Online MarketingWhen it comes to driving action and creating engagement online, email is king.

Email is the single most powerful weapon in any marketer’s arsenal.

If you follow the journey of some of the most successful bloggers online today you will discover that effective email marketing is an integral part of their approach, for one good reason; email marketing works.

New mediums have emerged over the years only to wither away quickly but one medium remains strong, and that medium is email; one major reason for this is that we can’t do without checking our emails every day.

The problem with email marketing is that, as users, we’ve gotten so used to emails now that we ignore the majority of the emails we get. How then do you stand out as an email marketer? How do you get into the inbox of your readers and get them to take action? This article will give effective email marketing tips for bloggers.

Set Expectations for Your Subscribers

The first step you should take to ensure success with your email marketing as a blogger is to set expectation for your subscribers right from the beginning.

Most people have problems with their email marketing because they didn’t set an expectation for their subscribers. Before anyone subscribes to your email list let them know clearly what they should be expecting from you and also ensure they are reminded of what you will be sending them in your first email. This ensures two things; it ensures they are expectant of your emails and it also helps reduce the number of complaints and unsubscribes you will get because people only subscribed after knowing what to expect.

Don’t tell your subscribers that all your information will be free only to start sending them two product pitches a week; in fact, make sure you over-deliver when possible and you will be able to win the trust of your subscribers.

Be Consistent

Consistency is important; it helps you build trust with your readers, it makes you reliable and it ensures you are committed to a plan to help you succeed.

1. Be Consistent with Your Branding: The first thing you should be consistent with is your branding. Many people debate using a template in your emails but I think it can be most effective. I have noticed an increase in reader interaction and decrease in unsubscribes since I started using an email template. Your subscribers probably get a lot of emails from other marketers and are already bored of these emails, they sometimes don’t even remember how they subscribed to receive some of these emails. You can easily boost their memory by using an email template; the template should be consistent with your brand so whenever you send an email they will easily think about your blog and know that you sent the email.

2. Be Consistent with Your Content: The next step is to be consistent with your content. The more consistent you are with your content the more expectant subscribers will be towards your emails. Don’t send emails about fishing when you promised marketing tips. Just like sticking to a niche with your blog, make sure you also stick to a niche with your email.

3. Be Consistent with Your Delivery Date: How often do you send emails? Do you have a particular day of the week dedicated for your email marketing? Make sure you’re consistent with your email delivery date. If you want to send emails every day then keep to it. Don’t send emails every day for a week and then not send anything for two weeks. Consistency can go a long way to make a difference in your email marketing.

Let Each Email be Centered on an Action

It is also very important to make sure each email you send is centered around a particular action. I have noticed less action being taken when an email I sent is focused on two or more things and I have noticed a significant increase in click-through rates when my email is focused on just one thing. Trying to achieve two things with the same email will only ensure you achieve less of both, so make sure each email you send is focused on getting users to take only one action.

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