17 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers

By: | Updated: December 10, 2020

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Do you struggle to keep up with everything you need to do to be a successful blogger? If you want to market your business effectively by blogging there are a lot of balls to keep in the air.

If you’re like me it’s not just blogging you’re juggling but running a small business and a family too. If you’re new I also have a travel blog which is where my blogging adventures all started.

Sometimes the juggling is fun. It can be exciting to see how many balls you can keep whizzing round but sometimes one of them gets dropped. Or even the whole lot.

Sometimes all you really want to do it stop juggling, sit down and have a rest.

I know that feeling and it’s okay to feel like that.

When you’re starting a blog there’s a lot to do. It takes time to learn what blogging tips are important, where to channel your energy and what you have to let go of.

Did you read my latest blog post on Copyblogger? It’s called 8 MORE Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers. I wrote it as a follow up to the ever popular 8 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers which got over 280 comments.

Larry Coppenrath must have enjoyed both posts because he created this mind map for visual learners which I love. Thank you Larry.

But it made me want to add one more habit.

Habit #17 – Acknowledge your progress and celebrate your successes.

It’s a step I often overlook.

Want to print the 17 habits? Click here – landscape works best.

So today let’s celebrate our successes so far and acknowledge our progress despite the inevitable failures. Remember, persistence is the most important trait you need to get the life you want and achieve blogging success.

These are my successes in 2011. Take a moment to think about yours and share them here.

10 Guest Posts Written

I wanted to have an aggressive guest posting campaign this year. It didn’t happen and I fell way short of my goal but these are some guest posts I did write including posts for Problogger, Copyblogger and Gadling, the biggest travel blog in the world. That’s the post about Richard Branson’s island and I even got paid for that one too.

The year isn’t over yet either. Next month I’m taking Jon Morrow’s guest blogging course so I’m sure great things will come of that.

Are You Afraid of Getting Personal in Business?

10 Blogging Lessons from the Dalai Lama

3 Reasons Not to Live in Costa Rica (and 3 Reasons You Should Move There Now!)

Blog Format Counts! Learn How To Get It Right

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Richard Branson’s Other Island Hideaway

How to Captivate New Readers in 5 Seconds or Less

Why Mummy Bloggers Rule the World – I’m extra proud of this one.

1 Fun Copywriting Job Scored

Visit Sunshine Coast – I was hired to write 10 blog posts for my lovely local tourism board.

12 Interviews Given

I love doing interviews. If you’d like to interview me about travel, blogging, or anything else please shoot me an email so we can line it up.

Park Ride Fly USA

A List Blog Marketing

The Blogstress

The Gatekeeper

Genuine SEO

The ClickStarter

Problogging Success

Money File

Women Entrepreneur’s HQ (Video)

The Creative Penn (video)

The Work at Home Wife

Australian Business Woman’s Network (Podcast)

6 Book Reviews for Success Blogging in 12 Simple Steps

My blogging book was released in 2010 so most of the reviews came out them but more are still being written. Book sales are growing and the book get fantastic feedback. If you’d like to become an affiliate or write a review please let me know in the comments so I can send you a review copy.

Mark and Zoe

The Click Starter

Create Hype

Get Paid to Write Online

Human Business

Eden Journal

8 Speaking Engagements

I joined Toastmasters this year and set myself a mission to do as much public speaking as possible. That’s because in 2010 I stayed at home blogging all the time then realised I was better know in California than on the Sunshine Coast in Australia where I live. So this year I resolved to change that. The public speaking helped plus I met heaps of new people and challenged myself.

The Creative Collective – Blogging panel with Yaro Starak and Nikki Parkinson

Toastmasters Soap Box speech – Why Blogging Rules

Reality Bites Literary Festival – Blogging for Writers

Terri Cooper Networking – Blogging for Business Success

Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance – Blogging for Creatives (the biggest group so far with 200 people listening)

Sunshine Coast Internet Marketers – Finding New Blog Readers

Sunshine Coast Destination Ltd – Blogging for Tourism

Terri Copper Networking Breakfast – How to Tap Into the Power of Blogging

The Walkely Media Conference – Panel: Blogging for beginners (in Brisbane 25, 26 and 27 November)

The 17th Habit of Highly Effective Bloggers

Have a look at the 16 habits listed in the image. I know my habits and blogging are getting better with practice and I bet you’re making progress with them too.

So take a moment for the 17th habit of effective bloggers. Stop struggling for a moment and take time to acknowledge your blogging successes.

Yes, all you effective bloggers please remember habit #17 – Acknowledge your blogging progress and celebrate your blogging successes.

Well done YOU!

What have you done to improve your business and your blog this year?

How many blog posts have you written? How many people have you connected with? How many readers have you helped?

Want to print the 17 habits? Click here – landscape works best.

by Brett Helling
Brett has been starting, growing, and monetizing websites since 2014. While in college, he began to learn about digital marketing. After graduating, he continued to build a diverse portfolio of websites while working a full time job. After years of building the portfolio on the side, he made the jump to run his websites full time.

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