So you’re tired of hearing that money is in the list.

I was too when I just started.

But after I started to build my list and started to reap the benefits, I knew what they meant when they said that money is in the list.

Actually, the list alone won’t do you anything, but it’s the main foundation behind any successful business nowadays.

If you ask most of the bloggers nowadays what their number 1 mistake they did, most of them will tell you that there number 1 mistake is not starting to build their email list from day 1.

So the question now is why email is that important, Why bloggers are regretting everyday they were blogging without having an email list.

That’s what I’ll dive deep into in this post, so continue reading.

Email marketing has an ROI of 4,300%

I know it’s unbelievable but it’s true. Your return on investment is 4,300%. Source.

It’s also reported that for every dollar you spend, Email marketers have an average return on investment of 52.23$. Nothing comes close, even SEO and mobile marketing. Source.

Yes, that’s why people are spending dollars upfront to build their email list, because they know they will have huge ROI after that.

But the question now is WHY? Why email marketing has an ROI of 4,300%? Why for every dollar you spend you get an average ROI of 52.23$?

Here are few reasons:

1. You can guarantee traffic for every post you create afterwords:

If you maintain your relationship with your subscribers and you constantly provide them with useful content, you’ll be able to boost your visits for every post you create from now and forever until they unsubscribe.

So every time you post a new post, you’ll see a huge spike in your traffic stats and this will help you to get your posts in front of more people with no more efforts.

You just click few buttons.

2. You could build relationship with your audience

Having the email address of your subscribers, you’ve the right to email them until they unsubscribe, but don’t annoy them.

This is a great opportunity for you to build relationship with your audience.

When you send them more emails that educate them with more cookie content they could consume, this will increase your audience trust and this is essential for you to build a sustainable lucrative business online.

The best part is that it could be automated. You could create an autoresponder and make this work on autopilot. I’ve written more about this topic here, How to Build Relationship With Your Subscribers Using AutoResponder

3. You could sell them your products

After you build a relationship with your audience and increased the trust factor, you could now sell them your products.

This will makes your job easier, because they want it. With the right offering, you could have huge conversion rates.

And the best part, is that you could sell them your products again and again.

4. You could sell other products

Don’t have the time to create the product, but you have the audience?

Why don’t you sell others products and get part of the profit? Usually, it’s 50%.

So you’re helping your audience, building relationship with the other blogger and making some good money.

It’s a win-win-win situation.

Last words:

Email Marketing is still the best way to make the maximum profit from the internet.

You’ll regret each day you don’t build an email list, so start now.