Are you a guest blogger?   how-to-attract-guest-bloggers

The other day, I got a message from a subscriber and he was worried about the popular marketing strategy – guest posting.

“Everyone is guest posting, must I join them?” He asked.

The first thing I did was to clarify his assumptions.

Yes, guest posting can be a powerful marketing strategy, but the truth is, everyone is not guest posting yet. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

A lot of people are aspiring, while others don’t have time to write for their blogs.

Some other persons are great writers, but have barricaded their minds with fear, low self-esteem and thought that no one would appreciate their articles.

So everyone isn’t writing for others. I also discovered a shocking truth about writing for other blogs. Do you know it can mar your credibility if you mistakenly plagiarize or outright copy from someone else’s write-ups?

I’ve been a guest blogger for 12 months, published over 600 quality guest posts and have experienced exponential growths. And my reasons for giving 85% of my time to guest posting while building targeted traffic, outbound links and influence is because I don’t take too much pride in social media and forum discussions.

Marketing is for the savvy

When marketing your website/blog online, one of the things you must do is to set your core priorities right. It’s good to be everywhere but don’t neglect your readers. You’ve a great work to do – to engage and solve their problems.

I’m sure you’ve been encouraged by several blogs and bloggers to start guest posting if you want some real traffic and readers. But my question is this: What is the next step to take when you get 1000 responsive traffic to your blog, today?

Have you set up a system that can capture and retain your visitors? If you’re yet to dedicate your time to list building, guest posting is a waste of time and energy. Savvy bloggers have mastered list building and nurturing.

Prepare for fresh readers

Are you prepared for the fresh readers that would be coming to your blog? Truth be told, if you give time to guest posting and make it a part of your marketing activities, there would be so much traffic coming to you. But are you prepared for it?

The best ways to prepare for fresh readers is to have exceptional contents ready for them. Your blog posts have to be unique, creatively crafted and full of life (evergreen).

Understand that blog readers have problems plaguing their minds. It’s your duty to satisfy their hunger and desperation for answers. If you can’t do this, they might as well click-through to other blogs that have the quality, helpful and insightful contents.

Secondly, get started with email marketing. I don’t encourage RSS feeds subscription because it doesn’t work so well. It’s better to capture readers’ email addresses and follow-up through an autoresponder (aweber, getresponse, icontact and so on) email series, than to get someone to subscribe via feedburner.

Why are you guest posting?

The last piece of puzzle if you must guest post effectively is to define your goal. If you approach me today that you would like to serve my readers with relevant and evergreen contents, what is your goal? Is it traffic you want? Is it external links or you simply want to publicize your name?

Do you want clients to hire you for professional services (content writing, graphic designs, web development, virtual assistant, wordpress installations and so on)?

If you don’t define your goal from the outset, you’ll fail. Sure, a lot of people have given up and there is nothing you can say or do to inspire them again when it comes to guest blogging. They didn’t have a specific goal or an exit strategy.

And guess what? If you’re that creative, you can build links, get traffic, improve your alexa score and build a strong brand from a single guest post.

It takes time to master the craft. You’ve to keep learning. Learn how to craft catchy headlines and introductions. It’s the key to winning the guest blogging game.

So, are you guest blogging and what is your primary goal for doing it? Share your comment below. See you at the top!

Photo Credit: Lindsayburoker