Email Marketing: 7 Benefits of Using Personalized Emails

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With nearly 4 billion people using it per day, according to HubSpot, email is a powerful marketing channel. You can use it to attract new customers or nurture your business’s existing customers.
Some email marketing strategies, however, are more effective than others.
While any relevant and timely email may drive a new sale, personalized emails almost always outperform their generic counterparts. By embracing personalization in your email marketing strategy, you’ll reap the seven following benefits.

1) Higher Open Rates

Subscribers are more likely to open your emails if you personalize them. A study conducted by Yesmail Interactive found that emails with a personalized subject line have 50 percent higher open rates on average than those without a personalized subject line.
You can personalize other elements of your emails, but none are more important than the subject line. With a personalized subject line, subscribers will quickly realize that the email is intended for them. They won’t have to open the email to determine if it was mistakenly sent to their address.
Rather, subscribers will recognize the email as being relevant and targeted simply by viewing the subject line in their mailbox provider, which may cause them to open it shortly thereafter.

2) Lower Unsubscribe Rates

Using personalized emails can lower your unsubscribe rates. Convincing prospects to subscribe to your email newsletter is only half the battle when performing email marketing. You must also convince them to stay subscribed.
Unsubscribe rate is a measurement of how many subscribers opt out of your newsletter. It’s calculated by dividing the total number of subscribers who’ve elected to stop receiving your emails by your total number of successful email deliveries. After multiplying this new number by 100, you’ll get your unsubscribe rate.
Personalized emails are highly relevant to subscribers. They feature personally identifiable information, such as the subscriber’s name or location, that resonates with the subscribers to whom they are sent.
Without this information, subscribers may assume an email was intended for someone else or that it’s part of a spam campaign, in which case they may opt out of your newsletter.
Therefore, subscribers are less likely to opt out of your newsletter if you use personalized emails.

3) Better Experience for Subscribers

Personalized emails offer a better experience for subscribers than non-personalized emails.
According to a study conducted by Accenture, over nine in 10 consumers prefer to shop at businesses that offer personalized marketing messages. Personalized messages, including emails, are more meaningful than generic messages, so most consumers prefer them.
With personalized emails fostering a better experience for subscribers, your business’s reputation will improve. When subscribers have a positive experience reading and engaging with your emails, they’ll likely perceive your business in a more positive light.

4) More CTA Clicks

More subscribers will click the call-to-actions (CTAs) in your emails if you embrace a personalized approach.
Before a subscriber can buy your promoted product or service, he or she must click the CTA. Personalized emails capture subscribers’ attention while reinforcing your business’s legitimacy and credibility in the process.
As a result, personalized emails have higher click-through rates (CTRs) for CTAs than non-personalized emails.
Along with personalizing the subject line and body of an email, consider personalizing its CTA. A study of over a quarter-million CTAs conducted by HubSpot revealed that personalized CTAs are over twice as likely to be clicked than generic CTAs.

5) Lower Spam Rates

Personalization can drive down your spam rates.
Email, unfortunately, is often used for spam. According to Spam Laws, roughly half of all emails can be classified as spam. By personalizing your emails, though, subscribers are less likely to mark your messages as spam.
Mailbox providers look at dozens of signals to determine whether an email is spam, one of which is the sender’s spam rate. Also known as spam complaint rate, it’s the percentage of subscribers who’ve marked your messages as spam relative to your total number of successful email deliveries.
By definition, spam emails are unsolicited messages sent in bulk. The presence of personally identifiable information shows the subscriber that an email isn’t spam, so he or she is less likely to mark it as such.

6) More Conversions

You can expect more conversions when using personalized emails. Research by Experian found that personalized emails have six times higher conversion rates on average than non-personalized emails.
In other words, subscribers are not only more likely to click the CTA in a personalized email; they are more likely to buy the product or service advertised on the landing page to which the CTA is linked.
Since they have higher conversion rates, personalized emails will generate more revenue for your business. You won’t have to spend as much money on email marketing to achieve your sales goals.
Personalized emails generate more revenue than non-personalized emails, allowing you to shift some of your marketing budget to other channels.

7) Simple and Easy to Perform

Many marketers neglect to personalize their emails because they assume it’s too difficult. They believe that the only way to personalize an email is to manually customize it with the subscriber’s name or other identifiable information.
While you can use this rudimentary method to personalize your emails, a simpler and easier solution is to use an email marketing service.
Email marketing services make personalization a breeze. Whether you use Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, ConvertKit or GetResponse or any other major email marketing service, it should support automated personalization.
Email marketing services provide tags or tokens that you can add to automatically personalize your emails. If you’re sending an email to 500 subscribers, for example, you can add the “first name” tag or token to the subject line and body.
The email marketing service will then automatically replace the tag or token with your subscribers’ first names.

Wrapping Up

Personalization can improve the marketing power of your emails in multiple ways. It increases open rates, lowers unsubscribe rates, fosters a better experience for subscribers, boosts CTA clicks and more.
With personalized emails, you’ll achieve greater email marketing success that allows your business to beat its competitors.

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