Email marketing has always been the easiest, cheapest and reliable form of marketing. But if it is properly planned, it can yield theEmail Marketing highest ROI. For smaller businesses that cannot target wide range of display campaigns, email marketing can be a real boost. Though it is free in most of the cases, still companies are losing thousands of dollars as the campaigns are not optimized properly. So what are the factors which should be taken into consideration while designing a campaign? Few of these are:

The use of proper subject line to get the highest open rate – If a consumer does not open your email then whatever effort you made in designing will be wasted. The first initial concern should be use of proper subject which has enough in it to compel consumers to click on it. Making the email more personalized by using name etc. can increase the open rate. Always remember that the subject line is the first interface between you and your consumers. If they do not like this, you may lose one lead.
The key point to consider while writing a subject line is that you should explain the service or value of your product from your customer’s point of view. While designing a subject line just ask yourself:

Does the email have enough value in to benefit a customer if he reads it?

Will they gain/ learn anything from the content in the email?

Is your product/ service mentioned in the mail has enough in to save time, money and other resources of the consumer?

Is it going to change their life in any way?

I know that the first thing which comes into your mind after reading the above four points is that, if we think this much before writing an email, when we will do the other works? I know it is very much time consuming to design an email taking so many points into consideration. But believe me; my experience with mailer campaigns says that if these emails are properly designed, they can give you very high ROI.

Apart from these vital points, two things which I think should be considered while designing the subject line of your marketing emails are:

The subject line should be sweet and crispy. Try to complete your subject in less than 60 characters. If you cross 60 characters, the consumers will see … in the subject line. Hence even if you plan to use a long subject line, include the important message you want to deliver within first 60 characters.

Do not use trigger words in it. I will explain what is meant by trigger words in the next paragraph. But for the time being you can know that these are the words which alarms ISPs that you may be trying to spam the consumers and hence all your efforts may go in vain as your mail will go to spam folder.

Send personalize emails – If I receive an email with subject line as “Hi Ashish, this is for you….”, then the chances for me opening the email is higher than for something like “Hi, this is for you”. The only difference is that the first subject has been personalized using my name and hence it gives a human touch. As already told, remember that if you can compel a consumer to click on your mail (by designing proper subject line), this can have a great impact on your ROI.