Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most important features of marketing for any large or small business. It may seem for small companies to race with the large corporations to survive in the market especially when they are engaged with specialized products. Along with the products, small companies also have to face the challenges regarding the presence of websites about their feature, qualities and services provided by the large corporations through their websites.


The size of the website mostly relates with the size of the business. Large corporations have many departments with diversified range of products and services for the peoples due to which they develop large websites pertaining to important and relevant information and product’s features and these websites contains thousand of interior pages connected through links. Nowadays, these corporations also offer online order services to their customer through their website in order to gain market portion. SEO best practice is to conduct ordinary and specific keyword/phrases research for each and every page of the website in order to incorporate approved keywords on each of the page. For this purpose, many large corporations recruit SEO Experts to ensure that task has been properly completed and objective has been achieved.


images (5)When working with the large corporations, its not an easy to work on SEO Project. The corporation’s approved agency conduct the SEO work which typically goes through the scrupulous approval process, rules and regulation and by formulating the policies. The managers of different departments like Marketing, Content Development, PR, etc. all want to have words in how the site is optimized?? Means SEO content require to be viewed by several eyes and thoughts. This may take long time to complete. SEO is a slow moving but the long term process but it’s the best to keep the things in motion at the same time. Cutting out or to pause any part of the SEO process may cause long time to achieve the desired result and objective.


In the large corporation, there are several dedicated departments for each market specialty defining their own objectives and tasks or it can be said that each specialty is outsourced individually as compared with small companies where all and/or every aspect of marketing is managed by a singly marketing department. In the large corporations, there is an SEO team, PR Team, Social Media Team and Content Development Team. When each team is operated in a silo there can be a chance of missing the opportunities. When the objectives of each department are same, they should work together for the benefit of the corporation.

In order to overcome the issues and critical challenges for the large corporations, the structured data can play significantly an important role in SEO. Structured data, also called micro-data, is a special mar k up language which can be used by the website to provide additional information to the search engines about their contents and this would become more important for the performance of the website in real time environment.