200 offers in its inventory. This number will fluctuate considerably, of course, and as the network continues to grow, I expect this number to increase. You can choose to search through these offers based on keyword, category, region and CPA range, sorting them based on campaign name, date added, category name or CPA.

Some of the more popular categories of offers include business opportunities, dating, email/zip submits, financial services, and surveys/sweepstakes. CPAs range from about $0.25 to as high as $90.00. Some of the most lucrative offers are in the diet and health categories, but there are opportunities across a broad range of industry verticals.

It should be noted once again that these CPAs are hardly set in stone. There is a progressive rate improvement scale wherein your payouts can steadily increase as you demonstrate your ability to deliver more and more qualified leads. Show you can perform and they’ll reward you for your efforts. Publishers can be paid on a daily, weekly or monthly net-15 schedule depending on your needs and volume.

Offer Details

Whereas some other affiliate networks force you to re-apply for each individual offer that you would like to promote, that is not the case with Express Revenue. It’s open season, so clicking on any given offer will reveal the full details you need to promote it. All you need to do is to accept any additional terms of agreement; some offers may not allow for incentivized traffic for instance.


Once you do, you can click through the provided tabs to find your banner and text creatives. There is a tab for e-mail creatives, but at least for several of the offers that I checked, I was told to “contact your affiliate manager” to get them.

On each offer page, you can also see the preview URL for the offer so you know exactly what your visitors will see when you send them in that direction. The offer details will also clearly what constitutes a conversion as well as traffic from what regions will be accepted. You will also be shown your specific statistics for that particular offer, highlighting your EPC, conversion percentage, clicks, leads, and revenue.

Custom Tracking Software

To protect both publishers and advertisers from fraudulent behavior, Express Revenue employs custom, proprietary tracking software. This easy to use interface provides you with all the information that you need, generating multiple reports to see the details you need to optimize your campaigns.

When you go to generate your reports — for specific offers or all offers, and for different date ranges — you have the option of also downloading the report as a CSV, Excel or text file for your own records too. This is fantastic for further analysis and for importing into any other optimization tools you may be using.

The Private Jet Contest

In case you need any extra motivation to earn as much money as possible through Express Revenue, the affiliate network is set to launch a highly attractive contest on October 1st.


Teaming up with JetSmarter, Express Revenue is offering an affiliate contest where you can earn a private jet membership for one year with unlimited flights on every continent via your private jet. That’s pretty incredible, but you have to generate over $200,000 in revenue to qualify.

At the lower qualifying tiers, which are detailed above, you can win such prizes as a Sony PlayStation 4 bundle, a new MacBook Pro, or even two season tickets to two of your favorite hometown teams. What’s important here is that all prizes are attainable by multiple publishers, so it’s not a chance at a private jet membership. You’ll get it if you hit that revenue level.

Good luck and get ready to fly the friendly skies with Express Revenue and JetSmarter.